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The Collector


Kobra Kid loses his patience with the overprotective Party Poison and heads off on a supply mission alone. Meanwhile, who is the mysterious person known as The Collector and what is he or she doing out in the Zones?


Candi Crush

Candi Crush

OFC - Trades with the Killjoys

Dr Chloe Fielding

Dr Chloe Fielding

OFC - BLI doctor, new to S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit

Dr Death Defying

Dr Death Defying

Doctor, friend of the Killjoys

Evelyn Hart

Evelyn Hart

OFC - owns the Hart Collection, a museum of cultural artefacts

Exterminator Korse

Exterminator Korse

BLI Chief Exterminator

Fun Ghoul

Fun Ghoul




Porno Droid PD68B

Ice Diamond

Ice Diamond

OMC - Candi's boyfriend

Jet Star

Jet Star


Kami Kazee

Kami Kazee

OFC - Eccentric clothes shop owner. Friend of the Killjoys

Kobra Kid

Kobra Kid


Miles Sorby

Miles Sorby

OMC - Evelyn Hart's personal assistant

Party Poison

Party Poison




OFC - befriends the Killjoys

Show Pony

Show Pony

Dr Death Defying's 'legs'


  1. Kobra Kid is NOT useless

    Kobra's short temper is going to get him into trouble

  2. After the Dust Settles

    Kobra heads out on the mission.

  3. Kobra Awakes to a Nightmare

    What has happened to Kobra? And how will Ghoul and Jet find him?

  4. Little Red

    Ghoul and Jet find the trans am, but it's not all they find

  5. Candi Crush

    Jet and Ghoul call their contact in Dust Bowl

  6. They Trust Us

    Unexpected visitors at the diner, and Ghoul arrives in Dust Bowl

  7. Half Way There

  8. Where's Ghoul?

    Fun Ghoul is taken to the museum

  9. Enter Exterminator Korse

    The unexpected arrival of BLI's Chief Exterminator causes concern a the museum

  10. Make Some Noise!

    Party gets off on the wrong foot with Red - literally!

  11. Clearing The Air (a.k.a. I'm sorry I kicked you in the balls)

    Party, Jet and Red head off to Dust Bowl and Ghoul and Kobra receive some devastating news

  12. Party walks into a trap

    Party is captured as Jet and Red find the trans am. Is it all over for the Fabulous Killjoys?

  13. Into the Lion's Den

    Jet enters Candi and Ice's apartment - will he be captured?

  14. Conversations

    There are things that need to be said

  15. Korse Takes Party Poison

    Korse plans to take them all for interrogation but has to settle for one.

  16. Party Poison's Interrogation Begins

    Party is interrogated, or is he? And Kobra and Ghoul's rescue almost goes to plan

  17. Unanswered Questions

    Kobra and Party both have questions

  18. Why Remember?

    A painful childhood memory resurfaces

  19. Revelations

    For the first time in years, Jet retrieves a long forgotten memory

  20. Korse reveals his plan

    Things are looking pretty desperate for poor Party as Korse let's him know what he has planned for him

  21. The Party's Over?

    Rescuing Ghoul and has Party survived his ordeal in the Memory Chamber?

  22. What's in a name?

    A couple of secrets come out; some are bigger than others

  23. End Game

    Korse discusses his long term plans for Party with the Unit doctor treating him

  24. Party gets his lecture on

    Kobra's temper flares again and Party give Dr Fielding a piece of his mind - but not the one they're after

  25. That's Odd

    Dr Fielding continues to have doubts and Jet owns up to his behaviour

  26. No Fun Club

    Party's torture continues and the guys head to a friend's to rest for the night

  27. I Was Wondering...

    Fielding does some Research and Red makes an announcement

  28. Extremes of Family

    Jet's response to Red's announcement and Fielding makes a shocking discovery

  29. Red's New Clothes

    Red's new clothes spark an argument that leads to another secret being disclosed

  30. First Watch

    Kobra and Red share a blanket and get closer

  31. The Great Escape?

    Can Dr Fielding help Party escape or will they be captured again?

  32. Cars that pass in the day

    The Killjoys prepare for their assault on BLI whilst Fielding and Party make good their escape

  33. I'm not ten, am I?

    Party comes to a realisation and Red learns more about the complex life of a Killjoy

  34. Android Party is 'rescued'

    Has Party done enough in the memory chamber to cause Android Party to slip?

  35. The scene is set for a showdown

    Fielding gets a surprise and tensions overflow in the trans am

  36. Heading for a showdown

    Android Party is found out

  37. It’s my Party and I’ll die if I want to

    Discovering the real Party proves hazardous

  38. Picking through the wreckage

    Jet, Red and Fielding look for their friends in the aftermath of the explosion. What will they find?

  39. We have no secrets

    Secrets come out and just how much has Party missed?

  40. How is Ghoul?

    Party waits for news of Ghoul’s injuries while Red makes a frightening discovery

  41. Sleeping Beauties

    Korse and his draculoids search the hospital for the Killjoys

  42. Dead is Dead

    Is it the end for Party and Ghoul?

  43. What does Korse have up his frilly sleeve?

    Korse seems a little too cocky for someone in his position. Does he know something we don't. Meanwhile in Battery City, other plans are being made.

  44. Ghoul’s past emerges

    A little of Ghoul’s backstory and some good news, at last

  45. Jet’s Escape Plan

    Can Jet’s plan really work? Read on...

  46. The Aftermath is Secondary

    Will the Killjoys’ escape be successful or will the remaining draculoids outside bring it to a grinding halt?

  47. Be afraid. Be very afraid... Korse.

    Back at BLI, Korse reports to Madam Director Miharu

  48. You Called Me Cheap!

    Tempers flare at Kami’s

  49. Secrets and Lies

    Jet hates keeping secrets, especially from his best friends

  50. Ghoul finds all of Jet’s buttons and presses them all

    Jet wants to know how Ghoul knew about Kami, but Ghoul isn’t immediately forthcoming

  51. Boxes

    The Killjoys distribute the contents of the basement at Candi and Ice’s place, leaving them only one task before they could head home.

  52. The End

    The Killjoys are ready to go home, but can they ever really be safe?


Oh man, what a great ending to a great story. Fantastic story, amazing story, what other synonyms for brilliant Can I use? Thank you so much for writing it. Also, fan goals as FUCK, I got mentioned in the final chapter of my favourite fanfic by my favourite fanfic author! Awesome!

I wish I could tell you more about my bass, but it’s an LA bass in black and white and it’s fucking awesome. I’m not taking proper lessons since I’ve never done well with those, but I’m using an app called Yousician to help me. I can read sheet music too, have been able to since I was, what, 8? Just a little less time than what I’ve been able to stitch lol. Only got good enough to do blind readings recently though; I always had to write the letters lol. It’s lots of fun, turns out most of the songs I was keen to play on the bass are pretty easy, but “They Wanted Darkness” looks more difficult and worthy of working towards (like how Cancer was that for keyboard). So yeah!

Ill have to check out the prequel soon, it took me so long to read this last chapter cos I didn’t want it to end! (That and I was working oops). I look forward to all your future works with bated breath.

Yeah I’ve been reading that one too. It’s awesome. I’m just gonna say it, you are definitely one of my favourite authors to read from

cKayE cKayE

@Inky Black
Hi! I’m really happy that you enjoyed reading it. It means a lot to hear that, it really does. There will be a sequel, which hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for. But in the meantime, why not take a look at Before They Were Fabulous? It’s a Killjoy origins story - kind of a prequel.

Thanks again!!
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! There will be a sequel; I already have parts of it in my head/written but in the meantime, I have an origins story up called Before They Were Fabulous - you might like that one?

Thanks again!!
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Hi! Sorry, I forgot to respond :(
Congratulations on getting your bass guitar! What type is it? Make, model etc :D My husband is a bassist; I hope you enjoy it as much as he did! Are you taking lessons? Can you read music? So many questions! I love to hear about people taking in an instrument - it’s so exciting! Music is life!!

Well, you won’t believe this, but I’ve posted the final chapter. I hope you like it. I want to continue with another and I could have just carried on but it felt like I needed to stop somewhere and start again fresh. But I. The meantime if you’re after something to read, there’s always Before They Were Fabulous which is essentially an origins story. You might like it - plenty of good-guy angst and evildoers doing evil :P

Thabk you for the beautiful blessing - that was so sweet of you and yes, definitely a wonderful thing to say to someone and to hear/read! You are lovely!

Take care
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK