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Crash and Burn, We're Young and Loaded


BL/Ind Criminal File No. 3213 (CLASSIFIED)

NAME: Unknown
ALIAS: Angel Fake
AGE: Unknown.
SEX: Female.


Angel Fake's origins are unknown, though her accent was once described as North Atlantic, hinting at European origins. She came to the attention of Better Living Industries in early 2019 in Battery City after obstructing a BL/Ind attempt to arrest two criminals. After helping the two young men in question to escape (See File No. 3214; Moore, Dave/ Gibbons, Alan, Opinions Against Consensus), she then promptly incapcitated two senior BL/Ind agents and made off with one of the agent's motorcylces after disabling the tracking and self-destruct mechanisms. It is rumoured that after this incident she made contact with the vigilante group known as The Fabulous Killjoys and that she is currently a member.

UPDATE: 11-22-2019
An attack was made on a BL/Ind patrol thirteen kilometres from the Zone 7 border by the outlaws Angel Fake and Diablo Noise (File No. 3210 [Classified] ). Both are known associates of The Fabulous Killjoys and the propagandist known as Dr Death- Defying. None of the BL/Ind patrol survived, but it has been since confirmed that Diablo Noise was successfully exterminated. Angel Fake escaped with injuries after the arrival of three more outlaws, GoGo Deathkiss (File No. 3095), Danny Damnation (File No. 3096) and Trixxie Pixxel MD (File No. 3097), all of whom are wanted in connection with the extermination of senior BL/Ind agent, Reverend Bezoomy.

She is highly dangerous and citizens are advised not to approach her in anyway. She is wanted for Attacks On Offical BL/Ind Employees, Damage To Government Property, Vigilantism, Being A Member Of An Illegal Organisation and other offences which carry a total sentence of Death.

After Angel's brother Diablo Noise is killed by Better Living Industries agents she sets out in search of revenge. Aidded by Dr Death-Defying and the Fabulous Killjoys, it soon turns out that revenge isn't the only thing she finds.

(this is a rewrite of the original story I came up with last summer! Enjoy my motor babies)

okay so this guy had a lot to do with busting up my writers block a good bit, CHECK HIM OUT!!!! he has awesome killjoy movies! Here's the link for one:




I really love this :) Awesome story!
falloutlies falloutlies
XD that was awesome I love this story!!! Can't wait till more! :D
Lucyriverstone Lucyriverstone