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My Past Secrets


After Donna constantly hugging and kissing I swear I'm going to scream for personal space. We went to the kitchen to have some coffee and cake. it was quite. I broke the silence.

"So what really happen?" I said clueless.

"Oh sweet child I think this was all my fault. I didn't mean to drag you into the fight of me and Jenny. Tho I didn't knew she would get carry away and stole my child." She said with a tone of apology and anger. "But let's not talk about that. How old are you now? 18 right? Did you graduated already?" She said with sadness in her voice.I nodded.

"So, I have a sister much younger than me like 7 years of difference?" Mikey out of nowhere ask.

"Are you going to keep asking the same question?" Donna narrowed her eyes at him.
"Oh, C'mon mom don't be like that you know I'm curious and happy I'm not the baby anymore." With a malicious smile looking at me. I begin to be scare. "And by the way why I don't remember her? I mean I was 7 when she was born."

Donna sighed and look at him "Well I don't know I guess I was devastated of the fact that the doctor told me she was born dead." I begin to be really confuse and angry.

"What?" I asked dumbfied. " The doctor said what?! Oh my god that stupid bitch paid the doctor!" I screamed even more higher with a lot of anger.

She nodded. "Don't be angry at her Sweetheart." I glare at her. "You have to be kidding me right. I mean she took me away from my family, exploit me, used me, almost kill me, lie to me, starve me and best of all hit me and you are asking me to not be mad at her!" my shyness went away within seconds and they both stood their with emotionless faces and Donna began to cry.

"I'm so sorry Baby Girl this shouldn't had happen to you. All because of me and my best friend fighting and jealously." She said begging for me forgiveness.

I calmed down "I'm sorry I shouldn't be mad like that and screaming like that and you don't have to beg for any forgiveness she the one who made everyone miserable." I said really sad.
"I wish none of this had happen and you would had grown with your family." she said sobbing. We hugged once more and Mikey was just surprised of all the pain my Aunt put me trough.

After a few hours of talking about everything that happen to me I decided to leave.

"I should go is getting late" I said with sadness

"What?! Why?! You're a 18 year old girl Where would you go?" she said confused
"Well, to my hotel. I mean I just came to see my real family is not like I'm intruding here." I said with a smile

Mickey began to laugh hysterically. I glare at him wanting to smack the hell out of him.
"Like mom would let you leave now" He said still laughing.
"Shut up, Mickey." I said still glaring at him.
"Is not Mickey is Mikey and why would I shut up? Is funny how you think Mom would let you out of her sight again." he said catching his breath for so much laughing.
"Your not helping Mickey."
"I don't want to help you and stop calling me Mickey . I wanna see how you would try to leave and mom won't let you. Beside I don't you to leave your too young to be out there alone."
"You know I am NOT that young for crying out loud! I am 18!"
"Yes you are." Mickey or is it Mikey scowled.
"No I am not! Besides I can do whatever I want!" I narrowed my eyes at him.
"No you can't! You just graduated you haven't even live enough out in the world!"
"Says who!"
Donna was laughing so hard to both of us. We continue arguing.
"So that doesn't mean you can tell me what to do"
"Yeah in fact I can and you are staying here and I will not continue to argue about so shut up!"
That last statement made Donna laugh even more.
I was so mad at him but for some reason I just sat down and did as he said.

"What the fuck is with all that screaming!" A strange voice said
And other one laughing so hard as Donna was.

"Well I am telling her she ain't going anywhere anytime soon." Mickey said with anger in his voice.
"You can scream at mom like that" the strange voice said to Mickey.
"Is not to mom you big idiot" mickey said sighing.
"Who you calling an Idiot! Stupid!"
"Don't start with me Gerard I'm not in the mood"
"Can you guys chill and shut up!" the 2nd voice said.
"Where are you staying baby girl?" Donna said.
"Mon I told you she is not leaving." Mickey yelled.
"Relax your balls Mikey I'm just asking remember she has no clothes here"Donna said.
"Oh yeah we are going to pick your shit up and your staying and don't try to argue with me" Mickey said storming out of the kitchen.
"I'm staying at the Hilton" I said really shy.

"Did Grandma came to visit us?" I heard the 1st voice said.
"No is our sister" Mickey said.
"What sister? Unless is you in a dress"
"Oh that one is golden!" The 2nd voice said.
"Shut up you baby shrimp!" Mickey said
"Go to hell Mikey!!!" the 2nd voice yelling at Mikey?
"Gerard and Frank stop yelling and get in here!" Donna yelled.
Am I finally Gonna Meet Gerard?!


Well :D Hope you guys like it :D



Whoo!!! :D
Thank you :D It will get better
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Interesting and amazing :)
Thank you :D Hope it keeps you interested
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