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My Past Secrets

You're a Liar.

Today We just buried my aunt, my inconsiderate Aunt . I hated her so much my entire life. Even tho she practically raised me. She was pushy, she made me feel like shit, she didn't care about my feelings, She always said "You do as I say and you don't suffer the consequences". I swear that woman if the state let her she murdered me. But I do thank her for teaching everything I know about music. She was the best in that. That's the only thing I thank her for.

Before she died. My aunt told me the truth. The whole truth.

"Aunt Jenny don't speak your weak." I said literally begging her.

"I have to tell you the truth kiky." She said almost without breath.

"Forget about it Aunt Jenny, just rest." I said worried.

"NO!" she screamed. I was in shock at the time. " I need your forgiveness before I pass away Alexandria." She stop at my first name which is rare that she call me by my first name. "Aunt Jenny I forgive you just..." she cut me off. "Shut up and listen Alexandria Kyoko Way." I was more and more shock." I was jealous of my best friend she had a perfect life. She had everything I always wanted. Today I know I regret keeping you away from her."

I was angry and I practically shouted " You are saying that my mother is alive??!"

"Yes. She is alive, and I regret everything I put you thru and keeping you from the world." She said with tears in her eyes.

"Aunt Jenny I forgive you." I said before she passed away.

Her exact last words were "Don't ever be like Gerard and I love you."

My first though 'WHO THE FUCK IS GERARD!'
My second was 'Did she just said I love you?'

I can't deny I cry for like three days. I mean she was an awful mother but she did raised me.
After her will was read. And of course she left everything to me. Because of the simply fact that Me was all she got. She left me a letter telling me exactly where to go to look for my mother. My real mother. I got a plane ticket to New Jersey. Got in a cab and went to my real mothers house. I was so nervous. All I can think about was 'Will she like me' 'Will she ever recognize me' 'Will she be as crazy as my aunt'...
Those thoughts ran throw my brain til' I arrived at the house.

When I knock the door this blonde hair woman "Can I help you." With the nicest attitude ever. NOT.

"Uhm, Yeah I looking for Donna, Donna Lee Way." I said Shyly.

"Look of your here because of my sons you can leave right now." Still with the nicest attitude alive.

"No, I'm here because my Aunt Jenny send me here."

"Your who?"

"Jenny Johnson"

She open her eyes wide open. She hugged me. I couldn't breath.

"How is she?" She said like her attitude went from bitchy to surprise.

"She passed away a few weeks ago." I said with sadness in m voice.

Her face change completely. Went from Bitchy to Surprise to Sad.

"Do you wanna come in?" she with the same sadness.


We sat down in the living room. And she began to ask.

"And you names is?" she ask with a confused look.

" I'm Ale... kiky just call me kiky." I said not trying to say my full name. I didn't want to freak her out.

"So you Jenny's daughter?" she still have that confusing look.

"No." I said really rough " I'm just her niece." She detected my anger.

"Why are you so mad at Jenny?" she asked with the intention of getting the truth out. " No, a better question why are you here?" she said more curious then ever before.

"I'm mad at her because she lied to me." I said with more anger. I sighed and said "My real name is Alexandria Kyoko Way." She just went blank. And then passed out.

I weird looking guy with glasses enter the leaving room as 'my mom' passed out.

He screamed "Mom?! Mom are you okay?!" and then he looked at me " Who are you and what did you tell her?!!" 'I was in shock and I didn't even knew how to answer.

After an half hour passed out disaster. She woke up. She push the weird guy out of her way. And stared at me like I was a ghost from the past.

Finally the weird guy spoke again...
"Mom who the fuck is this person?!" practically screaming for the whole block to hear.

She turn around and almost kill him with her stare "Micheal Do. Not. Scream. At. Your. Mother"

"Sorry." he mumble.

She turn to me again and say " My sweet baby girl" omg you know how much I hate when people call me that "You're back" She said in tears.

That weird guy named Micheal look confused. "Baby girl? Mom are you hiding something?" he asked.

"Yes. Mickey you have a baby sister who I tough that was dead." She said with joy.
He look at me "And now she is here? Mom I don't think this is..." She cut him off. "Of course is her she looks a lot like Gerard. And she told me her full name." Still saying with joy.

"She does look a lot like Gerard." He said looking at me with a smile.

Who is this Gerard guy seriously. Is he my father or something.

"Excuse me." I said shyly. "Who is Gerard?"

They both look at me and smile "He is your older brother, Sweetheart." She said with so much love and care.

I wonder Why my Aunt Jenny said 'Don't ever be like Gerard.' I really Want to meet this Gerard Guy.


I am re-posting this story and I hope you guys like it :D also changing a few things so everything falls into place because is just wrong lol. IF you guys want to read the first version go to mibba.com and type the title and it will pop up :D



Whoo!!! :D
Thank you :D It will get better
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Interesting and amazing :)
Thank you :D Hope it keeps you interested
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