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My Past Secrets

You are so FULL of yourself!

"No you know what mom I need to record some demos so..." Gerard said.
"Gerard I don't really care get your ass in her!" Donna snapped.
"Mom Why would you need me here?"
"You need to meet Kiky!" Mikey grumbled.
"No, Mom you know what I passed about this chick name kiky!" Gerard said.
"I do not care Gerard Arthur Way you better get that ass in here before I come and get you" Donna said with menacing voice.
"Mom I have to get this demo's finish maybe later" Gerard said.
I guess I don't meet him today.
"Gerard c'mon is just saying hi" Mickey started yelling.
"You can go fuck her if you want I don't need to be meeting people that you fuck and then just don't talk to them anymore!"
"Go fuck a cow Gerard!"
ew fuck with my Mickey he is my brother.
"Nice come back dork"
"Shut up you big fucker"
"Gerard if you don't get in here I will release some baby pictures." Donna shout winking at me.
I heard like everyone running to get to the kitchen. I started laughing with Donna.
"Mom why do I have to keep meeting Mikey's sluts" that was Gerard OMG! he is so gorgeous What am I thinking HE IS MY BROTHER!
"She is not a slut, idiot. She is our sister." Mickey said calmly.
Gerard looked at me so confused and I look down to my converse and blushed.
"Wait did you just said 'our sister'?" Frank asked confused.
Wow Frank is even cutter than Gerard.
"Yes. She is kiky our Sister" Mikey said proud.
"Wow She does look a lot like Gerard. But looks like a geek like you Mikey" Frank said smirking.
What a Jerk.Gerard kept looking at me without blinking. I continue to blushed even more.
"Mom. I taught we went trough this the doctor said she was dead." Gerard said with pain in his throat.
"Yes.But I didn't look for her she came here" Donna said happy.
"Mom please don't do this again please. Just let the girl go."
"Gerard, No I am not letting her go again"
"Mom don't this to yourself"
"Gerard she knows about her name and about Jenny and She does look a lot like you"
"I don't see it" Gerard begging to shout in a denial way.
"Don't raised your voice at me Gerard!"
"You know what Mom do whatever you want! I am not getting involve in this! This always ends badly and everyone gets hurt!" He turned to me. "You better not be screwing with my family because if you are oh be prepare!" He hissed at me.
And I though Aunt Jenny was mean. I looked at him an rolled my eyes.
"Did you just rolled your eyes at me?"
"Did it bother you?" I asked him
"Deal with it"
"And I though they just look a like" Frank said
Everyone started laughing and Gerard stormed out of the kitchen. I don't get that guy Why is he angry at me is not my fault that I'm his sister and I'm alive.
"Sorry about that Baby girl. He can be mean sometimes" Donna said to me
"Is okey, I don't blame him. Besides I'm used to it."
I made a bow today I am going to get him to like me!!!!!

I went to the hotel with Donna and Mickey. He wanted to make sure I came back with Donna.
We came back to the house and I saw Gerard mega pissed when we enter the house.
Hello Drama.
"Mikey why the hell did you left?!" Gerard started yelling.
Seriously in this house everyone yells.
"I told you I went to get Kiky's stuff." Mickey yelled to. of course
"Why is she still here?" Gerard got more pissed.
My temper exploded.
"Oh my god Gerard will you shut up and stop yelling. I had enough yelling while I was growing up and I do not need this coming from you too! I am a human being not a fucking puppy! Now get over yourself and leave me the fuck alone!" I yelled my heart out at that moment.
Everyone just stare at me for 10 seconds til' Gerard exploded worst.
"If you don't like me yelling all the fucking time you can't just get the fuck out! WIth Mikey is enough!"
"Then I am leaving"
"Thank you"
"Fuck you"
"Now that's not a vocabulary you should used!"
"Amd you care why?!"
"I don't"
"Well shut the fuck up!"
"Stop it you two!" Donna yelled
"Kiky you aren't leaving and Gerard get over yourself."
"Whatever. She can stay as long that she stays away from me." Gerard Stated
"Gladly." I said.
I smell a lot of drama with me and Gerard. And I just started living here.


Well I tried and promised to update this everyday but I am in college and work some days I might get really tired and not do it but I will I promise! Thank you so much for reading!



Whoo!!! :D
Thank you :D It will get better
kikyta kikyta
Interesting and amazing :)
Thank you :D Hope it keeps you interested
kikyta kikyta