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Just You And I Your Starless Eyes Remain.

We'll go so far, far as we can

That was all that filled the car as we drove as fast as we could down the highway. I was shaking. absoulty fucking scared out o fmy mind. I hear feel my heart pound in my ears. The silence was eating at me, I needed it filled. and almost just as he had read my mind, Gerard voice filled my ears, causing me to jump.
"We need to find anothr car, this one is hot as fuck." I noticed his knuckels turning white on the steering wheel.
"Where? How?" even my voice was shaking
He nodded at the road. Up ahead was a small diner. only four cars in the parking lot. "We find one thats unlocked, hot wire it and go." my eye brows knitted together in confusion.
"Gee.... they will see us, and the that car will be hot." he sighed as we pulled in.
"They wont notice till later, trust me on this one. Theres a few old people in there, They're too busy talking, and eating. Ever notice that when we stop here on tour?" He was now putting on a pair of gloves. "Now, we need to hurry before we look to sucpicous just sitting here."

He was way to calm for him to be doing this for his first time. He opened the door and grabbed his bag, along with mine. I followed his leand and got out of the car walking my way over to him. He looked around the parking lot for a moment, before spotting the small Toyota sitting near the back. He looked at me and winked. Gerard pulled out his pack of cigarettes and placed one in between his lips.
"We're gonna need to somehow get a hold of Mikes, but its gonna be hard seeing as I know the cops got his phone tapped." Gerard said, barley above a mumbled as we got to the car.

He looked up at me, and a took a moment to stare at him. He was leaning on the car, hunched over, a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth, the other side moving. That when I noticed he was talking, I tuned back in. "...you got that Frank?"
"Uh... yeah." I lied. His arm reached out and he handed me a gun. "Good. Now just shoot if anyone come back here."



I changed my user name :3 kinda blows, as soon as I decide to get back into my fanfictions my internet gets shut off and I'm poor and currently am couching it at my boyfriends who lives at his sisters, my updates will be slow.
Sorry for the life story, but since a lot of you have been loyal readers I though you'd like to know :)

Thank you for reading, I love you guys :D now I'm gonna watch supernatural. I've missed a shit tone of episodes. :D

((( This is when Gerard was at his sexiest ;))))


Have you given up on this? I hope not, cos it's SO good! X

you should update. now would be good. it would make a little girl happy.
FiveFootFrankie FiveFootFrankie
Great story so far, plzzz update
GrymmCreeper GrymmCreeper
upload please im hooked :) its a great story
Killjoy96 Killjoy96