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Just You And I Your Starless Eyes Remain.

I wanna hear it back

The look on his face went from a smile, to a confused smirk. a nervous chuckle came from his mouth as he shifted his weight to his other foot. My eyes scanned his face for a moment as an uncomfortable silence filled the space between us.
"How am I suppose to take that?" his voiced cracked. My eyes still scaned his face.
"Uh...." was all that could come outta my mouth.

I closed my eyes and placed my finger and thumb on the bridge of my nose and sighed long and hard. I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders. He held me tight as he chuckled.
"Can't go back no on it Iero. Cats outta the bag sugar." I could hear that smirk in his voice.

I pushed him away so my eyes could find his, looking for some sort of an answer back from him. our eyes locked together for a moment before I felt my lips gravitate to his. Once they met her didn't protest, he oushed it further as he pushed againts the bathroom wall.

a sqeak came from me as my back hit the wall and his toungue traced my bottom lip and his hands slid up my shirt. My head was swimming and I felt myself gettting dizy.
"Gee..." I mumbled
His kisses pulled back but went lower down my jaw, causing my eyes to roll in the back of my head. My hands went up as I tried to pushed him back, but he pinned them to the wall and bit down on my neck. A moan escaped my lips, but I wanted to stop for a second. I wanted to hear it back.
"Gerard." my voice was a bit stronger, but still shakey.

My atempted was still ignored as his lips met mine again. He kissed me harder, letting go of my hands and putting his in my hard. He pulled back and let out a breath. My nose was filled with the sent of cigarettes and coffee. A smell, for some odd reason, that made me weak in the knees.

His eyes met mine and he smiled, kissing me lightly on the lips and cupping my face. A smile formed on my face.

A loud came from outside the door, in the hallway of the hotel room. Gerard looked at me with big eyes as the pounding got louder.
"Police Depatment. I have a warrent for the arrest of Gerard Way. Open up."
"Run. Out the window Frank now!" he said in a loud whisper as he pushed me out the door.
I quickly grabbed all the sutff I needed.
"You need to go now Frankie. I'll be right behind."

I stood frozen in fear as I watched Gerard scurry around me. he was screaming at me, but I couldn't hear anything. The only thing in my ears was the pounding on the door.
"We're comming in."
"FRANKIE GO NOW!" Gerard screamed louder as he pushed me twoards the window that was now open.

I climbed out and jumped, landing on the ground with an 'oof'. Keys were soon thrown at my feet. I looked up and saw Gerard jumping down and cops imeadiatly hanging out the window, yelling at eachother. My mind was a blur as Gerard dragged me to the car. He shoved me in and made he was over the the passanger seat. within seconds we were off and speeding down the highway.


So it's been awhile since I've updated. I had major writters block. Please leme know if you're still reading this? I have a nice idea where this going :)


Have you given up on this? I hope not, cos it's SO good! X

you should update. now would be good. it would make a little girl happy.
FiveFootFrankie FiveFootFrankie
Great story so far, plzzz update
GrymmCreeper GrymmCreeper
upload please im hooked :) its a great story
Killjoy96 Killjoy96