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Help me Pick up the Pieces ~Mikey/Oc~

Moving On

**Avalee's POV**

We left as soon as Frank got home, the movers following after us. Frank took my hand gently in the back seat. "Ava," He started. I took my hand away from his grip and stared down at my lap again. "I don't wanna talk about it, Frank." I mumbled. Frank sighed and looked out the window. "Your my sister, Avalee, I care and worry. I'm sorry." Gee... Thanks for making me feel like shit. About an hour later my phone rang. It read "Call from HimeTime^-^" Jaime, we all called him Hime. I picked up the phone from in between me and Frank and hesitantly answered it. "H-Hey Hime..." I mumbled. I heard in his voice that Jaime frowned. "Hey Ava... I saw what happened this morning with Tony..." I stayed silent. "I didn't think he was like that." He continued. I kept silent still. "I'm talking to Vic about it tomorrow..." I suddenly felt a wave of fear run through me. "D-Don't," I stuttered out. "Why not?" He asked. "J-Just don't... He'll find me and do worse." Jaime suddenly got serious. "Ava, he won't hurt you. Of course, I won't be there to make sure of it. But Frank will. You know he's protective of you." I sighed, knowing he was right. "I'm gonna talk to Vic.... I'll call tomorrow, okay?" I nodded. "Okay..." I heard him smile. "Don't worry. I'll watch out for you." With that he hung up. Bless Jaime. He's been my closest friend since first grade. Him and Frank have always looked out for me. Of course, I return the favor as doing the same. Once when we were in third grade, a kid was pushing Hime around and I went over and punched the kid in the face. Of course I got in trouble, but that's my best friend, man.

A few hours later, we arrived in front of our new home. "Okay, since it's late," Dad started from the front seat. "We'll just unload the boxes and get out what we need for the night and we'll unpack tomorrow." I nodded, as did Frank, then we got out to help unload the boxes.

**Mikey's POV**

"Okay mom!" I heard my older brother yell from downstairs. Then, soon following, I heard my father yell at him. they were fighting again. Like always. I just hugged my knees to me on my bed and hid my face; drowning out the noise with my stereo. Then, over the music, I heard my grandma try and stick up for my brother. She always see reason with us. She's the only one who's actually ever had faith in us. Our parents just don't have time for us now. Helena Way is our life saver, I love her and I don't care how childish I sound; I love my grandmother.

I got up and shut my door, then noticed something outside. The house across the street finally got sold. I watched as the family unloaded the moving truck. The mother, father, a boy about my brother's age, then.. The girl. She looked beautiful, and young; probably my age. I fixed my glasses on my nose as I watched her carry a box to her mom. I quickly looked away when I saw her turn around. I sat back on my bed. A faint knock on my door was heard. "Mikes?" I heard outside, then my door opened. "Gerard.." I sighed and looked up at my brother. "You know mom freaks out about you drinking..." Gerard ran a hand through his hair and sighed, sitting by me. "I know... Just.. Well, at least it isn't heavy anymore..." He mumbled sheepishly. "Just try and calm it down... Please. I can't lose my brother.." I said quietly, leaning my head on his shoulder. Gerard frowned and wrapped an arm around me. "You won't Mikey, I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere." I stayed silent, still scared. "Just get some sleep okay?" He said, looking down at me. I nodded and sat up. He kissed my forehead gently. "Night, Mikes." I mumbled a good night then laid down, burrowing under my covers. My mind wandered a little bit everywhere. Gerard's addiction, Grandma, our parents... Then the new neighbor girl. I sighed. 'Ray will have her smitten by second class tomorrow.' I thought to myself. 'I don't stand a chance.'




I have to... Trust me, thats not whats gonna happen. At the very least, her trust issues will be shit and she'll try pushing Mikey away.

KuraJane KuraJane

Aww...this is a cute fiction. Just what ever you do...do not make tony some kinda creeper that going to search her out and kidnap her and mikey and beat them and try to kill them and that kina stuff. I've read way to many fanfictions with that in it and it's killed the whole story dead. #TruStory