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Help me Pick up the Pieces ~Mikey/Oc~

New Home, New Life

*~*Avalee's POV*~*

"Great practice, guys." Vic smiled as he turned to look at us. I smiled and nodded, putting up my bass. I looked over and saw Jaime walk past me and to Vic, wrapping his arms around his small frame. Personally, I always thought those two were cute. I've known Vic since Kindergarden and we met Jaime in 2nd grade. I always knew those two would end up together... Is that weird?
I looked over and saw Mike getting up and looking at the calender on the wall, grinning. "Battle of the bands in two days!" Vic nodded as he laid his hands over Jaime's. "We're ready, I think." My brother, Frank, nodded in agreement. "That is if I cand get the end of 'Yeah Boy and Doll Face' right." Tony looked over at Frank as he put up his guitar. "I can help you if you want." Frank just rolled his eyes and put his guitar up, slinging it around his shoulder. "Whatever..." He mumbled. "I'll see ya back home, Ava." I nodded and slung my bass around my shoulder. Frank never really liked Tony, but its gotten worse. How? Cause Im dating him.

Tony grabbed my hand before I walked out. "Where do you think your going?" He smiled. I grined softly and walked to him. "Silly me, I almost forgot." He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me gently. I smiled and kissed back. I was honestly scared to go out with him tonight. I usually am. Every day after practice we got out for coffee after practice, I go home with a new bruise. Yeah.. Our relationship isn't the best. After our first few moths of dating, he started getting abbusive. Sometimes he doesn't realize it, most of the time he does... I love him though, so I put up with it.

That night I came home and went straight to my room, not wanting to face my parents with a fresh bruise on my shoulder, I was wearing a tank top so it was easy to see. I ran up the steps and went to my room. Frank was sitting on my bed, his arms crossed, looking at his feet. "Frankie...?" I mumble and walk to him. He looks up at me and frowns. "We're moving, Ava.." My eyes grow wide. "Wh-What?" He nodded. "Mom and dad got a new job in Jersey. Their letting us go to school tomorrow to say good-bye to the guys... We leave after school, first thing." Damnit I hate this! My parents are big realitors. "Iero & Iero 'Let us make you feel at home.'" So they use to move around a lot. But when I was three, my parents settled in New York. Now that Im sixteen.. Sigh. Fuck my life..

The next day I sigh and dress myself in a jacket and sweatpants, not really caring. "We'll finish packing your rooms while your at school!" My mom yelled after us as we walked out of the house. I didn't care, I just wanted to see Tony.
We got to the coutyard outside of school and Tony was waiting for me by 'our tree'. We meet there everday. He smiled when he saw me, I tried to smile, but couldn't. I leaned against the tree. "What's wrong, baby?" He frowned and grabbed my waist. I was scared to tell him. "I... We have to move..." Tony blinked. "Like.. Schools.. Right?" I shook my head and frowned. "We're moving to New Jersey..." I heard him let out an angry noise, I looked up, he had a scowl on his face. He was squeezing my hips tightly, painfully. I whimpered. "Tony, let go!" He put his hand on my throat. "What?!" He squeezed a little and just then Frank came up and knocked him down. "Back the fuck away from my sister! Avalee, go! Go home!" I didn't hesitate, I ran straight home, not looking back.




I have to... Trust me, thats not whats gonna happen. At the very least, her trust issues will be shit and she'll try pushing Mikey away.

KuraJane KuraJane

Aww...this is a cute fiction. Just what ever you do...do not make tony some kinda creeper that going to search her out and kidnap her and mikey and beat them and try to kill them and that kina stuff. I've read way to many fanfictions with that in it and it's killed the whole story dead. #TruStory