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Help me Pick up the Pieces ~Mikey/Oc~

The Begining Of A New Hell

**Avalee's POV**

I dug through the box labeled 'Ava's cloths' for something to wear for my first day at a new Hel-- I mean, school. Belleview High is the name of the school. It sounded weird to me... Belleview. I eventually pulled out a band shirt with The Pretty Reckless on it, a pair of red skinny jeans, along with my black and grey vans. I fixed my hair and make up, grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs. Frank was waiting my the door for me. "Bus is a few blocks away already, we gotta go." He said as he slipped on his jacket. "Coming brother dearest." I rolled my eyes playfully as I followed him out the door.
We walked to our street corner, the bus stop. We noticed quickly that we were not alone. A boy about Frank's age with deep black hair and sunglasses on was standing there with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Next to him was a rather tall and skinny boy, around my age, he had sandy brown hair with glasses hanging off the tip of his nose. He looked over at me and pushed his glasses up. I blushed lightly and looked away, staying next to Frank. Soon another boy came up. I assumed he knew the other two because he came up and grinned, immediately talking to the black haired boy. He had brown and poofy hair, with a guitar case slung around his back. His hair bounced with him as he talked with the other boy. He saw me and smiled. "Who do we have here? Newbie?" I was about to answer him and Frank stood in front of me again, giving him a disapproving look.
Soon the bus pulled up before us. Frank got on then the black haired kid, then poof-ball, then me, then the kid with the glasses. I planned to sit next to my brother, but that didn't happen. The kid with black hair decided to sit by him. So I sat toward the back, seeing there was barely any room left on the bus. I was just about to put my headphones in before I heard a quiet "Excuse me..." I looked up and it was the kid with glasses. "Can I sit here? Theres hardly any room..." I nodded slowly and sat my bag on my lap. "Thanks." He mumbled as he sat down. I nodded and wrapped my headphones around my iPod again. "So uh...your new?" He said softly as the bus started to move. I nodded again. "Y-Yeah.. Me and my brother, Frank. I'm Avalee.. Ava." I stuttered quietly, finding it difficult to talk to a boy who A, I just met, and B, he's rather attractive. He nodded none the less and nodded to the black haired boy. "That's my brother, Gerard. Then," He nodded to the poof-ball "our friend, Ray." He turned and looked at me shyly. "And uh.. I'm Mikey..." I smiled a little. "Nice to meet you Mikey..."

**Mikey's POV***

Too soon, the bus pulled up to the school. I sighed and walked off behind Avalee. Damn, she's so beautiful. I didn't want to stop talking to her, even though Im a shy, awkward boy... When we got off the bus she asked me if I'd show her where the office is. So I did. When we reached the outside of the office, Gerard was leaving it. "Get in trouble already, Gee?" I raised an eyebrow. He shook his head. "Nahh. I showed the new kid where the office is." He saw Ava next to me and smirked. "Looks like you are too... See ya 'round, Mikes." I blushed and glanced at Avalee. "So uh... See ya I guess.." I mumbled before leaving her at the office. Smooth, Mikey... Smooth




I have to... Trust me, thats not whats gonna happen. At the very least, her trust issues will be shit and she'll try pushing Mikey away.

KuraJane KuraJane

Aww...this is a cute fiction. Just what ever you do...do not make tony some kinda creeper that going to search her out and kidnap her and mikey and beat them and try to kill them and that kina stuff. I've read way to many fanfictions with that in it and it's killed the whole story dead. #TruStory