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The Art Teacher


He was not that much older than I was
He had taken our class to the Metropolitan Museum
He asked us what our favorite work of art was,
But never could I tell him it was him
Oh, I wish I could tell him --
Oh, I wish I could have told him...

The Art Teacher - Rufus Wainwright

It's Frank Iero's junior year at Belleview High School, and as of lately he's become a little bit more passionate about art than he was before when he was a Sophomore. When he signs up to be in an Art class, he doesn't expect to know the teacher, and of course he doesn't, but he never expected the teacher to be so handsome and not to mention well-mannered. After a while of being in class with Mr. Way, Frank starts to develop feelings for the young teacher, not meaning to, and after he realizes that the sort of relationship he wants with Mr. Way would never come to be, he unwillingly gets into a relationship with a beautiful teenage girl in his Art class who's name is Jamia Nestor. What will happen when Frank gets found out by somebody at a gay bar?

© Frankie Boy.

Disclaimer: I don't know how many times I have to go over this, but I do not own any of the band members of My Chemical Romance, nor do I own anyone associated with them, if I did, then obviously I wouldn't be writing this story, now would I? Any who, enjoy!


Beck Graziella

Beck Graziella

24, the new Italian teacher at Belleville High who just moved back to New Jersey from Venice, Italy since he'd gone there for two years of his life just to see more of his home.

Bob Bryar

Bob Bryar

18, Frank and Jamia's good friend.

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

18, about to turn 19, Junior in High School, stoner and very much in the closet.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

22, Frank and Jamia’s new art teacher, not openly gay but he isn't hiding it either.

Jamia Nestor

Jamia Nestor

18, Frank's best friend who is deeply in love with him.


  1. Chapter One; New Year, New Classes, New Teachers

    I had new, better classes that weren't given to the Freshmen or Sophomore's, and more than likely I had better teachers.

  2. Chapter Two; Stunning

    He was extremely stunning, and although he was my student until next May, I still felt the small flutter of butterflies in my stomach from looking at him.

  3. Chapter Three; First Assignment

    "So Frank, what we're going to do today is draw, obviously, but you're going to sketch something first, and then I'll draw something similar, okay?" Mr. Way asked while handing me a fresh piece of charcoal to draw with.

  4. Chapter Four; Clean Up

    When all of the tasks I had set out for both of us were done, I told Frank that he had about ten minutes until his fifteen minutes of detention were over.

  5. Chapter Five; At Least She'll Be Happy

    “Hi Frank,” Jamia said, putting her sandwich down on her plate for a moment while she hugged me affectionately. I know that by doing this I would be lying to myself, but at least she’ll be happy.

  6. Chapter Six; Will You Be Mine Tonight?

    But as soon as I'd thought that I'd noticed that there was a calm, pleased look on his face rather than the slightly scared and troubled expression he held in my class the entire time he was sat next to Jamia.


Thank you! I love using gifs. xD

Frankie Boy. Frankie Boy.

Intrigued by the story and loving the gifs

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