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And Then I Met My Teacher

I won't tell (I promise)

'What was that for?'' I asked confused.
''I don't know, I was just trying to make you feel better.''
''Don't. Not if you're just going to break my heart.'' I said seriously. It was weird to call him by his first name. I wasn't used to it yet.
''I won't.'' He said as he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me in so close that our noses were almost touching.
'You're confusing.'' I said.
''I know.''
''Just promise me one thing.''
''What?'' He asked.
''Promise you won't break my heart.''
''I promise.'' He said as he held me tighter. I put my forehead against his, and closed my eyes. ''You're cute.'' He added, rubbing his nose on mine. I laughed.
''So if I am following correctly, 10 hours ago you gave me detention detention and made me feel like the scum under your shoe. 8 hours ago, I discovered that Mikey was actually your brother and you gave me shit, again, because I was in your house. 5 hours ago, we made out and you sucked my dick. 3 hours ago you made me cry and told me I meant absolutely nothing to you. 10 minutes ago, you politely told me to back off because you didn't want to lose your job, and now, you're acting all fluffy and cute, and cuddling me as if we had been dating forever.'' I summarized.
''Correct.'' He answered.
''And this is normal to you?''
''Not normal, but you got to admit it's fun.''
''Depends what part.'' I answered, looking down. He lifted my chin with two of his fingers, forcing me to look into his hazel eyes.
''Did I, or did I not promise I wouldn’t break your heart?” He asked. I pushed his fingers from under my chin and looked away, ignoring his question. “Just trust me.'' He said softly.
''I'm trying to, I really am, but I’m just so confused.'' I admitted.
''About what?''
''About us. And that's if there's even an ''us''. What are we? One minute you hate me, the next you like me, it’s all very confusing.''
''You're my student and I'm your teacher. That's it. But I don't hate you. Please, try to remember that I don’t hate you.'' He said as he ran his finger through my hair.
''Okay...'' I sighed, still confused.

The room fell quiet for a few minutes before I started giggling softly.
''What?'' He asked.
''Nothing. I just thought of something funny.'' I answered, still smiling.
''And what is it?''
''It's not important.''
''Frank! Just tell me!''
''I was just thinking that, huh, for someone who said he wasn’t one for pillow talks you sure changed your mind pretty fast.'' I said, laughing.
''Shut up.'' He giggled as I tried to yawn as escretely as possible.
''Tired?'' He asked. I nodded embarrassingly.
''Alright, let's try to sleep.'' He said, holding me tighter as he kissed my forehead.
''Goodnight, Gerard.''
''Goodnight, baby.'' He whispered in my ear. The sound of these words in my ears made my heart flutter and I fell asleep smiling against the skin of his chest. I still had a lot of questions spiraling in my mind, but in that moment, they didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except him and I and the emotions that we shared. Or that I hoped we shared.

I woke up alone in his bed. My throat was sore and my nose stuffed. I decided to go downstairs and find Gerard, even though I wasn't feeling really well. I made my way downstairs quietly to avoid waking up Mikey, whom I assumed was still sleeping. I saw Gerard, sitting at the kitchen table, probably grading papers. His hair was messy and you could easily tell he had ran his fingers through it excessively. The second he noticed me standing in the hallway, he got up and walked towards me. He wrapped his arms loosely around my waist and smiled.
''Goodmorning sweetheart”
''Good morning'' I rasped, barely audible
''What happened to your voice?'' He giggled. I shrugged.
''Does it hurt?'' He asked. I nodded, massaging my larynx softly. The very action of breathing was challenging.
''Poor baby.'' He said, kissing the top of my head. ''Do you want something to eat?'' I shook my head no. ''Coffee?'' He asked. I nodded.
''Thanks.'' I attempted to say as he handed me a cup of coffee.
''Shhh, don’t try to talk” He suggested.
''Where's Mikey?'' I asked, ignoring his previous advice.
''I had to drive him back to the hospital this morning.'' He sighed, obviously disapointed.
''Was he feeling better?''
''Yes, but I didn't want to risk it.'' He answered. I nodded understandingly.
''What time is it?'' I asked.
''About 2:00 PM'' He answered casually.
''What? That means I missed school!'' I bleated as loud as my broken voice would allow me to.
''Yep.'' He said nonchalantly.
''And so did you!'' I accused.
''I took the day off. I told them Mikey wasn't feeling well.''
''And what about me?!''
''It’s fine, Frank. This isn’t high school.''
''So, they don't give a shit if you show up to class or not. You’re old enough to make your own decisions. It’s your problem if you fail. Although, I would encourage you to go to class. I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of your education.'' He said seriously.
''That's pretty cool.''
''Yeah, well, even if they did care, there's no way I would have let you go anywhere today. Look at yourself, you can barely speak.'' He said.
''You don't have to let me do anything. If I wanted to go I would just fu-'' I couldn't even finish my sentence before I started to cough uncontrollably.
''You would just what, Frank? I didn’t quite get that.'' He asked sarcastically. I flicked him my middle finger, still trying to stabilize my coughing.
''I would just like to remind you that I told you not to walk school with your wet shirt. I told you I would lend you one of Mikey's but you refused. And now, you're sick.'' He lectured.
''Okay, I got the point, Mr. Way. Thank you for your concern.” I snapped.
''Don't call me that.''
''Don’t call you what, Mr. Way?''
''You think you're funny, don't you?'' He said. I nodded, chuckling and coughing through my giggles.
''Alright, detention tomorrow night.''
''You can't do that!'' I whined.
''And who's going to stop me?''
''Well, I just won't show up.''
''Then, I'll fail your next assignment.''
''Fuck off, Gerard!''
''Oh, because now I'm Gerard?'' He asked, raising his eyebrow.
''You think you're funny?''
''Hell yeah I’m funny.'' He giggled. The apprehension of the previous night was completely gone and had been replaced with a light and fluffy atmosphere. I felt good around him and his laugh made my heart beat faster. I could have spent all day looking at his adorable crooked smile, but we were interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing. I saw Sam’s name flash on the screen and picked up right away.
''Hey buddy, how are you? Better than last night?'' He asked concerned.
''Yes, a lot better. Thanks, Sam.''
''Hey, don’t thank me, I'm your best friend! I signed up for this shit, Frankie. You can call me anytime.''
''I can't wait to see you, I miss you.''
''I might be able to come visit you in two weeks… Well, if you want?' He asked. '
''Are you serious?! Of course, I want!'' I exclaimed excitedly.
''Alright, then I'm saving you the weekend of your birthday.''
''You're the best. Thank you so much, Sam.''
''Alright, I gotta run, class is about to start. I’ll talk to you soon though, okay?''
''Yes, soon! Bye, Sam'' I beamed as I hung up. Gerard was staring at me, confusion in his eyes.
''What?'' I asked.
''Who's Sam?''
''A friend.''
''A friend?'' He repeated suspiciously.
''Yes, a friend.''
''A friend who made you smile as soon as you saw his name flashing on your screen?'' He said, still not convinced. I felt my cheeks getting warmed and I looked down.
''He's a good friend.'' I mumbled.
''Sure.'' He grumbled coldly.
''Are you being jealous?'' I teased, smiling.
''No. You already told me you're in love with me.'' He smirked.
''Stop mocking me like that, it makes me feel like I'm grossing you out.'' I said looking down embarrassingly. He sighed and pulled me in closer.
''I'm sorry.'' He said in a softer voice. I rested my head on his chest and he placed a soft kiss on the top of my head. We were innocently enjoying the proximity when someone rang the doorbell.
''Who is it?'' I asked.
''I don't know, I wasn’t expecting anyone. Stay here, I'll go check.'' I him open the front door and instantly recognized the voices or the visitors.
''Where's Frank?'' Syd asked.
''And where's Mikey?'' Avery added.
''Mikey's back in the hospital and Frank went home, sorry folks.'' He said calmly.
''What do you mean, Mikey's in hospital? And why weren’t you in class today? Or Frank?'' James asked.
''Which part wasn’t clear enough for you, James? Mikey's in hospital. You can go visit him if you want, but I have work to do so I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave. And as far as I’m concerned, my personal life is none of your business. I will see you in class tomorrow.''
''What's Frank's address?'' James asked.
''I don't know. You'll have to ask him.'' Gerard snapped, almost kicking them out. He closed the door, leaving them outside in the cold, and walked back to the kitchen.
''Why didn't you tell them I was here?''
''Are you fucking serious?'' He snapped.
''Well, yeah, I mean I-''
''Fucking hell, Frank! Would you also like me to tell them I sucked your dick?'' He asked rhetorically, cutting me off.
''No, but I thought that-''
''I don't know what you thought, but you were wrong. If you ever tell anyone about this, I'll deny it and I'll stop seeing you. Understood?'' He snapped.
''Yes, sir.'' I answered, looking down.
''Don't call me that.''
''Then don't act like that.'' I mumbled.
''I'll drive you home.'' He said dryly.
''What? Why?'' I panicked. I couldn’t go home. Not only did I not want to be away from him and I really, really did not want to see my mom.
''I'm not spending my day with an irrational child. Go get your stuff.'' He snapped, and even though I knew he was just angry, the words still stung.
''I won't tell, I promise.'' I said calmly, looking into his eyes desperately.
''I hope you won't!'' He fumed.
''I'm sorry...'' I said sheepishly.
''I don't care.''
''Please, Gerard.'' I said, taking a step forward to close the gap between us.
''You're pissing me off right now.'' He hissed. I wrapped my arms around his narrow hips and rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and I closed my eyes to let the soft sound wash over me.
''I didn't mean to upset you okay?'' I said softly, trying to calm him down. I noticed his heartbeat slightly slowing down and I smiled. I heard him sigh and he finally put his arms around me. ''And I know I'll probably sound pathetic and I know you won't say it back, you don't have to, but I just want to tell you that, well, I-I love you. So, I won’t tell anyone, you don’t have to worry about that'' I confessed nervously.
''I love you too.''


I'm sorry I was gone for so long! I got super busy with school and work! I'll try to make it up to you guys and update more often over the next couple of days!
Also, I just finished reading the saddest fanfic ever and I cried like a baby. Whatever I do with this, I swear I'll try to give it an okay ending and to spare you some tears!! Thanks to anyone who has read/commented/subscribed/rated/messaged me! You're all amazing <3

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I’ve had to unsubscribe and subscribe again as I just realised I didn’t get a notification for the last chapter and I definitely don’t want to miss the next. I’m not trying to hurry you along or anything, just excited and don’t want to risk missing it! :D

S xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Noooooo! Cliffhanger!! This escalated quickly from sweet and angsty to seriously exciting. What’s going to happen? Is Gee handling it himself the best idea while he’s so angry? What’s going to happen?? So excited for the next instalment!!

SaskiaK SaskiaK


cKayE cKayE


What is wrong with Gee? He’s really messing with dear sweet Frankie’s head. Being loving one second then angry then confused. It’s borderline abuse! Poor Frank, he needs... no, he deserves better :(

SaskiaK SaskiaK