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And Then I Met My Teacher - Comments

I’ve had to unsubscribe and subscribe again as I just realised I didn’t get a notification for the last chapter and I definitely don’t want to miss the next. I’m not trying to hurry you along or anything, just excited and don’t want to risk missing it! :D

S xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Noooooo! Cliffhanger!! This escalated quickly from sweet and angsty to seriously exciting. What’s going to happen? Is Gee handling it himself the best idea while he’s so angry? What’s going to happen?? So excited for the next instalment!!

SaskiaK SaskiaK


cKayE cKayE


What is wrong with Gee? He’s really messing with dear sweet Frankie’s head. Being loving one second then angry then confused. It’s borderline abuse! Poor Frank, he needs... no, he deserves better :(

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Damn, hitting me right in the feels!

cKayE cKayE

Yay! You Updated! Glad ur doing ok! I think "emotional roller coaster" would be a good way to describe this chapter: frank happy and gee happy, then frank sad and gee mad, then frank even sadder, then gee sad THEN I'M SAD D: i want them to work and it deems like they are doing okay and then BOOM nope not anymore. it definitely keeps me hooked on this story.
ummmm yeah. i wanted to put something encouraging and kind here but everything my mind is coming up with either doesn't make sense or is weird: keep up the good work, fellow human? ㋡

aww they are just so cute.

That was a lovely chapter!! No need to apologise for a chapter with no ‘action’ or whatever. You’re still moving the story on and establishing for details around their relationship. I’m all over a story with good character development - it makes me really care what’s happening to them. Also, your characterisation isn’t 2 dimensional - they have a full range of emotions and reactions. Gee and Frank are being written quite distinctly as an adult and a young adult. It’s a great balance!

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Oh, this chapter!! The range of emotions I went through reading it!! Poor Frank but poor Gee too. They’re so difficult with each other but they need each other too. I’m exhausted now!!

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Gerard was in a mood before Frank met with James. He wants to get to the bottom of that. He’s not being fair to him.
Great chapter!

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Damn these two are an exciting roller coaster. Loving the story mate

cKayE cKayE

I'm so in love with this fic! i binge read it in one night. I can't wait to know what else you have in store for this story :)

KissMyAshley KissMyAshley

Oh my gosh this is awesome. I’m loving this so much. Thank you for saving us the tears!!

cKayE cKayE

Thank you so much! I’m glad you saw the improvement! I’ll be posting new chapters soon!! <3

OMG this story is amazing. I went and read the original one that you wrote and your writing has definitely improved, like it was good before but now its just so much better. also its just a really good story...

Omg thank you so much! It means so much to see that some people are still interested in this! <3

Wow, I remember reading this when you first started posting the first time! It's been a while, but I'm glad you're back and doing better! <3

Thank youuu! <3

Oof! loving the new updates.

cKayE cKayE