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And Then I Met My Teacher

Everyone Has to Learn Somehow

English class had just ended and I was gathering my things while talking to James when Summer walked passed me.
''Fucking weirdo.'' She spat, voluntarily bumping into me.
''What did you just say?'' James asked defiantly.
''It's fine, let it go.'' I said.
''No, it's not, Frank.”
''I wasn’t talking to you. I think your little boyfriend is old enough to defend himself.'' She laughed.
“Oh, just shut the hell up, will you?'' He retorted, rolling his eyes at her.
''He's not my boyfriend.'' I mumbled.
''Whatever.'' She finished before walking away, her long blond hair grazing the small of her back. We both silently watched her walk away until we could no longer the clicking of her heels on the vinyl tiles of the floor
''Just ignore her.'' James comforted, reaching out for my hand (which I swiftly shoved into my pocket).
''I know. She's just a poor high school drama queen trying to get into her teacher's pants. If this were a horror movie, she’d be the first one to die. The dumb blond always goes first.'' I chuckled. James snorted at my comment.
''I know! Plus, kind of fucking weirdo would want to fuck their teacher? That’s just gross.'' He cringed, wrinkling his nose.
''Well, you have to admit, Mr.Way's pretty good looking.'
''Yeah, but he's like 10 years older than us. And he's our fucking teacher! That's just nasty.'' He grimaced. I didn't answer. Gerard was a lot of things, but he sure as hell wasn’t nasty or gross. Didn’t he see his eyes?! Or his face?! God, I mean, the man was a masterpiece. Just thinking of his quirky little grin made my heart sink into my chest.
''So, want to come hang out with us? We're going to play video games at Avery's place.'' He offered.
''I think I’m just gonna head home.'' I replied, swallowing a string of profanities, desperately trying to hide how irritated his last comment had left me.
''Understood! Let me know if you change your mind.'' I nodded, already walking away from him and making my way towards Gerard's classroom. Since my locker was in the same direction, I knew he would suspect anything, which was pretty convenient.

When I got there, students were still filing of the classroom. I patiently waited outside, desperate to finally get some alone time with him. A few seconds later, everyone was gone except for one girl who was talking to him. He was sitting on his chair and she was leaning over his desk. Her position was extremely suggestive and I frowned at the indecorous image as thoughts started spiralling in the back of my mind. I loathed how close to his face she was. The door wasn't completely closed so I took a step closer, trying to make out the muffled words.

''Oh, come on, Gerard. No one needs to know.'' She breathed, almost whispering into his ear. She was calling him Gerard. Not Mr.Way. Gerard. That meant she knew him. I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep myself from screaming. My heart was pounding in my chest and my hands curled into fists, itching to swing to swing out and put a dent on the wall beside me. I could taste the metallic taste of blood on my tongue from biting my lip too hard. I knew I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but I needed to know what was going on. I had been through so much over the past few weeks, I couldn't afford to get my heart broken.
''Not here, okay? Not now. I just- I can't.'' He hesitated.
''Why not?'' She needled.
''Because, I'm expecting someone.'' He stated. He was talking about me.
''Someone more important than me?'' She coaxed, pouting and looking at him from under her eyelashes.
''I didn't say that,'' He answered. I froze, feeling my muscles tighten. How dumb was I to actually think he was in love with me. I could feel the familiar lump starting to settle in the back of my throat.
''Alright, alright. See you later, sexy thing,'' she purred, nibbling on his earlobe. She started walking towards the door, swinging her hips softly from side to side. She was clearly putting on a show for him. He didn’t bother to look.
''I'll wait for your call,'' she claimed flirtatiously, cracking a smile he couldn’t see. She exited the room without even looking at me and I tried to catch the breath that I had subconsciously been holding. I wanted to calm down but, oh God, how could I possibly calm down when I felt like a whole had been carved into my stomach. The lump in my throat had become way more prominent and I felt like throwing up. I swallowed, trying to make it go away , and knocked on the door lightly.
''It's open,” he yelled. I opened the door and walked in slowly, trying to balance myself on my shaky legs.
''Hey, baby,'' he beamed as he got off his chair to come hug me. I didn't move. As much as I was trying to avoid raising suspicions, I couldn’t bring myself to hug him back.
''Are you alright? You look pale,'' he asked.
''Who is she?'' I finally let out, unable to hold it in.
''Don't fuck with me, Gerard,'' I spat.
''Who? Cheyenne? She's just an old friend.''
''Is she a student?'' I questioned.
''It's her last semester.''
''So she is,” I laughed humorlessly. “I’m so fucking naïve, I can’t believe I thought I could trust you,'' I scoffed.
''Frank, calm down. She's just a friend.''
''So is that a kind, or something? Fucking students?'' I asked, disregarding his last comment.
''Frankie, she’s just Mikey’s friend. She wanted to know how he’s been doing.''
''Bullshit,” I spat.
''Well, what do you want me to tell you?!'' He snapped. I clenched my jaw, trying to remain calm in spite of the situation.
''Sexy thing? Seriously? Is that what you call your friends?”
''She doesn't really understand boundaries.'' He shrugged, poorly attempting to defend himself.
''You know what, Gerard? Just call me when you're ready to tell me the truth. In the meanwhile, go fuck yourself.'' I spat, turning around and stomping towards the door.
''Okay! Okay! Wait!'' He implored. I turned around to look at him and he cleared his throat as if he was going to speak, but didn’t.
''Are you going to tell me the truth?'' I asked.
''Yes, sit down,'' he instructed calmly. I walked back towards him and sat on his desk, waiting for an explanation.
''I'm listening.''
''Cheyenne used to be Mikey's girlfriend. They dated for almost a year, but I always felt uncomfortable around her. One night, when I drove her home after we went to visit Mikey in the hospital, she tried to kiss me. At first, I didn’t know what to do and-”
“Did you kiss her?” I cut him off, mortified.
“No! Of course not! You really don’t think much of me, do you?” He cringed.
“Please, finish the story,” I snapped, ignoring his question. He sighed.
“I didn’t know what to do because I knew how much Mikey loved her, but I decided I had to tell him. At first, he didn’t believe me, but then he confronted her. The discussion became pretty heated and she ended up telling him that she never loved him and that she’d been using him to get closer to me. When he told me that, I was livid. She’d been messing with my little brother's feelings for nearly year,” He paused. “That’s when we decided to mess with her a little. I started to pretend I was into her as well, just so she would know how it feels to get your heart broken. I was seeking revenge for what she had done to Mikey and I thought this was the best way of getting it. I know it's really childish, but it all started long before I met you and I was about to end it anyways. I swear it's true, you can ask Mikey if you want, he'll tell you. You need to believe me.'' He pressed overwhelmingly.
''Why didn't you tell me this the first time I asked you?''
''Because, I didn't want you to think that I'm the type of person who plays with people's feelings. I didn't want you to be able to think that I might be playing with you too.''
''Gerard, I told you; I trust you, but you have to be honest with me. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me the truth.''
''I know, I'm sorry, baby,'' he said sincerely.
''Hey, it's alright,'' I answered, reaching out for his hand.
''Can I have a hug?'' He asked. I sighed and nodded, opening my arms invitingly. He instantly wrapped his arms around me, holding me so tight I could barely breathe.
''I don't want to lose you,'' he whispered into my ear without loosening his grip.
''Me neither, but maybe I should go home,'' he let go of me and sat back in his chair.
''Because, I think this might be going a little too fast,'' I admitted. He looked away from me and started to organize his desk.
“Hmm?” He responded, without looking at me.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” He said coldly. I suddenly felt a wave of guilt washing over me. He knew how much I dreaded going home. I could only imagine how my choosing to go home instead of staying with him was making him feel. I sighed at the thought.
“Forget I said anything.”
''What does that mean?'' He asked, still not looking at me
''That I’m not going anywhere.''

We had just finished eating and Gerard was washing the dishes in the kitchen when I remembered that I still hadn't showered.
''I'll go take a shower.''
''Mmm, can I come?'' He said, biting his lip suggestively.
''You'll have plenty of time to shower on your own.'' I mimicked, quoting him.
''Oh, c'mon! I had just woken up!'' He whined.
''Too bad,'' I teased. I climbed the stairs quickly and locked the bathroom door behind me to make sure he wouldn’t come in. I took off my clothes and I looked at myself in the mirror. My neck and collar bones were still covered in purple bruises from our previous little shower fun. I was actually surprised the guys hadn’t said anything at school; the marks weren’t exactly subtle. I bit my lip at the thought of how I had gotten them; how Gerard had sucked and bit the fragile skin of my neck, how rough his cold lips had been against my hot body and how great it had felt to have his long, experienced fingers pleasuring me. Before I knew it, my dick was getting hard and I winced at the growing problem. I tried to ignore it and turned on the shower. I started washing my body strategically, trying to avoid any erogenous zones to give my dick a chance to lose the boner, but after a while, my throbbing erection was the only thing left to clean. I wrapped my hand around it, moving it slowly to make the soap lather. As soon as I felt the friction, a huge wave a pleasure washed over my body, sending shivers to my spine. I started moving my hand faster, pumping myself slowly. My eyes rolled back in my head and started to think of Gerard and of how he had sucked my dick the other night. How good it had felt to have lips wrapped around me, tasting every inch of my cock. I let out a slight moan and started moving my hand faster. It wasn’t as good as when he had done it, but it was still good enough for me to feel the familiar warm feeling building up in my stomach. I didn't want to cum now. I wanted to keep it for Gerard, but I knew I couldn’t hold on for much longer. Before I even realized it, I released the pressure that had built up in my stomach, shooting white ropes on the shower floor. The water washed away the evidence while I caught my breath. Once everything had been cleaned off, I turned off the water, wrapped a towel around waist and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened. As soon as I walked through the door, I saw Gerard laying on his stomach, naked on the bed. He was biting his bottom lip and his legs were crossed, his toes pointing up. He bend his index towards himself seductively, gesturing me to come closer. He was hot. Really hot. I started walking towards him, feeling my face getting flushed. I knew I couldn't give him what he wanted. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum again. Or at least, not right now. I was standing in front of him, at the foot of the bed, my dick aligned perfectly with his mouth. He slowly undid my towel, letting it fall on the floor unceremoniously. He grabbed my naked ass with both of his hands and pulled me towards him. His mouth was so close from my cock that I could feel the warmth of his breath tickling my skin. He looked at me in the eyes and wrapped his hand around my soft member. He licked the tip delicately and I twitched.
''Are you alright, baby?'' He asked.
''Y-yeah,'' I stuttered. He wrapped his hand around it and started moving slowly, but the skin was too sensitive, which caused me to twitch again.
''Are you sure you're okay?'' He asked, raising an eyebrow cynically.
''Yeah, don't worry.''
''Alright.'' He said uncertain. He started to move his hand again. The movement was really slow, which wasn't so bad until he cupped my balls. I twitched again, letting out a slight groan of discomfort. He stopped and let go of me completely.
''Will you please tell me what's wrong. You keep twitching everytime I touch you and you're still completely soft.''
''I'm fine, don't worry,'' I lied.
''We said no bullshit,” he reminded me. I sighed.
''I don't want to tell you, it's embarrassing,'' I blushed, looking away.
''Baby, you can tell me anything, okay?'' He said, sitting down on the bed.
''I- I came in the shower,'' I mumbled shamefully as I felt my face getting flushed.
''Why didn't you want to tell me? Masturbation is something natural, baby. There's nothing wrong with-''
''I know, Gerard. I'm 17. Masturbation's the only action I’ve had in the course the last 17 years. I'm not fucking stupid.''
''Well, I don't know, you just seemed so... Prepared? I didn't want to disappoint you.''
''Disappoint me? Baby, you can’t disappoint me,” He said, cupping my cheeks tenderly. “I'll teach you how to give a good blowjob.'' He said with lustful eyes.
''W-what?'' I asked nervously.
''I mean, if you want to. You don’t have to.''
''I do, but what if I am not good enough?''
''I'll teach you,'' he said softly, pecking my lips.
''Alright. Get on your knees,'' he indicated. I did as he said and he stood up in front of me, leveling his dick with my mouth.
''Okay, you can start by using just your hand,'' he pointed out. I did as he said and wrapped my hand around him.
''Like that?'' I asked, unsure.
''Yeah, baby, like that. Now move it slowly like you did in the shower yesterday,'' he added. I listened to his directions and started to move my hand slowly around his cock. I felt him getting a little bit harder at my touch. I could hear his breathing getting heavier already and I smiled to myself.
''Alright, now just lick the head slowly. Tease it a little. You can kiss it and suck on it softly if you want.'' He said. I licked it slowly, circling the tip teasingly with my tongue. He moaned softly and I took him inside of my mouth, sucking him lightly. He let his head fall back lazily and I saw his eyes roll back in his head.
''Yeah, that's it baby,'' he breathed, pulling my hair lightly. ''Now, keep moving your hand and your head at the same time. Make sure they both follow the same- oh fuck, the same rhythm.'' He said, trying to sound as casual as possible. I started to my hand faster, taking more of him in my mouth each time and he let out a small whimper. I stopped.
''Is it good?''
''Rule number one, no talking,'' he grunted, shoving his cock back into my mouth. ''But yes, it's good,'' he added. I was satisfied with his answer.
''Now, take off your hand and push it down your throat,'' he panted. I looked at him, scared.
''If you feel like you're going to choke or gag, just swallow instead,'' he added. I pushed my head all the way to the base of his dick and my eyes started watering. I looked at him, panicking, but the expression of pure pleasure on his face made me too proud to stop.
''Swallow, baby, swallow,'' he said softly when he saw my face, running his hand lovingly through my hair. What did he mean by ‘swallow’? I looked at him confused. There wasn't any cum to swallow. He saw the confusion in my eyes and chuckled softly.
''Swallow around my dick when you feel like gagging. It'll bring it down your throat.'' He said softly, still playing with my hair absentmindedly. I closed my eyes and try to swallow and he happened to be right; I wasn’t gagging anymore.
''That's it- oh fuck, you got it, baby.'' He breathed.
''Now, just to keep moving your head- ohh, yeah just like that,” he grunted. I tried to keep my mouth nice and wet for him, moving my head around him. He moaned and pulled my hair as I hollow my cheeks, intensifying the suction.
''Grab my balls,'' he pleaded, incapable of formulating a longer sentence. I delicately cupped his balls while I kept moving my head around him. I looked into his eyes and he moaned desperately, not breaking eye contact.
''Oh fuck. Keep doing that, baby. Keep looking at me,” he whimpered. He pushed my head towards him and started to move his hips, literally fucking my mouth. He bit back a moan and I didn’t stop looking at him, trying my best not to gag. He made another strangled noise and clenched his fists in my hair. I could see he wasn't faking it, which made me weirdly proud.
''Baby, I'm going to cum.'' He panted, arching his hips involuntarily. He slid his dick out of my throat, but left it in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and continued blowing him.
''Unless you- fuck, want me to cum in your mouth,” he moaned, “you need to stop, baby,” he whimpered. I just stared at him and continued swirling my tongue around him. He clenched his fists in my hair roughly and I felt his dick pulsating in my mouth. I had never tasted cum before. It wasn't good. It wasn't good at all actually. It was salty and slimy and I didn't like it, but I really wanted to make him proud. My eyes started to water; I couldn't get myself to swallow it. His dick wasn't in my mouth anymore. He was catching his breath when he caught a glimpse of the look on my face.
''Don't spit!'' He stressed. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks and I grimaced.
''Don't spit, baby. You're going to be alright,'' he said softly. I couldn't keep it in my mouth any longer. I was about to spit it out when he grabbed my face and kissed me, making some of the cum go into his own mouth. I successfully swallowed what was left on my tongue and he looked at me worried.
''Are you alright?'' He asked.
''Yeah. I just wasn't expecting it to taste like that. I'm sorry, I should have stopped when you told me to, I ruined it.'' I said, looking down.
''Baby, how can you say that? You were perfect,'' he said softly, grazing my cheek with his thumb.
''Really?” I asked, still not convinced. He titled my chin up with his index t make me look at him and smiled.
''You were amazing,'' he said, placing a soft kiss onto my lips ''Don't be so hard on yourself, my love. Everyone has to learn somehow,'' he added, kissing my forehead.


Hello lovelies! I know this ends on a weird note, but I didn't quite know how to end it, since I kind of hated the original ending. I hope you like it! I re-worked it a lot since the first draft because most of it didn't really make sense.
I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment! You don't even know how happy your comments make me!

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Much love,


I’ve had to unsubscribe and subscribe again as I just realised I didn’t get a notification for the last chapter and I definitely don’t want to miss the next. I’m not trying to hurry you along or anything, just excited and don’t want to risk missing it! :D

S xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Noooooo! Cliffhanger!! This escalated quickly from sweet and angsty to seriously exciting. What’s going to happen? Is Gee handling it himself the best idea while he’s so angry? What’s going to happen?? So excited for the next instalment!!

SaskiaK SaskiaK


cKayE cKayE


What is wrong with Gee? He’s really messing with dear sweet Frankie’s head. Being loving one second then angry then confused. It’s borderline abuse! Poor Frank, he needs... no, he deserves better :(

SaskiaK SaskiaK