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Just Give Me All That Pain.


Frank and Elizabeth have been Best Friends since they were little, due to their Mum's being best friends as well.

For the Longest Time, Elizabeth has been able to hide the fact that her boyfriend abuses her. But her parent's decided to transfer her from a privet school to a public one and well, you can't hide bruises forever.

*Rated R for mentions of; drug use, graphic abuse, eating disorders, explicit language, and most likely more, read at your own risk!*


Elizabeth Burch

Elizabeth Burch

18, abused by her boyfriend. Best Friends with Frank. Crush on Gerard.

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

18, Protective over his best friend Elizabeth, is suspicious of her relationship.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

19, Friends with Elizabeth, Hates Tyler, has a crush on Elizabeth, also protective of her and suspicious of her relationship

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

17, quiet, friends with Elizabeth, very suspicious of her relationship.

Ray Toro

Ray Toro

18, Friends with Elizabeth, isn't too involved in her life, also suspicious of her relationship

Tyler McRee

Tyler McRee

19, abusive, controlling, insane, murderous. Won't let Elizabeth leave the relationship




I lost access to Party_Ghoul so I'll be moving this story, and possibly my other over to this account within this next week, In case you wanted to still read it, It has also be moved to wattpad if youd like to read it there just msg me for my wattpad username :)

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Whoa! This is good

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continue this is great :)

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