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I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

Chapter 7


"I'm so glad you're okay Frankie," My mom said for the eighth time today. After Gerard had cleaned me up last night She took me to the ER, I had a cracked rib and a slight concussion. That was about it though... I was told to take it easy and rest. Which gave me time off school so I didn't mind at all.

"How could he do that to my baby" She started crying again "Mom, I'm fine, See, I'm here, alive and breathing" I whispered "I know... But what if you weren't, what if he stabbed you!" She sobbed "Or raped you, I wouldn't be able to live with myself..." My breath hitched at the mention of rape...

"But... He didn't" I whispered. Lying obviously. She nodded. "I know baby. I know. You just rest now, I'll bring you some soup and a coffee in a bit" My stomach churned... Sure I got rid of Brendon Physically. But mentally he still taunts me... ANd I just couldn't bring myself to eat... "Just a coffee is fine. Uh, The concussion is making me feel sick." She nodded "Okay sweetie."

I sighed closing my eyes, enjoying the comfort of my bed. Until I hear my door open and my mom's excited voice.

"Oh! Good to see you, boys! Frankies laying in his room"

Mikey and Gerard.

There was a knock on my door before it opened revealing the two brothers. "Hi Frank, We brought you your homework" Mikey smiled "Oh great" I laughed "How you feeling?" Gerard questioned "I've been better" I admitted, to which he nodded "Understandable"

"Listen, I have to go meet up with Ray, Mom wants us home by nine, Gee" "Okay" "Alright, Bye Gee, By Frankie" "Bye Mikey!"

Gerard then stood awkwardly in the middle of my room "You can sit down on my bed if you want" I laughed "Heh... Okay." He stiffly sat down "I'm really sorry Frankie. I feel like I'm saying this a lot but I am..." I rolled my eyes "Its fine Gee" I said honestly, he just shook his head "But it's not." I laughed dryly "It's my fault for not listening to you" I confessed he shook his head again.

"Don't try to convince me otherwise" I mumbled... "But you're wrong" He scoffed he finally layed down next to me "How long till you come back to school?" He looked over at me. "Dunno. I might just drop out" Gerard looked over at me with wide eyes "Don't do that, are you dumb!" oh. ouch.

I didn't say anything after that.

"Frankie I didn't mean it like that..." I sighed "It's fine. I'm used to it" "You shouldn't be" I just shrugged. "I'm not like him. Frank. I'm just saying its a dumb Idea to drop out. You need an education" He said slightly less annoyed "I know... But still"

"Okay, Two coffees" Mom announced, "Thank you momma" She smiled "You sure you don't want soup?" I shook my head, knowing Gerard's eyes were on me "Not hungry" "Okay hun, Let me know when you do get hungry." I nodded. Knowing full well that I wasn't gonna eat.

Once she left Gerard looked at me knowingly "What?" I questioned. SItting up "You know what. You and your not eating thing need to stop." I laughed "Last time I checked I had a concussion so it's explainable." he shook his head "Promise?" I nodded "I promise" he sighed "fine..."


I was actually quite happy when I was finally allowed back at school. So was Mikey Gerard and Ray.

"Look who finally has risen from the dead!" Mikey announced dramatically "Oh hush." I laughed, sitting down at our table. Gerard seems to have competely abandoned his other friends, which is weird... "Not eating?" Gerard commented, "Ate before I came after my appointment" I lied... Truth is I haven't eaten for three days...

"Ah." He nodded. I think he knows its a lie... This will make for a fun conversation later.

I zoned out after that, barely listening to their conversation. I totally missed the music assignment. But the teacher is letting me do it tomorrow... I have to find a new song though because the one I chose was when Gerard and I were not friends...

The rest of the day was pretty boring. Nothing worth talking about, until I got home.

"Frank, You need to start eating," Gerard said as soon as we entered his room I sighed "Gerard I eat Were not having this fight" He groaned "No you don't eat. Frank. I can see it, it shows. You're what, maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet?" I shook my head one fifteen" I spat.

"Doesn't make a difference. You have a problem and I care about you." He said taking a step closer locking eyes with me. Things slowed down dramatically as he slowly leaned in.

Then as if something snapped he pushed me away "Fuck, No Frank" He gasped "Gerard- I-" He shook his head "I can't. I no. I can't be a fag. " I nodded "oh." "Well bye." I snapped.

He didn't try and stop me.

I guess there is no changing him...

"Frank? What happened?" Mom asked when I walked into the house "Oh. Gerard can't be a 'fag' as he so eloquently put it" She gasped "He said that to you?" I nodded "WHat ever though. Fuck him. I'm just gonna go to bed early." She nodded "Okay sweetie... Goodnight":

I couldn't believe him... Guess I didn't have to change my song after all.


I have one more thought out chapter then im lost from there, I'll try my hardest to keep consistant, but dont hate me if I cant.


Yeah sure im happy youre posting again. By the way im also @suzy4quinn i had the same problem that i couldnt log in that acc so i made this one

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy

I would love that. Your stories are amazing:)

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would absolutely love too

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If any of you are still waiting for updates. I'm moving this book to the account I'm on now because I can't get into the old one. So let me know if any of you wanna keep reading!

Party_Ghoul2 Party_Ghoul2

I amlost jumped when i saw you updated im so happy youre back. Im sorry for your loss. I love your story and I cant wait for how it ends. </3

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy