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I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

Chapter 5


"I honestly can't believe you fucking done that!" Mikey shouted "How could you!? What the fuck is wrong with you!? Even fucking after your own suicide attempt! This is absolutely the lowest you have ever fucking sunk! And I hope you feel as guilty as you fucking look right now!" I swallowed thickly, I really had no words. and I did feel guilty.

"Fucking say something you dick head, piece of shit!" I tried to suppress a sob. "I don't know why I said it. It just came out!" Mikey shook his head "Something like that, Does not just come out!" Mikey shouted "That is low as all hell. I'm so fucking disappointed in you. I want my fucking brother back because the person standing in front of me. That's not him."

After that he walked away, slamming his door. I flinched at the sound.

I was fine for a few minutes... But then I really started to feel guilty. I got that feeling in my chest, and my stomach churned... I had to go see if he was okay.

Fuck what if he really did kill himself. Oh fuck...

I jogged down my stairs and swung open the door. But stopped in my tracks when I saw him sitting on his front porch, a smile on his face... Talking to Brendon... My thoughts were eased slightly but jealousy took over...

Sighing I closed the door and walked back up to my room. I really have a way of fucking shit up...


I absolutely could not believe my brother. He out of anyone I know should know better. Having been through in himself. I could not fathom the thought. I was just so fucking pissed off. I couldn't stay here. Plus I wanted to make sure Frank was okay.

I heard a sniffle "Where you going?" Gerard chokes out. I ignored him though. Walking out of the door. And across to Frankies.

"Frank?" I called out. Gerard better hope on his life Frank didn't try anything. I don't care if he's my brother or not. I'll report him to the police and get him thrown in jail.

"Frankie!" I called, more panicked at the lack of response... But my thoughts were settled when he walked out of his bathroom with just a towel around his waist.

"FUCK! MIKEY!" He yelled, trying to cover himself. "Oh god" I cried looking away "What are you doing here, Shit!" He half laughed "Came to see if you were okay!" I laughed back "Jesus. I'm fine, dear god!" Well, I was glad to see him in a better mood.

"I just don't get why he would say that to me... What's happened to him?" Frankie sighed "I don't know... But I want to beat the shit out of him." I snapped. "OH! But on the brighter side, When I left, I was in tears-" "That's Brighter?" "Don't interrupt. I couldn't see properly and I almost got hit by a car-" "Jesus, you have a strange concept of better" "Mikey shut up! haha. Anyway. I got pulled off the road by this super cute boy!" I smiled at him "Ouuu Name?"

His smile widened "His name is Brendon." I chuckled at him "He's a cool dude. I don't really know him but I had him as a partner in science once. in other words. Get it, man!" He laughed at that. "I don't want to rush it." I nodded "Yeah, Understandable. Want me to talk to him though?" He shook his head "Nah... He gave me his number so I think we're off to a good start." He smiled.



I woke up early the next day because Brendon and I were going for coffee before school!!

God, I sound like a girl...

Bren- Hey cutie

I giggled at that

Frankie- Cutie? lol
Bren- Yeah! You're cute. So cutie!
Frankie- Nah, You're the cutie. I'm just weird and ugly lol
Bren- Don't say that about yourself... It's not true.

I smiled in spite of myself. Feeling actually important for the first time in a while...

I heard the sound of a car horn honk and I smiled again. Walking out to see him... And Gerard on his deck, smoking. Staring at me...

I rolled my eyes at him and got into Brendon's car "Hey there Frankie. Why is the fuck tard staring at you?" I just shrugged "Probably was waiting to tell me to kill myself again. Brendon made a disapproving noise and started off towards the coffee shop.

"So, Frankie. What brought you to New Jersey?" I laughed "Truth is, I lived here for the first 12 years of my life, and then Moved to North Carolina. My um... My dad found out we moved, though so we had to move back" I laughed, Brendon frowned "Whats wrong with your dad?" I sighed "Abusive" He nodded "Ah"


"Oh look, It's the faggot. Haven't Killed yourself yet?" Oliver called "Shut the fuck up you British swine" Brendon Yelled "Ohhh Protecting your fuck buddy, Bren? Why don't you leave that fag and come hang out with us again" Ronnie laughed "No. I'd rather not. Plus he's not my fuck buddy. I'm not a man slut like you!" Ronnies face hardened "Whatever, fuck you!" Brendon just laughed "You'd love to, wouldn't you? My eyes widened "Bren... Don't please" I pleaded. "Shh, it's fine." He pulled on my arm a little pulling me away from them. Just as Gerard walked in, looking miserable... Fucking good.

Maybe Brendon is my chance at happieness.


Ahhh two chapters in one night! I'm feeling creative lol!

Have a good night! I might be back tomorrow night with a nother <3


Yeah sure im happy youre posting again. By the way im also @suzy4quinn i had the same problem that i couldnt log in that acc so i made this one

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy

I would love that. Your stories are amazing:)

meh2 meh2

would absolutely love too

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If any of you are still waiting for updates. I'm moving this book to the account I'm on now because I can't get into the old one. So let me know if any of you wanna keep reading!

Party_Ghoul2 Party_Ghoul2

I amlost jumped when i saw you updated im so happy youre back. Im sorry for your loss. I love your story and I cant wait for how it ends. </3

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy