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I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

Chapter 4


I made my way home after a rather shit day at school. But god forbid it'd stop there, right? Ohhh no. Oliver and Gerard just had to follow me.

Being pushed down and told Gerard doesn't care about me was really the highlight of my day, and to make it better! I was even told to kill myself! Bet you wish you were me eh?

Can you feel the sarcasm?...

"Honey, How was school today?" My mom asked as soon as I walked in the door. I shot her a look and her smile faltered "Bad I take it? Did you see Gerard at least?" I sighed "Would have been better if I didn't see him." I snapped and her face fell "What happened?" I shook my head "Let's just say he doesn't seem to care anymore." I mumbled "Oh" Was her only response.

"Well, Sweetie I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe things will turn around? But listen, I'm sorry I have to do this to you but Kerrie called and she want's to meet up tonight. Will you be okay alone?" I shrugged "I'll be fine." She nodded and gave me a kiss to my head "See you tomorrow love" "By momma"

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard the door close and made my way to my room. Slamming the door shut. I was a mess of emotions and I didn't know if I wanted to scream or cry.

Next thing I knew my hand was flying into my wall, over and over again. Causing a pretty big hole.

ahha Gerard doesn't care, Frankie.
He probably never cared!
Him Oliver and Mikey most likely. All want you to kill yourself!

My thoughts were cut off by a knock at my front door. Who the fuck? and Why the fuck?

Groaning loudly I stomped down the hallway and swung the door open. "Uh... Hi" Mikey mumbled "Oh. Hi, Mikey" I laughed awkwardly "I was just wondering since it's been like 4 years since I've seen you, do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?" He smiled awkwardly.

"Um sure, I just have to clean a little first. Mind coming back to get me?" He nodded "Sure thing!" He smiled "See you again in an hour!" I laughed "Okay"

An hour came and left, I cleaned my hand and cleaned up the mess in my room. Just as I finished a knock came at my door.

I happily skipped down the hall and opened the door wide "Hia Mik-" I stopped dead in my tracks, all happiness gone. "You're not Mikey," I announced bitterly. Gerard shuffled awkwardly "He's uh. Cooking. asked me to come to get you..." I nodded "Kay."

I stayed exactly two steps behind him the whole way. And was relieved when he instantly went upstairs.

"Frank that you?" Mikey called from the kitchen. My response to him was a slap to the back of the head "OW!, Frank what the fuck!" He cried "I should be what the fucking you!" I hissed "You said you were gonna get me! That was not you!" he sighed "I'm sorry, I had to watch the food!" He said apologetically. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Shit, Frank what'd you do to your hand!?" He then asked I shrugged "Beat the fuck out of a wall" I laughed. He sighed at me "Smart" I scoffed "Better than the alternative" I said, He turned to me "The alternative being....?"

My face heated up. Fuck I shouldn't have spoken.

"Frank, the alternative being what?" I looked away from him "N-Nothing" I said lamely. "Frank." He said more seriously "Do you, self-" "Not so fucking loud!" I cried "I don't need your brother finding out another thing to make fun of me about!" his face fell "So you do?" I looked away again, not wanting to answer because I knew he knew.

"He won't tease you," He said more quietly... I gave him a look, he sighed "I know I shouldn't tell you. But he used to, as well." I looked at him, eyes wide "No..." He nodded "He was a mess after you left. I don't know whats gotten into him but..." He just shook his head after that.

"I'll be back, Gotta piss" He laughed "Real classy Frank" I chortled "I know!!"

I passed Gerard's room on my way and, needless to say, he looked a mess. Not that I felt bad but... I did.

We caught eyes for a split second, but I broke it off immediately. That's when I heard a choppy sigh escape his mouth...

His own fault for being a dick.

I sighed once I got into the bathroom. I really did miss Gerard. I let my anger take control again and punched the cupboards. Cursing under my breath.

Soon after there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Frank?" Gerard's voice called.
Fucking great.

Before I could stop him he was opening it. "What the fuck!?" I half yelled, Instantly his eyes singled in on my hand. "I should ask you the same thing" the look of concern on his face "Frank what'd you do?" he questioned, reaching for my hand. I pulled away and shook my head at him "You don't fucking care" I spat Moving around him to get back to Mikey. "I never said that..." He said quietly.

"You're right. You said nothing, which is worse." I almost growled. Turning away and walking down the hall. Him following me.

We were now standing on the stairs, "You know what. Fuck you, Frank." I stopped dead in my tracks and spun back around "Go to hell, Gerard." I snapped "You're a dick, and right now. I'm glad we're not friends because I wouldn't want to be friends with an asshole like you" I continued.

I turned to walk away again, and that's when he said it... It might have been out of anger, it might have been how he really felt but either way. I never wanted to hear him yell.

"FUCKING KILL YOURSELF!" my heart dropped and instantly his hand flew over his mouth. Tears springing to his eyes and shock all over his face. "GERARD!" Mikey cried "Gladly..." I choked out "Frank I-" "I'm leaving."

"Frankie! Wait" Mikey called after me, pulling on my arm "Let me go Micheal" His grip tightened "Gerard you're a fucking cunt! Frank stop!" I pulled out of his grasp, trying to suppress a sob.

Making my way home I tried seeing through my tears. But to no avail. I heard a car honk and someone screams something before I was pulled by my arm roughly. Out of the way of the speeding car... Holy shit. I could have died.

Wiping away my tears I looked up expecting it to either be Mikey or Gerard, But instead, I was met with a Tall, Handsom, man. With rather pretty eyes and fluffy black hair.

"You okay man?" Oh, his voice was like butter.

"Yeah, uh... Fuck thank you" I laughed he nodded "I wasn't gonna watch you get hit" He laughed "I'm Brendon by the way." his smile was amazing "Frank" I smiled back "Nice to meet you, Frank" He laughed "Likewise"

"Can I ask why you were crying?" He questioned, we were now sitting on my front porch, having a smoke. "Well, Uh. I was over at My old friends house, seeing his brother. We got into a fight and he told me to kill myself" I mumbled Brendons face fell "What a fucking dick!" His face fell "You wern't hedding home top do that were you?" His voice held concern.

I sighed and looked down "Actually yeah..." Brendon laied a hand atop of mine "Well then I'm glad I was here at the right time" He said "Please don't" He continued, I sighed "I doubt anyone would care..." He shook his head "I'm apart of your life now. So I would care... What was the guys name?"

I laughed "Gerard Way... We were friends. Best friends. Then I moved, we stopped talking and well... Yeah" He made a noise.

"Gerard Way is a fuck head. Just ignore him. Listen I gotta head home. Don't do anything stupid. If you need me. Text me" He said handing me his number "Later, Frank" He winked "Later, Brendon"

Well... He sure was cute.



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Yeah sure im happy youre posting again. By the way im also @suzy4quinn i had the same problem that i couldnt log in that acc so i made this one

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy

I would love that. Your stories are amazing:)

meh2 meh2

would absolutely love too

cKayE cKayE






If any of you are still waiting for updates. I'm moving this book to the account I'm on now because I can't get into the old one. So let me know if any of you wanna keep reading!

Party_Ghoul2 Party_Ghoul2

I amlost jumped when i saw you updated im so happy youre back. Im sorry for your loss. I love your story and I cant wait for how it ends. </3

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy