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Madelyn Watson and her adventures with My Chemical Romance


My Chemical Romance had a songwriter from 2002-2004 named Tara Grace. She was their best friend until she died in a car crash in 2004. Two years later, a new girl shows up at a concert. Her name is Madelyn Watson, and she looks a lot like Tara, whom they called 'Helena' after she died because they wrote "Helena (So long & Goodnight) about her. So they take her on and whisk her away to concerts and other fun places. The member she most likes is Gerard, who, unfortunately, gets married. She writes songs to get rid of her sorrows, and so does Gerard. But I won't tell you what song.


Madelyn Watson

Madelyn Watson

curly brown hair, almond shaped grey eyes, fair skin, DOB: May eighth, 1977

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, James Dewees

Tara Grace

Tara Grace

wavy brown hair, almond shaped grey eyes, fair skin, DOB: August fifteenth, 1980, DOD: May eighth, 2004



weird, not that bright, black hair, brown eyes, tan skin


  1. Madelyn Watson

    Introducing, the main character, MADELYN WATSON!!

  2. Tara Grace

    Introducing, the girl who died, TARA GRACE!

  3. Introduction

    The Intro.......

  4. Chapter 1-Warped Tour 2006

    Warped Tour 2006: where Madelyn meets MCR

  5. Chapter 2-Meeting Gerard

    A few weeks after Warped Tour, Madelyn gets picked up by Frank, Mikey, and Gerard. Along the way, Gerard and her get to talk about stuff.


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