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Madelyn Watson and her adventures with My Chemical Romance

Chapter 2-Meeting Gerard

"So you really got the job?" Victoria asks me as I pack. Warped Tour ended a few weeks ago and the band promised to pick me up today. "Yep." I say, "I'll be traveling with My Chemical Romance, talking with Sleeping with Sirens, and writing for Black Veil Brides!" "Lucky." she mutters. I smile. "I'm gonna miss you, you dum-dum." I say, hugging her. "I will, too." she replies. We hear a honking and I see My Chemical Romance's RV outside my apartment. "C'mon! We don't have all day!" Frank yells. "COMING!" I yell back. "Take care of my stuff!" I tell Victoria as I run to the RV. I get in and I see only Frank, Mikey, and Gerard. "Where's Ray?" I ask. "He's at his house. We have to pick him up." Frank tells me. "Hey! We haven't seen you in a few weeks! Where's our hug?" Gerard asks. I hug all of them. Even though it's been only a few weeks, we've been Skypeing all that time. We get on the road and I start plucking my bass. "I didn't know you had a bass!" Mikey says, sliding in the seat next to me. "Yep. I also have a piano at home." I say. "what else can you do?" Gerard asks. I start singing, "Mama, we all go to hell. Mama, we all go to hell. I'm writing this letter and wishing you well. Mama, we all got to hell." "Nice." They all say. I smile. "I'm gonna take a shower." Mikey says, getting up. A few miles later, Frank curses and stops the RV. "What's happening?" I ask. "We have a flat." he says, "Gerard, could you help?" "I would, but I choose not to." he says, kicking up his feet and putting his hands behind his head. Frank sighs, "Fine!" he gets out a spare tire and goes outside. "Tell Mikey to give me some help when he gets out." he yells. Mikey gets out a minute later, some suds still in his hair. "Did someone say, help?" he says, giving a smile. "Uhhh.....yeah. Frank needs some help putting on the spare tire." I say, weirded out. But I guess that's how this band rolls. He runs outside. Gerard and I sit in silence until he asks, "so...you write songs?" "Yep." I reply, "I've written a few about you.....guys!" I add quickly. "Can I see them?" "Well, one's unfinished, but sure." I show him my notebook. He reads "Religion". A song I wrote when I heard Mama for the first time. "Nice!" he says. "Thanks." I say. We sit in silence for a few more minutes until I ask, "You said the day you met me that I look like Helena. I didn't think she was real until now." "Oh. She was real." Gerard sighs. "Her name was Tara Grace. She was our songwriter until....she died." "How?" I ask. "I-I don't like to talk about it. It's just.....you remind me so much of her that I though-" "You thought she was really back." I say. "Yep." he says, holding my face to look me over. I must have turned pink, because he takes his hand away. "Yep. Everybody likes me. I need to tell the others that I'm not crazy." he winks. I laugh. Frank and Mikey come back and he says, "Let's get this show on the road, boys!" he says. I like him calling me a boy. It makes me feel like I'm part of the band.



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