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All is Fair in Love and War - Temporarily on Hiatus

Chapter 10 - I've Got Bad News & Worse News

Patrick's POV

I swallowed the lump in my throat and wiped the sweat from my forehead. If I didn't appear confident, how was anyone going to have faith in my leadership? I knew I could do this, it's just that I never expected to be an acting Captain performing Captain-ly duties. Haven't even started and I'm already thinking like a wuss. One more deep breath.

Computer, please contact the Human Liaison Ambassador Saporta

One Moment......

Ambassador Gabriel Saporta has accepted the transmission.

"Thank you."

A very tall, good looking human male appeared. His attire stood out in that it didn't stand out at all. The Humans around him all wore dark green uniforms made of a heavy, canvas like material. If you looked carefully, you could see reinforced areas such as the torso built into the garment. But the Ambassador wore a black tunic and trousers made of cotton. It was simple but cut beautifully and well made. I wondered if he wears such clothes to blend in with cultures on different planets, or at least not offend them. He probably had to have that customized for him because he was the tallest Human I've ever seen. Then I started wondering why I was spending so much time thinking about this Human when I needed to be focusing. And talking. Oh, yes, talking.

“What was that? I'm so sorry, it's been a pretty terrible day.” I feel so stupid that I wish I could “accidentally” lose connection to this transmission, but it would just prolong the inevitable anyway. This needs to be done.

“I said, Good afternoon, Captain Stump. Then I asked how you were, but then I got my answer on that. Not so great, huh?” He gave me a kind smile which help me relax. “We received a message just a few moments earlier stating that urgent news would be relayed shortly. The Presidents of the U.S. and China as well as the British Prime Minister are now in tele – conference with your ruler, but I'm not aware of the reason.”

“Yes. I do know this. That is part of the reason for my transmission. This information is for those with Q-sensitive clearance only. I assume that was also part of the transmission.”

“Yes Sir. These 5 men and women behind me are the most trustworthy people you will meet. I trust them with my life. And please, call me Gabe. ”

“Ok, Gabe. There's no easy way to tell you this information, and there's a lot of it. So I apologize in advance for how it's going to come across.” As I took one last deep breath, and started to let it out, the Ambassador nodded for me to proceed. “Sai Dertain passed away this morning. This means that his first child had to take the throne immediately. Ze's an intelligent and capable young one who has been training most of zir life to be ruler, but ze is still young. Only 19 years old. The Human mate meant to rule beside him is still a few weeks away from Corlia, so for now Sai Gerard is on zir own.”

Gabe's face visibly paled when I mentioned Gerard's age, which I understand. Humans don't even have rulers in the same sense anymore and they don't get the same training our people do. Gerard may be young but ze has been groomed for this position since birth. I've only had the pleasure of speaking to the youth a few times, but I have no doubt that he is the perfect choice for ruler. Ze is kind and generous, always helping the less fortunate in zir spare time. Ze tries to do charity work without others knowing it was zir whenever possible. My younger brother attends school with zir brother Mikey, so I know ze can use a firm but loving hand to discipline those in his care. Yes, I think those who underestimate zir will be very surprised.

“There's more I'm afraid, Ambass- uh, Gabe. As you know, neither of us were able to come to an amiable agreement with the Killians during The Alliance negotiations. It seems that they were biding their time and waiting for a weak moment. Like the death of both our rulers under questionable circumstances, while the transport of the mates paired in The Alliance is not yet complete.” My hands started to shake at this point, although I don't think anyone could fault me for that. After all, we were part of the mates not yet transported. “As of early this morning, while Sai Dertain laid on his death bed, the Killians declared war on both of our planets. They are more technologically advanced than your planet and closer to you than we are. We aren't sure yet how advanced they are compared to us, but we plan to do all we can. So far, we've been instructed to divert our course to your moon's space station Electra 1. Instead of the original plan of landing right away, our intended mates should meet us at Electra 1 as soon as they can. Along with them, there should be a few couples with the ability to reproduce.” I received a puzzled look from several of the people in uniform. “I'll explain as best I can, but I need to try to give you the instructions first. Start gathering frozen sperm and eggs from fertility clinics, as much as you can and as soon as possible. Hide some on the ship going to Electra 1. Then, you need to start trying to smuggle sperm, eggs and human couples in cargo ships bound for different destinations. The more ships you send, the more likely it is that at least some of you will get through successfully. We are working on building allies close to Earth as well.” Those in uniforms no longer looked confused, but horrified. Gabe was the only one who remained calm, at least on the outside.

“So, this is the contingency plan to keep the species going then? That's very generous of your people.” The undercurrent in his tone was clear.

“Ambassador. I mean, Gabe, It's not a matter of your people and my people anymore. We are one people. That's what the whole Alliance is about. The reason Sai Dertain and Sai Genias wanted a Marriage Alliance instead of a simple treaty was to bring us even closer together. Our world's beliefs are quite strong in this matter and so are mine. That's the reason I volunteered to come to Earth, and feel so honored to be one of the few chosen out of so many. I honestly didn't think I stood a chance.”

“Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that more than 3 of you applied. Earth had a bit of a time getting candidates. How many volunteered?”

“I'm not exactly sure of the final count, but it was well over 1,000. Of course, the Royal Family has the privilege of marrying the Human mates back on Corlia.”

“Right. Wow, just, wow. I'm really sorry about that comment. Not much of a Liaison, am I?” Gabe rubbed his hand across his face, keeping his eyes closed for a moment after he was finished.

“No, it's fine. It's not every day that one of your brand new allies tells you that you're world being threatened. That they could blow up your planet, so we need to start making preparations to save your species.”

“I don't remember the 'blowing up the planet part'”. Gabe actually had a little smirk on his face. Was he teasing me? Hmm.

“Well, I did have a lot of stressful information to remember and relay. I am a huge target flying through space and I've only been Captain for an hour. So taking all that into consideration, how did I do?” Was I just flirting a little? Well he IS really cute. But I'm technically engaged.

“Not too bad,” He laughed. “especially considering the circumstances.” That smirk was back but this time he raised one of his eyebrows. Was he flirting bad?

“So, yeah. As soon as any of you can get those things to happen, please let me or one of my crew members know. You can call or message. Pete Wentz or Lindsey Ballato can also help with the small details. If any of you can think of anything that could possibly be of any use, don't hesitant to speak up. Even if you think it's small or insignificant. Message it to us anyway, because you never know.”

“We will do that. Thank you Captain Stump.”

“Patrick. Call me Patrick, please.” My smile was so wide my face ached, but I couldn't stop. He smiled and nodded his head yes. We said our good-byes, and then I ended the transmission.

Computer end transmission


I've got another update for you and one more completed for tomorrow! I've been so busy writing all week that my hands hurt and my house is a mess. At least I have my priorities straight, right?

A million thank yous to my faithful reader/commenters. You make my days.

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Thx! Its like I have all the puzzle pieces in my hands, but they're not quite gelling yet. But I'm close. At this point, I don't want to just put out some garbage to get it off my plate.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

Soooooooo loonking forward to this being continued, but take your time, no rush.

I hope you're doing okay! This story is so good, hopefully you'll update again at some point :)

killjoybyname killjoybyname

really can't wait!

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Thank you so much! That means a lot. I have a lot planned for this. Hopefully I can pull myself together soon. There was just too many things pressing in at once.

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