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All is Fair in Love and War - Temporarily on Hiatus

Chapter 9 - Nice Work If You Can Get It

Frank's POV

"Well... ok." I could tell by the heat coming off my face that my cheeks were turning dark red. Fighting the strong urge to panic, I just closed my eyes and tried to think of the situation from one step back. "Let's try to view this as dispassionately as possible, just for a moment. I think about a peaceful place and it helps." I opened my eyes to see Gee looking at me with amazement and something else I wasn't sure of.

"Ok. That's a good idea." There was still a look in the young ruler's eyes I couldn't quite place. I just shrugged and waved the compliment away.

"Eh, so we'll need couples, obviously, to keep the human race going so maybe try to put a few couples on the ship headed to meet the Questra. If there is any room. Earth could possibly man a few ships under the guise of something else, like a cargo run. Maybe head to a few different moons." Gee just listened carefully and nodded. "It's a long shot, but we have fertility clinics on Earth that store both eggs and sperm. Each ship could carry a certain amount and hide it in the cargo they carry."

"That could work. Looking for another ally in the area wouldn't hurt either. I'm looking into a few possibilities but if you know of any let me know."

"Yeah. Okay. Depending on the threat level, humans have always had different forms of hiding places and safe houses.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I'm from New Jersey so I don't have personal experience with these, but in the middle of the U.S. they have tornadoes and twisters. Vertical wind tunnels that will come outta nowhere and can lift a house off the ground. It will decimate an entire neighborhood. So if you live there, you have a storm cellar. Its an underground place you can hide to keep your loved ones and yourself safe until the storm passes.”

“Oh my goodness! Why would anyone live there? That sounds terrible.”

“The storms are terrible. The destruction, loss of life, all of that. But life isn't that easy. It's their home. Many are born there. Some want to stay, some can't afford to leave. Too bad we can't just jump through a wormhole and be instantly over there." I joked. Those things only happened on TV shows and in books but I was trying to lighten the mood a bit.

"Hmm," I watched zir chew zir bottom lip as ze stared off in space, looking like ze was honestly considering this as a possibility. At that moment ze looked so young, innocent and corruptible. It was about the hottest thing I'd ever seen and distracting as hell. This was a serious conversation. How was I supposed to concentrate with this right in front of me? "Yes, that idea may be an option. Mikey mentioned that as well. But there are so many considerations. I must say, Pa and Ent weren't wrong about you." When ze looked back, the smile ze gave me warmed my heart and my groin at the same time. Just 3 weeks and this beautiful thing would actually be flesh and blood in front of me.

"Wormholes are real?" I asked, trying my best to stifle a groan. Squeezing my legs together proved to be a fruitless attempt to calm my excitement. After tilting my view screen to make sure only my face and shoulders were on camera, I pressed my unused hand on my aching erection. Unfortunately, it only made me throb more. “Wait, who's Mikey?” I'm really grasping at straws now to distract myself from this horrible frustration.

"Oh yes, wormholes are real, just not common or easy to manipulate. They're dangerous,” The look of sadness crossed zir face for a brief moment but I didn't push. We had our whole lives to learn about each other. “Even in the hands of an experienced pilot, it's risky. But as a last resort, we may have to ask if anyone is willing. I'll check on that." After that we both fell silent for a minute. That helped kill my boner quite a bit. At least I didn't feel like I was about to explode anymore. “Oh, and Mikey is my younger brother. He is matched up with another on your ship. Bob I believe. But of course nothing is definite now and Mikey is so young.” Gee laughs at this, almost to zirself. “Yes, I know that sounds odd coming from me. I'm young as well, especially to be ruler. But Mikey is only 17 and is still finishing his studies. Bob or any other mate ending up with Mikes would have to wait until he is 18.”

“So Mikey's guardianship is now your responsibility? You really do need a co-ruler.”

“Mikey and Andy have been under my care for years. Andy is our cousin, but like a brother and paired with Ray. Our parents were very busy ruling and entire kingdom. It's the entire planet really, with others to look over the different sections. They've received some training in the event they must take the throne, but I've received extensive schooling since age 5. I've had to be ready, whether I was ready or not. I just started by governing my brothers and its helped us all. Growing up with tutors is no way to live. It's a pattern I plan to break, no matter how busy we are.” I just nodded in agreement because I'd always been a family man. Of course we'd be there raising our own kids.

“So Frank, we should keep in contact. If you have anymore ideas or information please let me know. Don't hold back even if you think it's something insignificant because I have a feeling we are alike in that way. Since we aren't close in proximity yet, its extremely important. Do you know what I mean?” Ze tried to look at me while ze said this, but after the first bit self consciousness caused zir to look at zir lap instead. I can only imagine how hard that was to say.

“Yeah, I do. And I will. Not only will I contact you if I think of anything, I will message you in between so you can get to know me. Message back if you have the time.” Zir head shot up in surprised, a smile lighting up zir face. “I can only imagine how busy a ruler must be, so I won't have my feelings hurt if you don't respond very much.” Then ze gave me the innocent face while chewing his bottom lip again. Damn it!

After a moment of staring at each other with dumb smiles on our faces, the silence started to get a little awkward again. Neither one of us completely comfortable with each other but at the same time not wanting to end the call. Gee closed his eyes for a moment, looking a bit fidgety as well. Was ze having a similar problem? Do these guys even get boners? Or was it just awkward to converse with the complete stranger you plan to marry about the fate of your planets? I had to admit the person (I still need to find out what to call him, but now doesn't seem the time to ask) seems rather poised considering the responsibility that just fell in zir lap. Finally, it was Gee that gave us relief. "Well, I'm sure that I gave you more than enough to think about all at once. Sorry for the way things are going."

"You don't have to apologize. Things just...happen sometimes. I look forward to meeting you in person." I smiled again. I don't think I've ever smiled this much in my life. My face is starting to hurt.

"You too."

Computer: End Transmission

I was so relieved to hang up. But, I still couldn't wait to talk to zir again. Hopefully I didn't sound like too much of an idiot. Part of me really needed a release so badly but a greater part of me started immediately thinking about the threat to the Human race. That's a boner killer if I've ever heard of one. It sounded like the Corlians were under threat as well, but something tells me they are way ahead of us technologically so have a much better chance of survival.

I didn't feel like any of my ideas were worth even speaking aloud, but the thought of keeping quiet was worse. Besides, isn't that how you brainstorm? You throw things out there to bounce ideas off each other? I was glad I tried. While it would take awhile to control my hormones around zir, something about Gee put me at ease when I was asked for my input. My fiance was definitely not who I expected at all. I don't think its possible to fake humility, kindness and sensitivity that well. Regardless of appearance, I'm pretty sure I'm about to be the luckiest man alive. I immediately started accessing the ships computer so I could research any little thing that I thought might be helpful. I was caught off guard before, but next time I wanted to be prepared with helpful ideas. Guess I'll have to check with Gee first, but the guys might have ideas as well. Let it not be said that humans weren't at least clever and feisty creatures. If we go down, we won't go down without a fight.

The situation we were in is so serious it actually makes me feel calm and focused. I haven't felt this way since... since, well, since I was a father. Maybe being "Queen" will be like being a father. That's something I knew how to do well. I also remember how painful it can be.


Let me know what you think of the tension between Gee and Frank. It's my attempt at sexual tension. Since idk what I'm doing, I made it awkward on purpose. ;)


Thx! Its like I have all the puzzle pieces in my hands, but they're not quite gelling yet. But I'm close. At this point, I don't want to just put out some garbage to get it off my plate.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

Soooooooo loonking forward to this being continued, but take your time, no rush.

I hope you're doing okay! This story is so good, hopefully you'll update again at some point :)

killjoybyname killjoybyname

really can't wait!

emoqueen emoqueen


Thank you so much! That means a lot. I have a lot planned for this. Hopefully I can pull myself together soon. There was just too many things pressing in at once.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B