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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You

Slumber Party, or what?

The time stood still as Gerard was working on my lips too, we were actually kissing. And it felt awesome. My stomach was feeling weird and the whole world seemed so..I can't even describe how I was feeling. Gerard pulled back and he was smiling at me. ”Is that a yes?”
”Yeah it is.” I blushed and smiled at him. I pressed another kiss to his lips and he, of course, kissed me back. If mom would come home, I would be dead. ”G-gerard wait..can we go to my room?”
”Yeah, of course. I haven't been there before.”
We walked up the stairs and Gerard was smirking all the time. ”This house rocks ass, Frankie.” he said and I giggled. ”Thanks Gerard..I dunno.”
”Well hell yeah it does! It's like from some vampire-story! It's sooo cool!”
Gerard was so adorable and I was just giggling. ”Really Frank! It's awesome..but you're more.” and as he said that I blushed bright red again. ”T-thank you Gerard..”

We sat to my bed and Gerard was looking around my room. My room looked pretty casual, if you compared it to rest of the house. I liked that. It was a good place to have some rest.
The smile on Gerard's face never died as he was checking my room. It was cute. ”Wow, I really like it Frankie.” he said and smiled at me. ”Yeah, seems like it.” I giggled and hugged him again. In his arms, I felt so different..I have never felt that way. When Mikey hugged me, I felt safe and good, yeah of course. But in Gerard's..it was something..different. We kept kissing and I was getting frustrated.

Gerard slipped his tongue to my mouth and I shut my eyes tight, letting out a gasp. Gerard smirked at the sound and kept kissing. I kissed him back and let my tongue play with his. It felt really good and we were both letting out sweet and soft moans.

Soon, Gerard was lying on me and kissing me sloppily and we were both moaning..not so loud but, you know what I mean. I couldn't bare with the feeling. Gerard's crotch touching mine. I could feel his cock. It was just..something unbearable.Gerard started pressing his crotch against mine. I coudn't take it. I couldn't..I was getting hard and I was leaking pre-cum. I was sure of it. I had to push him up, even I was feeling really good. ”G-gerard wait..” I said and pushed him up as gently as I ever could. He looked confused, lost in pleasure. ”I can't...It's so embarrassing Gee. Not yet. I can't get hard now. Mom is coming home soon. I am so sorry.” I spoke in calm voice and he was just smiling. ”It's alright Frank, I understand you baby...I do understand.” he smiled and pet my cheek softly. ”I don't wanna go too far...” I nodded and smiled. ”Thanks for understanding me Gerard, I appreciate it so much..thanks.”
”It's fine Frank, you're welcome.” he was smiling sweetly at me. He looked so beautiful. So gorgeous. I couldn't believe he actually liked me. Maybe he thought the same but, it was just too good to be true. No one could like me. Really. ”Gerard really, do you like me?”
”Frank, I promise I do. I do like you a lot.” he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose. He was so sweet. ”Thanks Gerard, I do like you, too.” I smiled as we both sat up. ”This was a good moment, Frankie hun. It really was.”
”It was, yeah.”

We got downstairs and mom was there already. Mom just smiled at us and I told who Gerard was. Mom seemed to like him, he did like the Way family anyway. She invited us to eat and Gerard was happy about it. At least it seemed a lot like it. The rest of the day, I spent with Gee, talking about vampires..and stuff like that. He was really into that stuff and I got to know he was really good at drawing. He did look like an artist. Yep.

Xxx Friday

It was Friday morning and I was happy it was weekend. I still had the school day ahead but it was alright. I could make it. I wanted to ask Mikey to come over at my place and maybe even stay the night. I hoped Gerard was coming too. We would have so much fun. We all liked pretty much the same stuff so it would be amazing..Even it could be a little confusing for Mikey. And I didn't wanna make him feel uneasy. But I was guessing Gerard would wanna tease Mikey. I kinda liked it. At least I felt someone liked me.

The school day felt long and I was so bored whole day. My toughts were all Gerard, Gerard, Gerard and Gerard. I really liked him. So much. I had asked Mikey to come to my place and he said he would be coming there with Gerard. And that's what made me happy.

I waited for them in my room and I had asked Mikey to call me or text me when they are here so I would go to open the door. I was just reading comics. Nothing else. But, the feeling of Gerard's crotch wouldn't left my mind. I would get hard even from thinking. But I was stong enough to hold it. Even I would want to do it..I mean, jerk off or something like that. But not now. Maybe some other night..or day. When I would be alone at home.

Soon Mikey texted me 'Helloo Frankie, we are here! Come open' I jumped up from my bed and went down the stairs, almost slipping down. I opened the door, smiling widely at the brothers. ”Welcome to my slumber party..” I giggled. They giggled too and came in. We would be sleeping on the floor, next to each other in a sleeping bag. I liked that. It was so awesome to have friends over at my house. I didn't have lots, so it felt really good. And with Gerard, even better.

We first, made the popcorns and put some chips and chili peanuts to bowls. They were all different colors, and maybe it's really gay but. I really liked it. I liked when food looked nice and all..Okay. Gay.

After we made the foods and drinks we went to livingroom and played games with my PS 2. We were all good at playing. Although..me and Mikey were bad loosers. We could yell at each other for hours. Yeah, we were that childish. I won a couple times and Mikey always came second. I saw Gerard hadn't played as much as we had but he still won a couple times too.

Next came movies, first we watched my favorite movie; The Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved the movie. Second was The Woman In Black. I liked it, too. And then third..well there was no third movie. Because we decided to watch South Park in my room. And that's what we did.

It was getting pretty late and we were just chatting. ”Wait Mikey, can I talk to you for a while alone?” I asked and he nodded. ”Sure Frank.”
”Let's go to bathroom or something.” I said and we walked to bathroom.
”So, what is it Frank?” Mikey asked me and looked a bit worried.
”No no Mikey, I am fine.” I smiled and continued: ”I just wanted to tell you that me and Gerard...well. I told I am a vampire. I told it to Gerard. He seemed to like the news pretty much. And I think it's good, yeah?”
”Yeah of course. And it's good you trust him.”
”Also, he told me he likes me and...uh, then I told him I like him too. And then...”
”Oh wow wow..So you guys..?”
”Just kissed Mikey, god with you! Nothing more okay? Just kissed. And no, not dating. Not going that fast. Of course not. So, just wanted to tell you. And maybe tease a little.” I giggled and he laughed a bit.
”Well. It is good you are happy, Frankie.” Mikey smiled and after that we got back to Gerard.
”Gerard, you and Frankie..?” Mikey said.
Gerard blushed and Mikey knew Gerard would be okay with the thing I have told him that me and Gerard have told we liked each other. ”Oh yeah, me and Frankie like each other. Don't we Frank?” Gerard said. ”Yeah, we do.” I smiled and he giggled. Mikey looked a bit uncomfortable but just started giggling too.

The rest of the night we just chatted and played few card games. We went to sleep about at 4 or 5 AM. But it was worth it. Every second and every single moment. It was such a good day. Like I had thought all the time. At least I was right.
I slept next to Gerard, pressed close against him. It was so comfortable. I would die to get in his arms some day. I was so happy.


I'm really sorry for the mistakes!!
But here it is anyways. Xo


Okay, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to. Get better and Stay strong you fabulous killjoy.

@killjoy pamela
vampires do sleep!

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

okay yeah a lot has happened in these two years and I hate the things I wrote because I sucked at writing back then. so much has happened and I literally don't have the strength to even try updating because first of all I think it sucks and second of all I'm struggling with a pretty bad depression and other stuff. so I don't know what will happen with this one, I could always try to edit it when things seem better?

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

Its been two years, i miss this story

you stopped updateing D:

HailAgramon HailAgramon