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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You


”Okay okay Frank! We will get you blood!”
”T-thanks I need it so fucking badly!” I yelled and breathed heavily. ”Please let me have some blood, Mikey please.”
”Okay Frank..I- I guess you gotta drink from me. I can't see you like this. It's like almost heart breaking. You gotta. Let's go home now. Okay Frank? I can carry you, just try to stay awake.”
And as that, Mikey lift me up to his arms. Everyone outside were staring and I was so embarrassed. I didn't care so much tho, I was feeling so bad and so weak.

Mikey carried me home, which took a little time from him because he was carrying me and I bet it wasn't too easy. The weather was cloudy and it was about to rain soon. Mikey placed me to couch and wrapped a warm, red and a little fluffy blanket around me. ”It's going to be fine Frank. Just drink from me, okay? I need to help you or you will pass out soon..Just do it alright? I will be fine.”
”Okay..Mikey. Thank you.” I mumbled with all my powers as Mikey got closer to me. I placed my fangs to his neck and he was shivering. I knew it was not a good thing to suck from Mikey but I had to. Seriously. I bit through Mikey's soft skin and started to suck gently. The taste and smell of blood was so good. I wanted to have it all but I knew I couldn't. I sucked as Mikey was whining quietly. He knew I was being as careful as I could and he wouldn't judge me from sucking his blood. I kept sucking and I was getting full enough to carry on living. I stopped soon, so I wouldn't suck too much. ”I am so sorry Mikey. So sorry for all of this.”

”It's alright Frank.”
”Are you okay Mikey? Do you need anything?”
”I'm fine. And I could drink, yeah.”

”I'll go get, thank you so much for letting me drink from you..now I just gotta explain it to Gerard...”
”It's gonna be fine Frankie, I know..Don't worry.”

Xxx Next Day


I woke up and I threw my alarm clock to floor. The sound of it was so annoying. I sat up to my bed and then walked down to Gerard's room. ”Wake up sleepyhead. You need to get to school.”
”How much's the clock?” he mumbled. ”We have thirty minutes, Gee.”
”Okay okay..” he said and stood up. ”I'm just so tired, I didn't sleep well.”
”Aww...why's that?” I asked.
”I was just thinking about Frank..He got all crazy yesterday and..yeah. I'm a bit confused. Is he like sick or something?”
”Well, I think he has some panic attacks every now and then..so he just lost it. He was still sick and he was throwing up and um..he got beated up by bullies.”
”What?? He got beated up? Why?”
”Well everyone thinks Frank's a freak so that's why.”
”God dammit...” Gerard bit his lip. ”I gotta talk to Frankie after school. Hope he's free. You know if he is?”
”Yeah, I think he should be free. So, go to Frank's place. He would like it.”
”How so?”
”Well, he..just would like to tell you stuff. He said it to me. He feels bad for what he did yesterday.”
”Ooh yeah I understand. I will go then.”

We walked to kitchen and took coffee. That was our casual breakfast.
”Mikey wait, wait, wait..what's that on your neck?” I quickly tried to cover the little wounds. ”I can still see them, Mikey. What's that?”
”Gerard-- I uhh..Frank needed help.”
”In a blow job or something?? Why did he bite your neck?”
”No Gerard! Nothing like that! He had to..” Gerard just went all silent and we were glaring at each other.
”Mikey I'm sorry...I know that..It's just uhh..” Gee finally spoke after a while.
”Tell me Gerard?”
”Well, I like him, Mikey. I have a crush on him...” he went red.
”You do like Frankie?? Whoa Gerard...I didn't know. Well, that's great.”
”Uh, yeah..do you know if he uh, likes guys or something?”
I chuckled and nodded. ”He likes guys, yeah.”
”Fuck yeah! I'm so gonna try..”



School day had ended and I was feeling pretty normal again. I didn't see Gerard at school, maybe he was sick..or something. I hope he wasn't. I was just chilling on the couch, watching tv. Suddenly I heard a knock on our door.. I wasn't sure who could it be but..maybe it was Mikey.

I ran to open the door and there he stood..Gerard had came to my place. I was kinda nervous and scared but I just smiles and welcomed him inside. We walked to livingroom and I was all silent.
”So, Frank. What's up?”
”Nothing much..just was bored.”
”Oh, okay..”
”Look, Gerard. I gotta explain something to you. It's really fucking horrible and important. You gotta know it..I don't want you to think differently about me but maybe you could understand.
”Sure? Tell me Frankie?”
I just nodded carefully and looked up at him. ”Okay, it sounds like crazy but..really. Please believe me Gerard. I..I am a vampire.” I looked away and I was blushing like hell. It was so embarrassing to tell that to someone.
”Y- you are? W-what??”
”Yeah, I am.” and as that I grinned at him, so he could see my fangs.
”Wow Frank! I love vampires!” he giggled and came to hug me. Wow, a hug from Gerard! Awesome!
”Yeah?? Wow, great! Wait, I still gotta explain..I didn't wanna shock that girl but I was getting so fucking weak and I would have died soon. Mikey saved me and I drank his blood. He's so awesome, you know.”
”Oh...that explains the marks on his neck. I was getting je-- wait nothing.”
”You were getting what? Tell me Gerard?”
”Well, fine...I was getting jealous! I- have umm..I think I like you Frankie.”
What did he just say? Did I hear right? He liked me? I blushed bright red and looked at him, pressing closer in our hug.
”You really do like me?” I asked.
”I do, Frankie.” he was blushing. ”do you like me?” he continued. I just hugged him tighter and pressed my lips really gently against his.


Thanks for the comments.


Okay, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to. Get better and Stay strong you fabulous killjoy.

@killjoy pamela
vampires do sleep!

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

okay yeah a lot has happened in these two years and I hate the things I wrote because I sucked at writing back then. so much has happened and I literally don't have the strength to even try updating because first of all I think it sucks and second of all I'm struggling with a pretty bad depression and other stuff. so I don't know what will happen with this one, I could always try to edit it when things seem better?

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

Its been two years, i miss this story

you stopped updateing D:

HailAgramon HailAgramon