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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You

Just me and Gerard

I woke up next to Way brothers and smiled at them while they were still sleeping. Wait, no. Mikey wasn't asleep. He was reading a comic and was lying on his tummy. ”Morning Mikey.” I said and smiled a little, still being really tired. ”Oh morning Frankie.” he turned and smiled at me. ”Someone's a bit sleepy..” he continued, looking at Gerard and giggling slightly.
”Hah, yeah he is. He looks cute.” I said and blushed, Mikey poking my arm gently. ”In love?” he said, smiling at me. ”H-h-huh?” I stuttered and blushed. ”Y-y-yeah.”
”Aww dude..! So cute!” Mikey yelled happily and hugged me quickly. ”Haha..thanks.” I smiled, as Gerard snuffled against his pillow. I guessed he was waking up. ”Wake up sleepyhead.” I said and kissed his cheek gently. He snuffled again and opened his eyes slowly. ”Frankie..” he said and smiled sleepily. ”Morning Gee.” I smiled and kissed his lips quickly. ”Morning Frank-baby..”

Mikey coughed loudy a few times so I would notice him. ”Sorry Mikey, I still love you, too.” I giggled. ”Haha thanks. I love you too. Um I just needed to say that I gotta go back home because I have that essay, remember Frankie?”
”Oooh dammit. Well you guys should go then?”
”Well soon I think.”
”Wait, no Mikey. I wanna stay.” Gerard interrupted and smiled.
”Uh suree?” Mikey said smiling slightly.
”Good luck with your essay, and Gerard that sounds great. You're welcome to stay as long you wanna.” I smiled happily and Mikey laughed at me. That evil bastard. Of course I didn't mean bastard as a bad thing. He'll always be my little bastard and I'm his. I smiled at the thought and sat up.

We went down to eat breakfast and to drink coffee. We all loved coffee. Also mom and dad were away so I had the whole house for me..and Gerard. ”Oh hey Mikey, you can come here tomorrow?”
”Sure yeah.” he smiled. ”but now I should go. I have pretty much to do.”
”Okay Mikes. Good luck.” I smiled and waved at him as Gerard did the same. And as that Mikey was gone soon. Me and Gerard went to living room and turned on the TV. Gerard looked adorable with his pajama pants and t-shirt. He was so cute I just wanted to..uh..kiss him. Yeah, just kiss. I think. Okay not. I wanted him.

He sat close to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. ”Baby.” he said quietly and kissed my cheek. I smiled sweetly at him and then pressed my lips against his. He smirked slightly and kissed me back. We kissed for a while and I had moved to Gerard's lap to face him. He was smiling at me and he looked so fucking..cute. And, sexy. I admit it. I admit I was getting really horny. I kissed him again and he kissed right back. Okay, whoa I had to stop before I got too hard. ”Gerard- I..”
”I know Frankie, it's okay.” he smiled at me and pet my cheek. ”We can do it later, Gee..” I said blushing slightly. ”Oh? Sure thing baby.” he smirked slightly sounding a bit surprised. I smiled. ”Yeah I wanna, you know not like anything too much but you know what I mean right?”
”Yeah I do, baby.” he said quietly, still smiling at me.

We watched a movie that came from TV. I can't remember what it was but it was some action movie with a bit of horror and I think it was pretty good. It took a couple of hours.
Soon mom called me.
”Yeah?” I answered.
”Hi sweetie, just checking on you. Are the Ways still there?”
”Um Mikey had to leave but Gerard is still here. We are doing fine.”
”Oh, okay good.”
”Yeah, when are you coming home?”
”Tomorrow at 3 PM or something like that.”
”Okay mom. I gotta go now. Bye bye.”
”Okay, bye sweetie.”

Okay it was pretty annoying when mom called me when Gerard was here and I really didn't wanna like..seem like a mommy's boy. ”Sorry 'bout that.” I said and hugged him. ”It's okay” he giggled and pressed a soft kiss on my lips, pulling back soon. ”Hey wanna visit outside Frankie?” he asked and I nodded. ”Yeah, I wanna.” I giggled and jumped up. It was great to feel this good, I mean I had been sick for those days and it was horrible as hell. I really would have died if i would've had to cope with that feeling even for a day. It was so awful. But now I was good, thanks for Mikey. Gerard forced me to wear a jacket. It was september tho but, still. It was cute he cared. I giggled slightly as we walked outside. ”Ohh it smells so good in here.” Gerard said and smiled, taking my hand. We walked down to park. The air was fresh and it was pretty bright out here. Our house was a little dark so it was fun to be outside, specially with Gerard. We sat down to a wooden bench. ”Honey you look pretty.” Gerard said and I blushed scarlet red. ”T-thank you Gerard.” I smiled and pressed my head against his chest. He pet my arm from my left side. We just watched the birds fly by and the leaves fall from trees. It looked beautiful. I loved fall. The colors are just so beautiful and well..Halloween. And my birthday. Which is on Halloween too. It was awesome.

After hours we made our way back to my house. We went straight to couch and cuddled. Gerard turned to face me. ”Baby, it's later now?” he asked and winked.
I blushed. ”It is, yeah.”
”So...” Gerard smirked and kissed me on my lips. I quickly kissed back and moaned quietly in his mouth. I didn't feel too comfortable to moan but it was okay now. He kissed me more and slid his hand to my ass. I groaned and kept kissing him. It was getting hot and the frustration in my pants was growing. I was going to get hard. Soon he also slid his toungue inside my mouth as I let out a moan. He smirked at that and thought it was time to get to bed. Gerard carried me up the stairs and drop me gently to my bed. He lay on me and kissed me hard, his crotch pressing to mine. He started moving his hips and every movement made me moan louder. ”Yeah Frankie, moan for me.” Gerard whispered to my ear and started kissing my neck, still moving his crotch against mine. Now I was moving too and the friction just made me feel so good. I needed to cum. My boner was fully hard and so was Gerard's. ”Gerard I want..Gee take my pants off..” I moaned as he was nodding and kissing my neck.

He sat up and pulled my pants down slowly, and then his. He looked fucking hot..his boner in his pants looked huge. And I got a prove of it when he stripped us both naked. I was blushing because I knew I was smaller than him and all but it was so...hot. This all. This moment was perfect. I looked at him with eyes half-lidded. Gerard smirked and lay back on me, starting to move his crotch against mine. Our dicks were touching..It was something so good.
”Gerard..” I moaned.
”Frankh..” he moaned back, ”Let me do one thing, yeah?”
He sat up and pulled me up with him. He started to touch my cock and I just moaned loud at the feeling of his hand. ”Aaah yes Gerard..” I moaned loud as he touched my slit with his thumb. It felt just so..orgasmic. It was so good. ”More..” I blurted out as I kept letting moans out. ”Cum for me Frankie..” Gerard moaned and started pumping at my cock hard and long. ”Uuuhh yeah just like- Aaaahhhh!!” I moaned loud as I reached my orgasm. ”Good boy..” Gerard said and kissed my forehead sweetly. ”Help me Frankie..?” Gerard was smirking again.
”U-uh sure thing Gee..” I panted and took a hold of his cock, starting to jerk him off right away. ”You're..big.” I blushed and he seemed to like what I was saying. ”So big, Gerard..come for me. I want to see you come.” I moaned and he seemed to get even more excited. He let out a big loud moan as he came all over my stomach. I smirked and wiped the cum off from my tummy. ”W-wow Gerard t-that..” I was still panting. ”that was so awesome.” I finished my sentence. ”I know...it was perfect baby.” Gerard smiled at me and kissed me sweetly. We both were really tired but we still watched a little while of Simpsons, well I did fall asleep before the second episode had ended and well, I think Gerard watched at least one after that. I was sleeping on Gerard's chest as his arms were wrapped around me.



Thanks if you read, so so sorry I haven't updated. Last year at art school so D: Thank you everyone. Xoxof


Okay, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to. Get better and Stay strong you fabulous killjoy.

@killjoy pamela
vampires do sleep!

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

okay yeah a lot has happened in these two years and I hate the things I wrote because I sucked at writing back then. so much has happened and I literally don't have the strength to even try updating because first of all I think it sucks and second of all I'm struggling with a pretty bad depression and other stuff. so I don't know what will happen with this one, I could always try to edit it when things seem better?

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

Its been two years, i miss this story

you stopped updateing D:

HailAgramon HailAgramon