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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You

Driving me crazy

I woke up to my alarm in my phone. I shut it as quickly as I could. I was feeling worse thank yesterday. At least weaker. But I needed to go to school, maybe Mikey could let me bite him? No. He couldn't. I had to find a way to get blood as soon as I could. Maybe after school, I don't know. I felt really bad but I guessed Mikey would be with me if I'd have to throw up or something. So, I just got up from the bed. I washed my face and looked at myself from the big, golden-framed mirror. I looked bad. At least really sick. I'm sure some teacher would tell me to go home. But I went to school anyway.

I met Mikey outside, where he was sitting on a bench. I sat next to him and tried to smile.
”Frank? What are you doing in school?”
”Uh,well..just came.”
”Gosh Frankie, you should be resting.”
”I know, let's go to bathroom I kinda feel like I am gonna puke.”
”Of course..!” he said and took me from the shoulder, pulling me up the stoned stairs and then leading me to boy's bathroom.
”Frank..just. Gosh with you. You should be resting. Seriously.” he pet my back as I kneeled down to the tiled, red floor.
”Let it out Frank..you should seriously drink blood.”
I nodded and threw up, Mikey still petting my back. He's such an awesome friend. And not just friend. Best friend. I puked a couple times and I could feel Mikey getting more worried each time.

”Uhh, I'm fine Mikey..really”

”Frank you gotta rest. Really. You fuckin threw up, you need to go home.”
”I know but..listen. If I would be home, I would have to be alone and I would get weaker all the time. Now that I'm in school I could maybe get blood after it or then..I dunno. But at least you are with me, even I feel so bad.”
”Fuck it Frank. I'm worried. You gotta get better. I can ask if we can be off from Ms. Vandenhoff's class. She's so nice..so. I'll ask and tell you have thrown up and stuff alright? You wait here.”
”O-okay Mikey..thanks.”
After that Mikey went to speak to miss Vandenhoff..She was the nicest teacher here and I guess everyone liked her. She was like..everyone's mom. She understood everyone.
I just stared at the floor and gagged every now and then. Soon Mikey came back.
”We can stay here Frankie. She let us.”
”Fuckh, good.”
”You alright?”
”Yeah haven't puked. I am okay I think. I should sleep.”
”I am here, you can sleep on my lap, alright buddy?”
”Y-yes thank you Mikey.”

I fell asleep to Mikey's lap. I saw some dream about blood...It was weird. When I woke up, Mikey was still holding me. I smiled and sat up. ”Morning sleepy-head.” Mikey said and smiled at me.
”Morning..I still feel pretty shitty tho. But let's go.”
”Okay if you are sure.”
”Go to class, I'll be there just tell the teacher I am at bathroom.”
”Okay then..” he said and we got out of the bathroom, that smelled like my puke now..wasn't really charming..
Mikey stepped to our class room and I waited in the hall, because I felt like I was going to puke soon.
Fuck. I saw the bullies come from the front door and I was starting to panic. Oh gosh, please don't come here. Please don't. They walked past me and laughed. They went to bathroom. Okay, good..
Or then not. They soon came back with a smirk on their faces.
”Hey freak, you have puked into the bathroom huh?” one of the bullies said and I just nodded, looking shocked.
”Ohh no honey. What's wrong?” he said sarcastically and grinned.
”I- I uh..I'm sick..” I mumbled out quietly. He just smirked wider and pet my cheek. I was disgusted. ”Don't touch me.” I said and tried to move away.
”Shh shh shh..you aren't going anywhere. Let me help you” I knew he wasn't going to help. He was gonna beat me up. I knew it, but I was too tired to care. I was feeling bad enough already.

”Don't touch me..please.” I bit my lip. I didn't have the power to even stand up. So how the hell I was supposed to win this? There was no way.
”I touch you if I want, freak.” and as he said that he took me by my collar and smashed me against the wall. The others hit my stomach and he was hitting my face. I was just crying. My body was in a big shock, so..I couldn't do anything. I was crying and sobbing. The bullies were laughing. It was just horrible. I had to tell someone and I was sure they would see anyway.

The only good thing was that I actually threw up on one of the bullies. He wasn't delighted at all and punched me for it, but it didn't matter to me. At least he was messy.
”Okay freak. Go fuck yourself..remember we love you.” one of the bullies laughed and with that..they were gone.
I couldn't go back to class. I texted Mikey with all the power that was left in me: 'Mikey I got beated up. I can't get back to class. Could you ask if you can skip for me?'

'Dude!! Oh my god! I will be there!' he texted back and ran out of class.
”Frank..oh my god..what have they done to you? Frank?”
”U-hh they..beated me up for..puking to..bathroom.. t-they called me freak.” I sobbed without moving my expression even a bit. I was still shocked. I was feeling so fucking bad. I think it was the worst feeling in my whole life.
”Frank you need to go home. You need to. I will call and ambulance..what..Gosh Frank!”
”Mikey..I am fine. I need blood..”
”Frank I..can't see you like this. Just sleep..sleep.”
I just nodded and leaned against Mikey's shoulder. I fell asleep, or passed out. I wasn't sure. Mikey had asked the other classes free for us and the teachers understood.

I woke up to hear Mikey's calm voice. ”Wake up Frank..we need to go.” I didn't know why but when I woke up I understood, kinda. But when I saw that girl in the hallway. Her knee all bloody I knew what was going on. I felt weird I felt like going crazy. I needed the blood. I got up in seconds and run towards her. Mikey ran after me. ”Frank! No!” There were people in the hallway, everyone staring at me. I was too lost in the blood smell, so I didn't care. Mikey took a hold of my tummy and pulled me against his body. ”No! Let go!”
The girl looked shocked.
I was struggling to get to her and suck the blood. I couldn't just let it be. ”Frank we need to get you out!” he was still keeping me on place. ”Now!” I was trying my hardest but Mikey kept his mind. He pulled me outside with him and made me sit to ground. ”Frank listen to me. Frank!”
I nodded and I was pretty shocked. ”Frank..we will go get you blood right away. Right now. You can't take it anymore. And tomorrow you will apologize from that girl alright?”
”I-I will I'm sorry I need blood right now! Please Mikey..!”


Uh oh.
Thanks for the comments guys!!


Okay, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to. Get better and Stay strong you fabulous killjoy.

@killjoy pamela
vampires do sleep!

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

okay yeah a lot has happened in these two years and I hate the things I wrote because I sucked at writing back then. so much has happened and I literally don't have the strength to even try updating because first of all I think it sucks and second of all I'm struggling with a pretty bad depression and other stuff. so I don't know what will happen with this one, I could always try to edit it when things seem better?

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

Its been two years, i miss this story

you stopped updateing D:

HailAgramon HailAgramon