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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You

I used to be just Sick

I woke up at 6 AM. I felt like shit. I needed to get up to go to bathroom. I had to throw up.
What the hell was wrong with me? Oh, yeah..I haven't drank blood for some time. And well, it made me sick. I threw up and wiped my mouth, going back to bed. It was never fun to puke but I hadn't had the time to drink blood lately. I knew I'd have to do it soon tho. And well, one good thing is that I didn't have to school today.

I fell asleep after a while, feeling pretty bad. I had called my mom and she said it was okay for me to stay home today. I was glad. If I would have been in school. I would've like died. I got up from the bed about at 12? I shuffled to living room and sat to the soft, red couch. I put on the tv and made myself comfortable. I also had a bucket with me, because I didn't wanna throw up to floor. Mom wouldn't be too delighted. I watched those dump shows for an hour or two and I had fallen asleep again. This time when I woke up, I felt really weak and bad. I took the bucket from the floor and held it in front of my face. Uh damn, this sucked ass. I puked again and sighed. It would maybe be better to be in school than to feel like this. A few minutes flew by and I had to spew again..This really sucked but I was fine with it. I just needed rest and lot of sleep.

After a couple hours again, I heard my phone rang. It said 'Mikey' like I had assumed.

”Hey Frankie, what's up? Are you sick?”
”Yeah hi, I'm feeling like..nauseous and stuff. It's just that I haven't drank blood lately.”
”Oh..that's not cool. Want me to come over?”
”Okay, be there in a minute. Feel better.”
”Thanks Mikes.” I said, and hang up the phone. Fuck yes, Mikey was coming here so I wouldn't have to suffer alone. I quickly went to clean up the bucket and then came back to couch where I had been almost the whole day. Soon our bell rang and he opened the door. But there wasn't just Mikey, there was Gerard too. I blushed and panicked a little because I didn't look good. But what the hell, did it matter? I waved at them and smiled as wide as I could in this situation.
”Hey, I heard you're sick” I heard Gerard say as he stepped closer to me. He was smiling and looking at me with compassion. I just smiled, to show him I was okay.
”Thanks..I appreciate it so much.” I said.
”Hihi, I knew you'd like..” Mikey grinned and sat next to me. ”have thrown up?”
”Yeah..couple times.” I sighed.

”Thought so, you are really pale. Should you maybe sleep?”
”Well now that you came here, no. Because it would be stupid.”
”Come on, even for a while. It's a command.”
”Okay, okay..I will a little while.” I mumbled and lay down to couch. ”mom..”
Mikey giggled a bit and pet my cheek. He liked to play my mom..Dunno why. I soon fell asleep.



”He's been sleeping a while now. Should we wake him up soon?”
”Well..I dunno. He looks like an angel..” Gerard answered me. I was kinda shocked but I just let it be. I had never seen this side of Gerard and well, it was weird for me.
”Alright..we'll wait a while then. Do you like, have a lil crush on my best friend huh?”
”Uhh well I dunno, maybe. It's none of your bussiness.” Gee said and I just laughed at him. We watched tv, since Frank was still sleeping. He looked so calm. I wanted to have him back to school tho, but he needed rest. He had thrown up. It wouldn't be good to go to school like that. Gerard seemed to like him, so maybe I should tell the good news. But as long as I couldn't be sure..I couldn't say it. So, I just let it be. Gerard was looking at Frank almost all the time, making his worry-faces. That was kinda funny.



I woke up and looked up. Gerard and Mikey were still here. Close to me. I smiled.
”Morning guys...” I said quietly and rub my eyes.
”Oh, morning Frankie.” Mikey said, watching the tv show at the same time.
”Morning..Slept well?” Gerard smiled.
”Yeah, yeah I did. Thanks.” This was like so amazing, Gerard did actually care. It was so great. I felt better now. Even though I was still feeling really weak. Mom came home and she was surprised to see Gerard in our house too, but she wasn't mad. Mom didn't hate humans. Dad did, more. But he wasn't so horrible either. Mom just smiled at the Way brothers and got to kitchen to make food. She didn't talk too much. She always just smiled and stuff. But she didn't have much to say.
Me, Mikey and Gerard played with my Play Station. We had fun and the whole day got better after all. I kinda wanted to go to shcool so I could maybe hang out with Gerard. I don't know but- maybe that could happen. He didn't have many friends either. At leats I think so.

Way brothers left after 8 o' clock and I was totally tired. I walked to kitchen where mom was reading a magazine or something. ”Hey mom.”
”Oh, hey sweetie. How was your day? Have you thrown up?”
”Yeah um, it was okay. And yeah I have.”
”Ohh..poor lil' Frank. Do you need anything?”
”Frank. You need to drink, you know that. Why haven't you?”
”I am sorry, mom. I just haven't had time.”
”Well, it's your own loss. But you have to drink it soon. I don't want you to get any worse. Drink tomorrow or something? Promise me.”
”Okay mom. I promise.. I'm going to bed. Gonna read comics.”
”Alright then sweetheart. Try to sleep. Night.”

”Nighty night mom..” I said and walked up the black and golden stairs. Our house was like a fucking castle. It wasn't so nice sometimes. But the best thing was that at least it felt like home. It was comfy enough. Gerard must have been surprised about my house, but he didn't mention it. I could ask later.

I read a couple of comics and fell asleep with the lights on. I woke up at 3 AM to turn them off. I fell asleep again pretty soon, because I wasn't having any bad dreams or something like that. I was feeling pretty good, just weak.


Okay, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to. Get better and Stay strong you fabulous killjoy.

@killjoy pamela
vampires do sleep!

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

okay yeah a lot has happened in these two years and I hate the things I wrote because I sucked at writing back then. so much has happened and I literally don't have the strength to even try updating because first of all I think it sucks and second of all I'm struggling with a pretty bad depression and other stuff. so I don't know what will happen with this one, I could always try to edit it when things seem better?

SecretGoldfish SecretGoldfish

Its been two years, i miss this story

you stopped updateing D:

HailAgramon HailAgramon