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Sometimes I Think I'll Die Alone


Frank’s P.O.V.

Grey and I jumped apart as the metal door flung open, revealing a worried Mikey, and a pissed off Gerard.

“Grey!? What the fuck was that!?” Gerard bellowed. I saw her flinch and I could sense the tears behind her beautiful eyes, threatening to spill.

“I- I... I’m sorry Gerard...” Her voice was in a whisper as she hid herself behind her fringe, yet again.

Mikey finally stepped up, “Dude, leave her alone... It’s not her fault...”

“Then who’s fucking fault is it?” Gerard fumed. Every word that came from his mouth was progressively making me angrier.

“Look... She just... Can’t listen to that song...” Mikey spoke quietly.

“And why the fuck not!?” Fuck this douche-

“BECAUSE MY DAD WAS SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD!” I shook as the strong voice came from the timid girl that sat beside me. I looked towards her, seeing those crystal clear tears rolling down her perfect face as she breathed heavily.

All four of us were silent, the only sounds being the whistling of the wind and the light sobbing coming from this broken girl. I felt like crying myself, now I knew what Grey had been through. I even felt slightly guilty about not knowing...

Gerard was taken aback, eyes wide, mouth agape, “I... Fuck... Grey, I’m so fucking sorry...”

Mikey just looked at her sympathetically, as if her already knew. He probably did.

She sighed then sniffled, “It’s okay Gerard, I guess... You didn’t know...”

I wrapped my arms around the fragile girl and rubbed her shoulders in attempt to try and comfort her somewhat. I’m not really sure what good it did... But it was still worth a try.

There was yet another awkward silence, “I guess we should probably leave you to yourself, hon... If you need anything, call my cell okay?” Mikey spoke, coming forward to kiss Grey on the forehead, then leading Gerard back through the metal door.

We say there in the quiet as Grey’s tears slowly became less frequent.

She was laying across my chest, and soon fell silently to sleep. I wasn’t really sure what to do with her... I couldn’t take her home, I didn’t know where she lived. I couldn’t take her to the Way’s, I doubt she’d really want to be there, given the circumstances.

So I decided to take her to the one place I knew there’d be no one to ask questions, or to pester her, or to make her upset. But most importantly, I took her to the one place I knew she’d be safe.

Grey’s P.O.V.

My head pounded as my mind slowly registered my consciousness. Eventful night last night, I’m not at all surprised I’ve got a headache.

I suddenly started to panic when I realised I had no idea where I was. I was in a foreign bed, in a foreign room, in a foreign apartment. Looking towards the window, I saw it was still dark. I stood up and slowly made my way along the rough wooden floor, trying to avoid making noise.

I came to the hallway and saw the door, I quickly and quietly walked over there, when I was stopped in my tracks by a body.

He looked down at me and smiled, “Hey... How’re you feeling?”

Frank. I was in Frank’s apartment? Oh my...

I stumbled backwards slightly, “Oh, um, I...”

He stepped forward and held my arm, “Hey, it’s okay. Come on, back to bed.”

I followed him as he led me back to what I had guessed was his bedroom. He ordered me to sit in the middle of the bed, under the covers whilst he sat on the edge, facing me.

He lightly stroked my cheek, “You don’t have to talk to anyone about anything, okay? I just need you to know that I’m here if you need me for anything.” He smiled warmly at me and placed his hand back down to his lap.

My eyes squeezed shut for a minute, “Um... Why am I here..?”

Frank smiled, “I brought you here.”

“Well... Why?”

He stood up and looked down at me, “Because I knew you’d be safe.”

I made a confused face, tilting my head to the side, “Safe from what?”

He reached towards the bedroom door, opening it, about to walk out, when he turned back to me and stated, “From everything.” My eyebrows furrowed, and he smiled, “Sleep tight sweetheart.”

My body flopped back onto the mattress, my head hitting the soft, fluffy pillows. Since when did he call me sweetheart? Ugh. Go away brain. You cause more problems than you solve.

Sitting closer than my pain, he knew each tear before it came. Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by.


Title Credit: Flyleaf


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

Lolly Lolly

Please update soon. :)

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Update pleaseeee ^~^

This is a great story. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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