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Sometimes I Think I'll Die Alone

Save You

Frank’s P.O.V.

I walked into my bedroom in the morning, only to find a still sleeping Grey tucked up in my bed. I sat on the edge and watched her sleep peacefully. It’s not creepy. It’s not. Honestly. Ah well. Don’t even care.

I brushed the strands of hair from her face as she stirred in her sleep, leaning forward to press my lips to her forehead. As I did, her eyes fluttered open.

“Morning sleepy head. How’re you doing today?” She squeezed her eyes as she woke up fully.

“Um...” Her voice was raspy and raw. She cleared her throat and spoke again, “Ahem. I’m not... I’m not really sure...” She started coughing a bit.

“Hold on sweetie, stay right there.” I disappeared out of the room and reappeared with a glass of water for Grey.

“Thanks...” She took the glass from my hand and sipped at it cautiously. I frowned a bit, but I guess it wasn’t surprising... She wasn’t exactly the most trusting person ever. I sat back on the edge of my bed next to her, and maybe it was a bit too close, as she scooted over slightly.

I sighed, “So. Any idea as to what you want to do today?” I smiled reassuringly. Only problem is, I don’t know whether the smile was for her benefit... or mine.

She shrugged, playing with her hands, “What are my options?”

I laughed, “Well... I could take you home?” She shook her head. “Alright. I could take you to the Way’s?”

She breathed in deep, “I don’t particularly want to see anyone today...”

She looked down at her hands and I shuffled closer to her, wrapping my arm carefully around her delicate frame.

“Well, would you just wanna, I don’t know... Stay here?” I rubbed her arm soothingly, secretly hoping she’d decide to just stay here with me.

She shrugged again. Man, she does that a lot...

I squeezed her to me, “Come on... I’ll buy you cookies!”

She looked at me and I grinned playfully. She looked back down and I was pretty sure that my attempt at cheering her up hadn’t worked.

“Make that cookies AND ice cream and you’ve got yourself a deal...” She turned her face to me slightly, it gracing a beautiful smile that almost made my heart ache.

“Yeahhh, that’s more like it. I want to be seeing more of that beautiful smile, okay?”

Putting hear head on my shoulder, she sniffed... And I knew she was crying. She wasn’t very good at hiding it.

I kissed the top of her head, “Hey... Hey, what’s up sweetheart?”

“I don’t know... I just...” She sighed, “Nothing.”

I inwardly groaned. Am I ever going to get through to her?

“Grey... I want you to know that you can tell me things... I’m not gonna judge you, am I?” She only shrugged in response, and I sighed loudly, “Sometimes I really wish I could save you. Save you from your past and what bad things may happen to you in your future. I want to be in your future. I want to save you from all the douchebags that aren’t worth your time and the whores that think they’re better than you. Most of all, I just want to save you from yourself... I can see how unhappy you are with yourself, and I know you think you’re not even worth the time... Am I right?”

She sniffed and nodded, eyes still closed, “You are. You’ll always be worth people’s time. And if they don’t appreciate you, fuck them, you’ll always be worth my time. I think you’re perfect. I could never ask for anything more...”

She started shaking in my arms, “Maybe I’ve said a bit too much... But I meant it all, and now you know... So... If you want I can leave you on your own for a bit.” I started to get up but my t-shirt was being pulled by something. I looked down to see her clutching to my shirt...

I smiled slightly, “Okay honey... Let’s just lie down okay?” I lifted her slightly, so that I could settle us both under the covers properly, and she immediately attached herself firmly to my body, head by my chest. I swear she fell asleep instantly.

This was one of the best feelings in the world... I was just hoping this was the beginning of her opening up to me...

Sometime I wish I could save you, and there’s so many things that I want you to know. I won’t give up till it’s over. If it takes you forever, I want you to know.


Title Credit: Simple Plan


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

Lolly Lolly

Please update soon. :)

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Update pleaseeee ^~^

This is a great story. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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