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What it's like

Franks Pov
We released three cheers two weeks ago. Brian was on the phone with the record company hopefully to find out how well the record is doing rather than how horrible. I expected it to be the latter but was hoping for the best. We sat in the tour can waiting, waiting anxiously.
Gerard was asleep in his bunk after a long night of crashing and arguing, I fought with him because I loved him. I only wanted the best for him and it seemed like the only way to get through to him was to shout.
He stumbled out groggily with how pale his face was and the bags under his eyes he was seriously hung over but Atleast now he was sober. "Morning sunshine the earth says hello," I said with a sympathetic smile.
"I'm just a big ball of fucking sunshine bask in my glory bitch," Gerard rolled his eyes playfully and sat next to me.
"We'll only if you say please." I giggled and kissed his cheek.
That got Gerard to chuckle he let out a small smile and then it grew it grew into a smile that spread from ear to ear. I had almost forgotten how pleasant and welcoming his smile is. He turned his head to me and kissed me, softly, genuinely, the kiss was filled with love not lust. It was a change that reminded me why I was working so hard to get my old Gerard back. The kiss didn't last for more than a few seconds. But it was all I needed to bring me up.
"I love you Frankenstein" he smiled and kissed my forehead.
I smiled and snuggled into him this is what our relationship is about.

Gerard's Pov
I kissed frank in a way I never had before. I kissed him with the intention of letting him know I'm here. Not getting him into my bed. It was exceedingly obvious that he liked it and wanted more, a lot more.
"Holy shit... Thank you thank you so much!" Brian smiled and nodded "let us know if hear anything else." He hung up the phone and turned to ray frank Mikey and I. "2..." We waited "thousand!"
Two thousand in two weeks this wasn't possible! No one had even heard us play it yet. The record was exploding. We were second most requested on k rock underneath U2. "I bet mom bought 1,999," Mikey laughed, and I chuckled too. This was the beginning. This was the time that we would find out if we make or break. If we get big or are back behind the scenes again.


I fucking love this so fucking much.
I love how you added real interviews, and real events, and dates,
and ugh, I just fucking love this so fucking much,
I spent my whole day reading this.
You made it sound like it is in fact what happened, if not somewhat close to what actually happen.
---sorry for the weridness, I just freaking love this.
MsCorrupterSOH MsCorrupterSOH
I just used up my entire day to read this entire story because its just so awesome :D
I really wish you could make a sequel (or maybe a short-story/epilogue type of thing?) I would love to see what happened with Lynz and Jamia. Oh, and also, I didn't get the ending. Are Gee and Frank together or not? Did they even get back together after trying to rebuild their friendship? Amazing story, I really loved the ending~
-xoxo Dani
@Hollow Point Smile
Thank you so much :3
jkjames jkjames

Haha :3 no worries! I love me some good mcr fics and this one is deffinaltey up there ^.^
@Hollow Point Smile
that was so fast. thank you so much! So many people are commenting that they like it and it's making me wanna leap off the computer and go hide away in my room and write. Thank you so much. I really hope I don't disapoint you and i really hope you keep reading! I'd love to hear more feedback from all these undercover fans! thank you so much.

@Hollow Point Smile
jkjames jkjames