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Hollow Point Smile

Hollow Point Smile

Hollow Point Smile

Hello creatures of this universe :3 I am.....*epic pause*...... batman *gasp!* just kidding.... I don´t know if you can tell yet but I am very random.... so please excuse me for that. Anyway let me tell you a little bit about myself. As you´ve already found out, I am indeed very random. I love to write about random stuff, most of the time MCR fan fics... which is why I joined this the minute I saw it xD. If you have any ideas for a collaboration on a story I would love to help you out there, so just send me a message! I don´t bite...just nibble :3 I love to do a two auther story so please, if you want to do one, i would be happy to be part of it! Oh and um... i think you need to know this about myself..... I LOVE PIE xD just don´t ask why I randomly set that in there.... I just thought it was needed to be in my about me... well Imma stop blabbin and let you enjoy this amazing website.... toodle poodles!