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How'd it Happen?

Chapter 30
Lyn-z’s POV (age 13)
“Lyndsie?!” My father shouted from the bottom of the stairs.
“What do you want?!” I shoulted grumpily, the sound of my music echoed through the halls.
“Brian please,” I heard my mother bedg, “don’t involve her, this is our problem not hers!”
“Well it’s about to be her problem.”
“Please brian,” I walked down the stairs listening to my mother beg trying to get a grip of the situation before I put myself in it.
“Shut up Laura!” My father screamed, I had never heard him so angry, I heard the slur in his voice, even I knew that could only mean he was drunk.
Peeking around the corner, “yeah daddy?” I didn’t want to make him anymore mad than he already was. My mother was knelt on the floor infront of my father with a bright red hand print across her face.
“Com here my darling,” I remember noticng him messing with his belt. He put out his arm welcoming me into his embrace, or so I though. I remembered the warmth and comfort of his arms, but that wasn’t what I found when I reached him. He first put his arm down on my shoulder then wrapped his arm not around my shoulder, but my neck, trapping me in a head lock. “Who is he laura?!” He screamed, I could smell his breath from where I was. “Who the hell are you fucking?!” I pulled at his arm trying to release his grip around my neck “Tell me!” He tightened around me.
“Brian, can’t we talk this out?!”
My dad looked up at the ceiling and chuckled to himself, “oh that’s funny,” he looked down to her, “did you really say that to me? Could you not tell? I’ve been trying, I’ve fucking tried! But you won’t let me! You won’t tell me a fucking word! Don’t you see I tried?! I slaved every day, for you, for her!” He shook me, “to hold this family together but you’re just throwing it away, sleeping with some guy, like the little whore you are. That’s fucking fine with me! Just look me in the eye and tell me it’s over.”
“Brian, put the gun down.”
In a simple response, my father put the gun to my head and loaded it.
“Daddy please!” I screamed.
Over my voice he yelled, “tell me, tell me now or I’ll shoot, 5…”
“Brian,” My mom tried to calm him down.
She came to her feet, her hands out infront of her.
“3!” he yelled shaking me as I choked, I pulled at his arm desperately trying to get free.
“2…” he prepared his finger over the trigger.
“Kevin!” My mother closed her eyes, “Kevin Stein.”
“Your boss?” he pushed me aside to the ground. I put my hand to my chest as I coughed.
“I should’ve known,” my father chuckled taking off his glasses. My mother was a highschool drop out from when she had me. She was eighteen in the middle of her senior year. She had been unemployed until my dad introduced her to his friend from class at the university. Kevin was one of his best friends, “how could you do this to me?! Get out of my house, get out!” he screamed, you have ten minutes to pack a bag!” he set the timer on the microwave like she was a child he had control over, anything but a grown woman, which is what she wasn’t acting like. My mom sprinted up the stairs.
When she came down the stairs with her bag packed. I sat by the door, “it’s all your fault,” she whispered only glancing at me, rejecting my offer of a hug. She left climbing into Kevin’s car. She was gone. No hug, no goodbye, no tell me what was next. Not telling me everything was going to be okay, just, ‘it’s all your fault.’ Nothing more, nothing less.
My dad drank until he passed out. I left the gun, and took the bullets and hid them with the rest of them. If my mom was willing to leave me with a guy who threatened to kill me, I guess she didn’t want me. No wonder they never fought over me. So I loved my dad, because he was all I had to love. Besides, he had good intentions, putting a gun to my head. I know it sounds ridiculous, but he wanted to keep the family together, that’s all. So I acted like nothing ever happened, for his sake, and my own.


so does it make sense that the POV chapters are the person telling stories in the interview? I hope so ^^"
DISCLAIMER: i am not hating on lyn-z this has nothing to do with her REAL back story it is only put in place to make my plot more interesting THANKS!


I fucking love this so fucking much.
I love how you added real interviews, and real events, and dates,
and ugh, I just fucking love this so fucking much,
I spent my whole day reading this.
You made it sound like it is in fact what happened, if not somewhat close to what actually happen.
---sorry for the weridness, I just freaking love this.
MsCorrupterSOH MsCorrupterSOH
I just used up my entire day to read this entire story because its just so awesome :D
I really wish you could make a sequel (or maybe a short-story/epilogue type of thing?) I would love to see what happened with Lynz and Jamia. Oh, and also, I didn't get the ending. Are Gee and Frank together or not? Did they even get back together after trying to rebuild their friendship? Amazing story, I really loved the ending~
-xoxo Dani
@Hollow Point Smile
Thank you so much :3
jkjames jkjames

Haha :3 no worries! I love me some good mcr fics and this one is deffinaltey up there ^.^
@Hollow Point Smile
that was so fast. thank you so much! So many people are commenting that they like it and it's making me wanna leap off the computer and go hide away in my room and write. Thank you so much. I really hope I don't disapoint you and i really hope you keep reading! I'd love to hear more feedback from all these undercover fans! thank you so much.

@Hollow Point Smile
jkjames jkjames