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Our lady of sorrows

Chapter 16 October 2002
Jamia POV
Lyn-z was at my door in tears. Lyn-z didn’t cry, except, for when she was afraid. She held a little white plastic stick that no high school girl wanted to hold. “No,” I whispered.
Lyn-z did nothing but nod as she entered my house nearly collapsing into my arms. Time stopped. Lyn-z was pregnant just like I had always feared; she didn’t even have to say the words.
What she did say, “It’s not even Gerard’s.”
“What the fuck?!” I pushed her away just enough to make eye contact, “You cheated on him?” Yes. I thought Gerard was the best thing that had ever happened to Lyn, I couldn’t stand the thought of her throwing him away like this. “You cheated?” Lyn-z nodded. “Come on Lyn I though you were better than that,” I pulled her back in as I felt her shake.
We would get through it, she wasn’t going through it alone, and I told her just that, “who was it?”
“Josh,” She whispered into my shoulder as she cried.
“Oh Lyn, I though we agreed we didn’t need him?” When he left her, I was forced to…. Nurture her back to health. If that happened to get again, I’d kick some ass. When josh left, she nearly shut down, she doesn’t like to admit it, but the Lyn-z I knew and loved was gone. I had to pull her back to reality, and only attempt to put the pieces of her heart back together. The job hadn’t been complete until Gerard came around.
In the moment all she did was cry, I took her by the hand and we laid in my bed. The best thing to say in that moment was silence. I just let her cry, and that’s all that could be done. When she stopped, it was only because she had cried herself to sleep.


Short but to the point.
to lazy to go to google translater...
Comments welcome!


I fucking love this so fucking much.
I love how you added real interviews, and real events, and dates,
and ugh, I just fucking love this so fucking much,
I spent my whole day reading this.
You made it sound like it is in fact what happened, if not somewhat close to what actually happen.
---sorry for the weridness, I just freaking love this.
MsCorrupterSOH MsCorrupterSOH
I just used up my entire day to read this entire story because its just so awesome :D
I really wish you could make a sequel (or maybe a short-story/epilogue type of thing?) I would love to see what happened with Lynz and Jamia. Oh, and also, I didn't get the ending. Are Gee and Frank together or not? Did they even get back together after trying to rebuild their friendship? Amazing story, I really loved the ending~
-xoxo Dani
@Hollow Point Smile
Thank you so much :3
jkjames jkjames

Haha :3 no worries! I love me some good mcr fics and this one is deffinaltey up there ^.^
@Hollow Point Smile
that was so fast. thank you so much! So many people are commenting that they like it and it's making me wanna leap off the computer and go hide away in my room and write. Thank you so much. I really hope I don't disapoint you and i really hope you keep reading! I'd love to hear more feedback from all these undercover fans! thank you so much.

@Hollow Point Smile
jkjames jkjames