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Laugh It All Off

you think you could afford

Frank was ill so Mikey had to take the doll into school to give it to Angharad for him. It wasn't surprising that he was ill; Frank got ill practically everytime winter came rearing its head. And even though it was only October now, it was cold enough to be winter. At least that was what Mikey thought as he pulled his collar up higher so that it could try and protect his ears from the harsh winds around him.

He had the doll in the bag it came with and that was slung over his shoulder just like his school bag was as well.

"Hey Mikey!" He turned round to see Alicia behind him, hair blowing in the wind. He stopped so that he could wait for her to catch up. When she did he could see there were tears in her eyes from how harsh the wind was.

"I'm fucking freezing," she breathed, bringing her jacket in around her body closer, "why is it so cold?"

Mikey shrugged. "Dunno, maybe because it's autumn?"

She just rolled her eyes at him before noticing that he had the doll's bag on his shoulder. "Why do you have that?"

"Oh, Frank's not in so I'm bringing it in for Angharad."

Alicia nodded before snorting. "That girl is crazy, I swear. She's still wearing that skirt even in this weather. I told her it was cold, because I had to go get milk this morning quickly, but she still put it on. I swear she's going to freeze one day."

Mikey let out a humourless laugh. "This is why boys are more clever, we don't have skirts to wear in this weather, just long trousers and jeans."

Alicia just rolled her eyes in a 'whatever' gesture.

When they got to school they went their separate ways, Mikey only stopping off to dump the doll in his locker. He was relatively surprised to find that Angharad wasn't in his locker like she was almost fifty percent of the other times. Even though the bullies knew that someone owned the locker they still managed to open it and shove her in it most of the times.

The day was long for Mikey because Frank wasn't in his classes which meant that he had no one to listen to for the whole time which wasn't something that he enjoyed. It wasn't like he was going to be learning anything from the way these teachers taught so he just preferred to talk with Frank mostly.

When lunch came around Mikey couldn't see Angharad anywhere so he couldn't give her the doll. He asked Alicia, who now sat with him and the others at lunch, where she was and she told him that she was in school.

Just before the lunch bell went Mikey left the table because he needed to go and get some books from his locker. And who should fall out from the locker when he opened it?


Unlike all the other times, she actually looked beat up rather than just pissed. There was a bruise that looked like it was new and forming that sat on her cheek and there was a scrape on the side of her face which looked like she had fell against the concrete and her face had impacted on it.

“Are... are you okay?” Mikey asked her hesitantly, not quite sure whether it was the best thing for him to ask or not. It didn't seem like she was one to like having people ask that, or any question as a matter of fact.

“Fucking fine.”

“You look sort of... beat up.”

She turned her head towards him and glared at him. “No shit, what do you think happened? I decided to have a fucking tango with the floor?”

“Well no...”

The doll that Mikey had put in his locker to give to her was by Angharad's foot and when she saw it she kicked it across the floor.

"What'd you do that for?" Mikey asked, going over to get it because he didn't want to be the one who was blamed for it being broken.

"It's a piece of junk that's not even worth the money it cost," was all she said before she walked off down the hallway, leaving Mikey standing by his locker with the doll.

When the bell went he let out a sigh before putting it back in his locker, closing the door and making his way to class.

Frank wouldn't be too happy having the doll again.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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