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Laugh It All Off

about you bitchin and moaning

Angharad sat at the park; her boots stopped the wind from making the swing she was sat on move. She did have more than just the boots for shoes, but she never liked wearing anything else other than them. They were heavy and big which was why she liked them.

Alicia and her little brother were playing on the climbing frame. It was why she was at the park because she had come down with them to the park just for some fresh air whilst they played together. She didn't bring the doll because if she were honest, it wasn't like she was all that bothered with the assignment which was, in her mind, quite stupid. No one needed a doll that doesn't even do anything that a normal baby does.

Even though it was October season it wasn't even that cold. She was still wearing her skirt like normal, and it wasn't like she was cold. But then again, the boots were big and they did come up to just below her knees so that meant that only a little patch of skin on both legs was showing.

"Hey, Angharad," Alicia called which made her look up from where her eyes had been glued to the floor by her feet. "We're heading home now - he's getting a bit cold - are you coming with us or going to spend some more time out here?"

"Spend more time out here."

Alicia nodded before leaving the park with her brother. It was now just Angharad alone in the park, no one else was around or anything like that.

Sighing, she pushed her skirt up a little bit on her thigh and her finger began slowly circling the bruise that rested on her thigh. It was a notion she done whenever she felt lonely.

To anyone else it would be a strange notion but to her it wasn't. And it wasn't like she cared about what other people thought because it wasn't like she cared that much about other people.

Angharad stayed sat on the swing for a while and during that time it started raining lightly which made her hair become damp which made it cling to her face.

Without really meaning to, she spent an hour in the park before she ended up standing up and leaving once the rain started coming down heavily. She didn't head home though, she just continued walking around the place. She didn't have a place in mind as to where she was going and it wasn't like she had a friend's place to go because like she said to Mikey, she didn't want friends. And it was true.

The rain started to slowly let up which made Angharad frown a little.

"Hey!" Angharad almost rolled her eyes when she heard the voice of Frank. Whether he was talking to her or not, she didn't know. She hoped he wasn't talking to her but chances were, he was.

She was right.

Frank, Mikey and Gerard came up to her. Why all three had to come over when it was just Frank who wanted to talk to her, she didn't know. And to be honest she thought it was stupid.

"Where's the doll?" was what he asked, eyebrow furrowed over the fact that she didn't have the doll with her.


"You're meant to be looking after it."

"Your point...?"

Frank did care about what he got on the assignment because his mum wanted him to do well in high school even though the school was crap and was slowly becoming crapper and crapper as the day went by.

"I can easily ask you where's his doll." She nodded towards Mikey.

"It's with his mum."

"Well then, so's mine." She started walking away from them but was stopped when Frank reached out and grasped her arm.

His eyes widened when he realised what he had done, "Oh... um... I didn't mean that."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. What did you want now?"

Frank looked at Mikey before looking back at Angharad. "Um... we were wondering, why do you live with Alicia?"

"Why you a boy?" She didn't falter with the response.

"I was born like it."


"How does that have anything to do with wanting to know why I live with someone?"

Frank just shrugged. "I was curious."

"You're a nosey prick, that's what you are. It ain't yours, or no one's business as to why I live with her." With that she turned again and began walking off.

This time Frank didn't reach out to try and stop her. No one did. The two quiet Ways just looked at each other, Gerard with an expression that screamed 'told you so' over the fact that he had told him she was weird.

"She's so defensive,” Frank muttered only to receive a slap round the head from Gerard.

“What the fuck?”

“You don't just ask people questions like that,” Gerard scolded before turning around and walking back home. Mikey and Frank just looked at each other before Mikey shrugged and watched Frank follow in Gerard's footsteps.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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