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Laugh It All Off

in a bottle of poison

Frank was cranky.

The doll had woken him up five times during the night, all of which had scared the living shit out of him. Of course before he had realised what it was exactly it was because as soon as he realised it was the doll he just groaned and swore at it before pulling himself out of bed and trying to suffocate it in his sock drawer.

Sadly for him it didn't work.

“I'm never having kids when I'm older, never.” They were the first words Frank said when he saw Mikey in the morning. It made Mikey chuckle and Frank narrow his eyes at his friend. It wasn't like he had the doll last night so he doesn't know just how annoying it is.

"You say that now, Frank...."

He scoffed. "I say that now and I'm going to bloody well stick to it."

Mikey shook his head at his friend's behaviour. Because the dolls were turned off during the week days, Frank resorted to shoving his doll in his locker seeing as their English teacher had said that they needed to bring them into school every day that they're in school and they have them.

Both boys went their separate ways and endured the morning run of annoying lessons. Frank was half asleep during most of his classes and Mikey just wasn't paying attention in all his classes.

When they arrived at their table for lunch Gerard and Ray were already there.

"Dude, a meteor shower is a meteor shower, not some forces of evil or shit like that," was what the two younger boys were greeted to when they sat the table.

And upon hearing it, Mikey groaned before turning towards Frank. "Gerard had this freaky dream last night and every since he's been rambling on about meteor showers and how they're the force of evil shit. I think he officially freaked our mum out this morning."

Frank snickered at what his friend said. He could only imagine how bad it must have been for Gerard to have freaked their mum out; the Way's mum was one of the nicest, and most awesomest, mum in the world. At least in Frank's opinion. Of course, she wasn't above how awesome his mum was, but because she was someone else's mum, it was different.

They continued with their conversations whilst eating lunch. A mini food fight broke up between them half way during lunch which started over Gerard complaining about how Mikey got the better sandwich today which then prompted Mikey to throw the crust of one at Gerard.

And it began the mini food fight that was stopped five minutes after by a certain girl approaching the table.

"Oh, hey, Alicia," Mikey said, brushing the bread from his lap.

Alicia eyed the boys cautiously. "Um.. hi, Mikey. I started noting down the information we need for the essay and everything and I was wondering whether we should use the same notebook so that we can see what each other done and everything and in the end our notes will be full complete and correct?"

"Oh.. yeah, that'd be a good idea to do. When you bring the doll round after school are you going to bring the notebook round?"


"Okay. Cool."

Alicia stood around slightly awkwardly for a moment or two, as if she wanted to say something. But she didn't and ended up telling Mikey bye before leaving. When he turned back to the table all three of the others were staring at him.

"You totally like her Mikey!" Gerard exclaimed which made Mikey's cheeks turn a light red colour.

"Shut up," he mumbled.

"Aww, Mikey's got a crush," Ray cooed.

"And it's on his baby's mama!" Frank said which made the other two burst out laughing whilst Mikey was just slowly sliding down his seat at how his friends and brother were embarrassing him.

"I hate you guys."

"No you don't," Frank grinned.

Mikey just rolled his eyes.


Mikey had only just got home when someone knocked at the front door. Gerard wasn't home because he was round at Ray's and their parents were still at work.

He was surprised when he saw Angharad at the door.

"Oh.. hey, can I help you?"

She looked slightly uncomfortable standing there on the doorstep. It was probably the first time Mikey had ever seen her look uncomfortable like she was. "Is Frank here?"

It clicked in Mikey's head that Frank didn't give her his address - only the Way's address.

"He's not at the moment, though he should be here soon," Mikey said, thinking about how Frank had said that he was just going home, dumping his bag and books before he was going to come over. "Do you... um... want to come in and wait for him?"

Angharad just ignored Mikey and stood there uncomfortably with her hands in her pockets. Mikey was debating about whether or not he should go back in the house or whether he should stay on the doorstep like he was now and wait for Frank.

He ended up waiting on the step for Frank because he didn't think it'd be too polite to just go back into his house and leave Angharad outside by herself. Even though she did ignore him about whether or not she wanted to wait for him [i]inside[/i].

They had stood round for a good five minutes before Mikey sucked in a breath and decided to attempt to speak to her. Again.

"Ur... nice boots." Nice, Mikey, nice, he thought to himself as he mentally kicked himself several times over how much of a fail that was.

Angharad just looked at him with an unreadable expression on her face. It was obvious that she wasn't really paying attention to what he said and all she really wanted to do was have Frank turn up so she could get the damn doll before leaving.

"I'm sorry if I offended you when I sat opposite at lunch the other day," Mikey said, trying to tempt a answer from her.

This had her rolling her eyes. "Offended me? You couldn't offend someone if your life depended on it."

"Um..." Mikey was unsure as to what to say.

"Why did you even do it, huh?"

Mikey shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Thought you might have wanted some company or something..."

"If I wanted company I would have made friends in the first year of high school."

"You.... you like being alone?" Mikey couldn't help the surprise in his voice.

Once again, she rolled her eyes. It seemed to be her signature gesture. "No shit, of course I must like being alone otherwise I wouldn't put up with being alone."

Mikey just nodded because he didn't know what exactly he could answer verbally. They lapsed into silence once more but this time it only lasted two minutes because Frank turned up.

"Doll?" Angharad asked almost as soon as she saw Frank. He had it in his hand so he handed it over to her along with the bag of necessaries. She didn't say anything else before walking away with the doll in hand.

Frank looked at Mikey confused. "Is she in a mood or something? Did you say something to her?"

Mikey just shook his head before heading into the house, Frank right behind him.


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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