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Laugh It All Off

it's time you invested

Frank didn't give Angharad his address, but rather Mikey and Gerard's address because he didn't want to be alone with her. It wasn't just him who didn't like being alone with her, the majority of the school that knew her didn't want to.

She was a scary girl to most of them, and some even swore she did voodoo which made her ten times scarier in their eyes. Of course they could all be rumours and everything, but still Frank wouldn't feel right being alone with her.

So when Angharad knocked on the Way's house and Gerard opened the door, to say he was confused was an understatement.

"Um.. hello?"

"Frank here?"

Gerard furrowed his brow, "Um..sure. FRANK!" He looked behind him to see the smaller boy come running down the stairs at his call.

"Hey Gee wha – oh, um, hey, Angharad." His eyes found her and he was slightly shocked. He didn't think that she would actually turn up.

She rolled her eyes at him before just staring at him. "OH! Yeah, you mind if she comes in and we do our urh... planning of the assignment or whatever it is we need to do?"

Gerard just looked at Frank with an expression that read 'what the fuck' as to why she was at his house and not at Frank's. "Sure, go ahead."

Gerard walked away which Frank watched him do. When he was no longer in sight he looked at the girl who was standing in the doorway. "So, yeah, you want to come in?"

"I have no choice," she muttered, rolling her eyes when she said it.

She stepped into the house and Frank noticed that she was wearing the same boots that she always wears to school. He had only ever seen her at school and they were the same shoes she had worn every day since they all started high school.

Reluctantly Angharad followed Frank into the sitting room where Mikey was with Alicia. When they entered the room the other two looked up to see who it was.

Mikey had a confused expression as to why she was at his house and Alicia has a sort of nervous expression on her face. Angharad rolled her eyes at Alicia before sitting on the same sofa as Frank was, just making sure there was a lot of space between them.

They didn't need to have any physical contact - it was bad enough that she had to come to this house and spend time with him.

Frank ended up doing most of the talking and the only times that Angharad would say anything was when there was a question or when Frank was wrong with what he said.

Alicia's nervous expression didn't leave her face which did make both Frank and Mikey wonder but neither of them said anything about it.

"Hey, Frank?" When Mikey said this Frank looked up from where he was jotting down things for Angharad.


"Come get a drink with me?"

"Sure. Urh... do you want a drink, Angharad?" he hesitated with asking her but was relived when she shook her head. Mikey asked that question to Alicia and she shook her head too.

When both the boys had left the room Alicia looked back over at Angharad. "Hey, Annie...." When she said that the girl looked up from where her eyes were fixed on the paper that Frank had put down.

"Don't call me that," she told the girl who just nodded. "And what?"

"Does my mum know that you're here? Not that you can't be here or anything like that...," she added the ending of what she said quickly.

Angharad nodded. "Yeah, of course she does." Alicia nodded before fiddling with the pen in her hand.

They were silent for about two minutes before Alicia spoke up again, "When you having the doll? I'll get the doll on the days that you don't have it so that my mum doesn't get too overwhelmed with the noise of it."

"Every other day from tomorrow."

Alicia nodded.

Frank and Mikey came back in the room almost as soon as they stopped talking. They continued with their planning of the assignments until Mikey and Gerard's mum came home.

"Boys?" she called out when she entered the house.

"In here mum!" Mikey called back.

A tall blonde woman came in the room and looked between her son and Frank, noticing that there was two girls in her sitting room, one next to each of the boys. She then looked back at Mikey before raising her eyebrow at him, silently asking why there were two girls in her sitting room.

“We're working on an assignment, mum,” Mikey told her when he realised what she was silently asking.

“All four of you, together?”

“Well.... no. Alicia's my partner and Frank's partners with Angharad, but we're just ur... sort of doing it together?”

She nodded at her son's explanation. Just as she was about to leave the room she turned back to the occupants of the room. “Is anyone staying for dinner? Yes Frank, I know you are, you always do.” Frank just smiled stupidly at her.

“Um.. no – thanks. We should get go anyway,” Alicia told Mrs. Way which made her nod before disappearing into the kitchen to start on the boys' dinner.

Alicia looked at Angharad who just rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I'll pick the doll up tomorrow after school.” With that she stood from the sofa and left the sitting room. It was only a few seconds later that they heard the front door slam shut.

Mikey looked at Alicia. “We?”

“She lives with me. But really, I need to get going. I'll see you in school tomorrow?” Alicia gave Mikey a smile, waved slightly at Frank before getting up and following Angharad's footsteps. When the door shut Mikey turned and looked at Frank who had his eyebrow raised.

“She... lives with her?”

“Apparently so.”

“She can't be that bad then.”

Frank let out a chuckle.” Sure, Mikey, sure.”


I really enjoyed your story. +10 vote and all that.
Cake Cake
woah the chapters make a little sentance thingy
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