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My Way Home Is Through You


When I woke up, I noticed a small tube coming out of my arm. I followed it with my eyes, confused as to why such a thing would be connected to my body, and found it attached to a blood bag. Dazed, I looked at my surroundings, and slowly realized I was in a hospital room. A hot wave of shame hit my body. Without realizing it I had tried to kill myself. Over Daniel Jacobs of all things. I glanced at my arms, horrified to find clean, white bandages there.

Suddenly I was terrified, my fear of hospitals came flooding back. A panic attack was building, my heart monitor keeping time with my fast-beating heart. I searched my muddled brain. I couldn't remember the feeling of wanting to die. I didn't want to die now, did I? I kept searching, and couldn't find any feeling that made me want to be off this planet.

A nurse rushed in, most likely alarmed by the rate my heart was going. I looked at her in a terrified confusion, my eyes wild. She walked over and whispered soothing things while brushing my hair away from my face. When I calmed down, she smiled, apparently glad I was awake. She check the blood bag, my terrified gaze watching her the whole time.

“Oh good, you have enough until we're able to let you leave,” she said pleasantly. “We thought we'd have to get more from your donor.”

I blinked. I had a personal donor? That was NOT normal. All my dad's medical journals confirmed that. I voiced this to the nurse, and she smiled again.

“We were running out of your blood type, and didn't have the time to run a blood drive, obviously. The higher ups only allowed us to ask one person. There was a tizzy of what to do about that. Then we found him.”




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