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My Way Home Is Through You

This is the Best Day Ever

Right then I could've died. I could've died and been the happiest person in the world. I knew that voice better than my own. I think I almost got whiplash from how fast my head turned. Gerard Arthur Way stood in the doorway. This had to be a dream. I had just seen him on stage and now he was HERE in my hospital room!

I looked at the nurse, then at Gerard, then at the nurse again. Finally, I whispered, “Can I get up?”

She looked worried as she thought it over, probably afraid for my condition. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she nodded. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and the nurse steadied me as I stood up. I took hold of the pole that held the blood bag over my head and took the wobbly steps towards Gerard. He smiled, and I hugged him.

“Thank you,” I whispered. I almost burst out sobbing when he hugged me back. My idol saved my life. I would NEVER be able to pay him back. I pulled away, after what seemed like forever, when I heard someone coming up the hall. I felt self conscious in my hospital gown, but everything stopped when Frank Iero came around the corner.

I had been told I looked like him by my many friends. A female version of him, but like him all the same. The comparison was scary when we came face to face.

“Holly hell, Frankie, she's a mini you!”

Frank stopped in his tracks when he saw me. He looked me over, smiled his silly grin –MY grin!– and laughed —another thing that was mine. I stared in shock, back-tracking to how old Frank would have been to have a fifteen year-old. Too young, I thought finally, and shrugged it off.

“Guys, we gotta get going.” Mikey came up behind Gerard, gave me an awkward smile, then looked at his older brother. Gerard smiled and nodded. Frank and Mikey left to get on the bus, then Mikey turned back. “Aren't you coming?”

“I'll be there in a few minutes.” Gerard turned back to me. He pulled out a piece of paper, scribbled something, and then handed it to me. “That's my number, if you ever want to talk. Just call me.”

I gaped at him. HIS NUMBER?? This was not happening! He saw the look on my face and laughed. “Yeah, I don't do this ever, so don't give it out on the net, please?”

I nodded, and the nurse insisted visiting time was over. Not like it mattered, he had to leave anyway. He waved, then turned down the hallway. Not long after they sent a psychiatrist in to see me. I zoned out after insisting that I didn't want to die and started thinking about how scarily alike Frank and I were. There was no way we were actually related. He would've had to be 13 when I was conceived. Then the idea started seeming not so crazy. Thirteen year-olds could have kids. It would be weird, but not unheard of. I kept thinking about it until my 'parents' came in the room. There was crying and hugging and the whole 'I'm sorry I tried to kill myself' jag until I broke it to them.

“I want to meet my real parents.”


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