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My Way Home Is Through You

I Don't Love You

I couldn't believe it. He was breaking up with me. Daniel Jacobs was breaking up with me. I stared at him, mouth slightly open in surprise, half deaf from the concert we just attended. He looked guilty enough, squirming in his shoes as he was. I opened my mouth in a sad attempt to reply to what he had just said, then closed it.

“Look, Molly, it's just not working out...”

I searched my mind, trying to find ways that justified 'it's just not working out.' All I could see was happiness on my part. Laughing, smiling, holding hands, connecting lips, my first time (it might have been way too early, but I was too caught up in the moment), my second through fifth time. He never seemed to be unhappy, he never seemed to think that it wasn't 'working out.'

“Is there someone else?” I demanded, finally able to answer. My voice seemed loud, even in the crowd of dark clothed kids, all raving about the band that brought us together.

“Jesus, Molly, no! There isn't anyone else. It just isn't working out between us.” He looked down at his shoes. One of the sure signs he was lying.

I continued to look at the top of his head. He decided to break up with me today. On my birthday. After the most amazing concert that ANYONE could've gone to on their birthday. He looked up at me with a timid look in his eyes. Before I knew what I was doing, my hand was connecting with his face with a loud crack. That caused a few people to stare.

“Daniel Jacobs, you're a complete DICK! You could've at least waited until TOMORROW to do this to me!” I was screaming now, and I'm pretty sure the whole crowd had stopped moving to watch this go down. My day was ruined, this concert would only come along with unhappy memories now, and I couldn't care any less about the people staring. Tears pricked my eyes and fell down my cheeks, mixing with the sweat from the heat of the crowd. “GO JUMP IN A WELL AND DROWN!”

I stormed off, anger making me set off down the street in a fast walk. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that Daniel wasn't so much of a dick that he would leave without me. I just kept walking, glancing at the familiar buildings of the city as I went. I came across a park and made my way into it, sitting down on a bench when I was far enough in. I didn't want anyone seeing this.

Reaching into my pocket, my fingers connected with the cool blade in my pocket. I hadn't expected needing it tonight, it had just been impulse, but now I was glad I had it. Rolling up my sleeves and uncapping the sharp edge, I brought the razor across my skin. Hissing against the pain, I kept going. Going and going and going. Release was all I thought about as the blood sprouted, and I noticed I was getting deeper and deeper with each cut.

Finally gaining control of myself, I capped the razor, put it back in my pocket, and covered my bleeding arms with my sleeves. I started my way back towards the venue, tired from the night and the events that happened. I just wanted to go home and go to bed. Maybe get some food. As I was walking, my eyelids kept fluttering, no matter how hard I tried to keep them open. I ignored it, and soon I saw the lights I was looking for. There was Daniel, sitting on the curb by his car, waiting for me like the dumb ass gentleman he was.

He looked up, suddenly relieved I was back. I just glared at him. Suddenly I saw spots. I tried to blink them away, but that just made it worse.

“Molly...Molly, are you okay?”

Before I knew it I was falling, and the last thing I heard before I completely passed out was Daniel calling my name in terror.


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