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The Innocent Relapse

Flashback #2

I woke up. Bright lights over me. White everywhere. Fuzziness. The usual signs that I was still alive and still at Reynard’s. But today wasn’t any average horrendous day, no. It was my birthday.

I crawled out of bed and looked towards my clock. It was only a few minutes till the morning bell would ring. Everyone would assemble for breakfast. But the rules never applied to me much. During their breakfast, I had my morning session with Dr. Klause. He was a morning person, if I ever saw one.

I splashed cold water on my face and hair, to get myself to a place where I wouldn’t say something stupid that could get me in trouble.

I looked at my reflection in the dirty mirror. The fluorescent lights of the academy seemed to bleach my skin to the point where I could easily blend into the walls. That is if it weren’t for the fresh cut black hair. I looked at the clock again and knew I was expected soon.

I made my lonely walk towards the resident doctor wing. A path I knew so well that they didn’t make me travel with an escort anymore. Down the main hall, left at the student lobby, past the courtyard.

I was almost to the start of the wing when I saw blue and red lights flashing outside. I went to the nearest door. I peaked my head outside. The morning light was coming in strands across the front lawn and several police cars were centered at the edge of that, resting on the curb. I saw Dr. Klause chatting with a pair of them. I stepped more into view, wondering what he was doing there and where I should go while they chat.

My step forward cracked a lump of lawn waste that had been sectioned away during maintenance day. I saw Dr. Klause’s rather large ears prick at the sound and he turned his head, looking curiously at me.

“That’s him,” I saw his lips move and a jagged finger point itself at me.

The police looked towards me and I suddenly felt so self conscious. What did I do?

Without warning, the officers were running at me. Five of them to be exact. Holding their belts up and wearing tough expressions on their face. I felt my legs freeze beneath me, too scared to run and hide.

The first two reached me at the same time. One going over and the other under. They jumped up, tackling me to the floor. The top one hit my shoulder in the worst way and I felt it twist and pull in my socket. The other three attacked me with their hands. Grabbing at whatever they could to hold me down on the ground.

I tried to wrestle out of their harsh grips but it was no use. I was sedated by their touch. I lay on the ground, my heart racing a mile a minute and my eyes trying to take in whatever I could to tell me this was really happening. The pain all over my body told me it was.

Dr. Klause’s serious face appeared above me, towering over me. “Good morning, Gerard.” He said with no expression in his voice.

I tried to pull one of my hands away, but it’s keeper had his nails too deep in my skin. I didn’t move again or speak.

“Do you know what I’m trying to do Gerard?” he said taking the pipe out of his jacket and lighting it up with a spare match.

I struggled to breath. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I shook my head quickly. Not so much saying no, more wanting this to stop.

Dr. Klause blew the smoke towards my face, not helping the breathing factor. “What day is today?”

I knew what he was getting at. I didn’t respond.

“I said,” his tone got slightly more harsh as he pressed a slippered foot to my throat, choking me, “What day is today?”

“My… Birthday,” I choked out.

He removed his foot. “So with that established, do you know that this exact situation is much like the one you would have had to deal with if your little incident had happened a year from now? When you were no longer a minor?”

He was talking about you. More our incident. He was trying to tell me it was illegal. I got it. I knew that before. I nodded my head slowly. I hated when he talked about you. It made my skin crawl. He didn't deserve you on his foul lips. You were too innocent to be clogged in his profaine thoughts. More the reason I didn’t want to think about the idea of this happening in real life. Really being in this much trouble for loving you. I saw your sad face in my head when I got in trouble with Mom and Dad. I tried not to imagine what it would look like if I got into real trouble with the law. I tried so hard not to imagine.

I felt the tears course down my cheeks and suddenly the officers’ hands felt like fire against my limbs. I heard a croak in my throat that threatened to come out. I tried to hold it in me.

“I think he gets the point,” Dr. Klause’s smoke descended on my nostrils again. “Let him go.”

The police dropped my arms and legs and I coiled up tight, trying to ignore the
pain in my shoulder and on my arms and in my heart.

“Go back to your room, Gerard,” he said monotonously. “I think we’re done for today.”


ok so just finished reading this in one day. this plotttttttttrtrttttttt

This is the best fan fic I've ever read. It has a very unique story line and I love it dearly. I'm sure it would get better if iT WAS EVER UPDATED!

waycestislife waycestislife

I have the distinct feeling I'm not getting the end of this.

Please update? Just read all 47 chapters in one go, need more! X

NOOOOOOOOOOO you can't just leave it like that.One thing I can't stand the most is cliffhangers!!!!!
please update soon