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The Ghost Of You


18 year old Andi Parker was always a quiet girl she never drew attention to herself she didn’t exactly like to, but that changed when the world thought she had become the next on the list of teenage runaways. After a while the story died down and she became another forgotten face and her father moved away due to the 'grief' but could there be a darker secret going on and more importantly does she know it.

Andi Parker wakes up one morning to find all the stuff In her house gone and replaced and a guy now living there, it’s the moment she tries to ask him what is going on that she realises something is terribly wrong…

Frank Iero has just moved into his new house when he begins hearing things and the stories of bumps in the night become his reality it doesn’t help that his nightmares keep him awake be could there be a hidden meaning to them…

DISCLAIMER- I don't own Frank, any other member of MCR or any famous person that may appear in this story, but I do own the plot and OC so no stealing.

#NC-17 so I can do what I want


  1. A Little Piece Of Heaven

    Avenged sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven

  2. CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater

    Never shout never - CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater

  3. The Verge

    There For Tomorrow - The Verge

  4. Loverboy

    You Me At Six - Loverboy



This is awesome , update soon please!!
Cute! Add some more of that Rodeo stuff.
Cute! Add some more of that Rodeo stuff.

This seems really interesting. Please update soon! : )