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The Ghost Of You

The Verge

--------------------Franks’s P.O.V----------------------

I had settled myself into bed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep, however that didn't last long as the nightmare came back. It was different this time though, I could see clearly what was happening and I could move around this time.

I was stood in the corner of my room but only it wasn't my room, everything was different. There was a girl sat on a double bed writing in a book, so this definitely wasn't my room, it also didn't seem as though she could see me even though I was stood right here and any normal person would notice a stranger in their room, I stopped my internal debate when I heard footsteps moving at a sluggish pace outside the room and realized that sinister song was playing what I still couldn't fucking place.

“Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times” the song continued to play and I could hear the footsteps getting closer

“Ripped her heart out right before her eye’s” There was a creaking of a floorboard and a hushed sigh, the footsteps stopped for a moment then continued

“Now she’s just so perfect I've never been quite so fucking deep in” There was a slight scraping of metal, I glanced at the girl who didn't seem to notice and was drawing in her book causing a scratching noise

“Cause I really always knew that my little crime would be cold” I couldn't hear the footsteps any more but I could hear heavy breathing and the creaking of a door handle, then the door flung open to reveal a man who looked to be in his mid forties wielding a knife the girl gave out a gasp as he came for her and before I could comprehend what I was doing, I was moving to protect the girl from the man with the knife and that’s when everything went black.

“And I know, I know it’s not your time but bye, bye” I shot up in bed breathing heavily feeling the icy tingles from my cold sweat sweep my body

“Awwh what’s up little baby want his bottle” My head shot up to see a young girl stood at the foot of my bed … insulting me? and she didn't seem to notice I was awake and looking at her

“Yeah? well too bad you little fucker, and I hoped you enjoyed those fucking crackers as well cause next time your going to fucking choke on them” she turned her back to me as I looked at her quite shocked, how the fuck did she know about those crackers

“Erm excuse me”

“ Excuse you, excuse fucki….” She spun around with wide eyes a shocked exspression taking over her features

“Wait you can see me?!” I nodded at her and watched as her expression turned to relief

--------------Andi’s P.O.V----------------

“Wait! You can see me?” He nodded at me, damn it just my luck to get caught.

“Yes why wouldn't I be able to?”

“Well because I'm a ghost.” He laughed at me.

“That’s stupid, ghosts don’t exist.” I looked at him and raised my eyebrow

“Oh really? well if ghosts don’t exist how come I can do this?” I smirked evilly at him as I walked backwards through the wall while I was still making eye contact with him, when I got into the hallway I walked back trough the wall to see him sat with a shocked face.

“What the!! How the hell did you do that ?!” I smiled at him.

“As I said, I'm a ghost.” He gulped then nodded still shocked.

“Wh... Who are you?”

“My names Andi Parker.” He nodded again then made no move to say anything else.

“And what about you then?” He looked at me confused.

“What about me?” I sighed, did this guy have any brains?

“What’s your name?”

“Oh. Er its Frank” My eyes widened how could I be so stupid "Frank Iero" I looked back at him again

“Frank Iero as in My Chemical Romance Frank Iero?” He nodded, damn my past self for being too stupid to not recognize him, he looked at me again.

“Wait, so if your dead what are you doing here?” I shrugged.

“Your guess is as good as mine, to be honest I don’t even know how I died.”

“You don’t know how you died?” I shook my head and replied.

“Nope.” I popped the ‘P’.

“Wait…. So the other night, that was you?” I laughed at him.

“Yeah, you should have seen your face.”


Wow, I cant believe its been like 2 years since I last updated this, to be completly honest I had forgotten about this. I already have the complete story written so I've made a promise to myself to update this until it is complete.

Thank you to all those people that commented i had no idea till I just came on but thank you none the less :)

I Hope you guys enjoy the new update!



This is awesome , update soon please!!
Cute! Add some more of that Rodeo stuff.
Cute! Add some more of that Rodeo stuff.

This seems really interesting. Please update soon! : )