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I've Had A Life Long-Wait For A Hospital Stay

Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me

I woke up in the hospital a few days after the incident in the girls bathroom. When I woke up, I was told that I lost a lot of blood and that Ashley hit 3 of my veins in my left wrist. My bandages were changed 2 times a day and cleaned regularly. I had 9 and a half stitches to close the cut. I was thinking about a lot of things. When I had woken up, my dad was sitting in a chair next to the bed, looking down as he was crying, holding my hand. I looked at him as he cried.

"D-Dad?" I said quietly and he looked up at me.
"Hey baby girl," he said as he wiped his tears away.
"What happened?" I asked now noticing I had oxygen tubes on my face.
"Well, after that girl did what she did to you, you lost a lot of blood that you needed 2 blood transfusions and you stopped breathing and when you started breathing again you were having trouble breathing so they put you on oxygen to help you."
"Oh, when do I go back?"
"Never. I'm pulling you out of school and I'm gonna home school you. I'm not gonna let this happen to you again but we have to go talk to your principal to talk about what all that happened and then after all of that is done I'm gonna start support group before you start your online classes."
"Support group? For what?" I asked and he smiled at me.
"I'm quitting it all and going for a week and then I'm going to rehab while you stay with Sarei."
"Yeah I am baby girl. I'm not gonna lose my other girl," he said kissing my head. I just smiled and hugged him tightly. He was going to rehab for me. Get better for me. "Now c'mon baby girl, let's get you home so you can rest," he said handing me some clothes he brought from home for me to change into. I nodded my head and a nurse came in to take my IV out of my hand of the antibiotics that had to be injected into my body. She also took me off my oxygen.

I got up slowly and carefully and walked to the bathroom changing out of the hospital gown into my Asking Alexandria shirt, black skinny jeans, and my boots. I slipped my blue hoodie on and I went to the mirror now noticing my extensions were out so I combed through my hair with my bony fingers delicately untangling my hair. I walked out the bathroom and I nodded at my dad letting him know I was ready to go.

We walked out of the hospital and got into the car and he drove back home.

"Sarei came over a couple days after the incident with your belongings from cleaning out your locker," my dad said breaking the silence.
"She did?"
"Yes she did. She's also offered to help take care of you as you rest."
"Oh okay when is she coming over?"
"She's coming over this afternoon at 3 and it is," he paused to get a quick glance of the clock on the car. "2:45 so in about 15 minutes she'll be there," he finished as I nodded my head.

When we got home, I got out and went inside and went upstairs to my room and I took my boots off and laid down on my perfectly made bed and explored all over my room on the walls of the band posters I put up that took how knows how long to get it into a collage like wall of creativity. It had bands posters like Pantera , My Chemical Romance , Pierce The Veil , Sleeping With Sirens , Type O Negative , Rob Zombie , Butcher Babies , One-Eyed Doll , Falling In Reverse , etc. Iron Maiden would have to be my favorite band ever though.

I was interrupted from my train of thought by someone walking into my bedroom seeing it was Sarei. I smiled.

"Hey Abby," she said smiling at me and sitting next to me on my bed.
"Hey Ray," I said sitting up.
"How are you feeling?"
"I'm okay I guess, my wrist just hurts from that stupid bitch."
"I can tell since you had to get almost 10 stitches but why didn't you tell me you did that?"
"Did what?"
"You know," she said making the hand signals of cutting. I sighed.
"I don't know I was scared to tell you. I had done it for so long that I thought you would take it the wrong way."
"Abby! I care about you! C'mon! We're hopefully gonna meet and see My Chemical Romance together on your birthday! Oh, my mom said no and since you'll be over when your dad is in rehab, we're gonna sneak out and my mom's a heavy sleeper so you got nothing to worry about."
"True and I'm really excited about that! We've been listening to them for a long time now and this is our only chance to have this opportunity! This chance may never come again! This is our one shot and one shot only!"
"Hell yeah! We're gonna see them no matter what people say! Oh, and you gotta remake your facebook. I delted it because people are being so imm-fucking-ture and saying you're knocked up so I decided to delete it and only add people that really care about you."
"Don't worry Ray, I will remake it."
"Good, and to make sure about it, you have to do it right now," she said handing my my laptop. I shook my head and took it from her and went onto facebook.
"I swear to god Ray you are so impatient."
"But you love meeeee."
"Yes I do love you...most times," I said laughing. "I'm just kidding!"
"You better be or we all know what will happen."
"Ray no! Last time, I ended up twisting my ankle because of you!"
"Bitch calm your tits I'm just kidding!" We just laughed and smiled.

Later that night , we were listening to music , watching movies , and stuffing our faces with junk food. Growing up, I never really had friends. I was very different from other kids. I had one friend before I met Sarei. His name was Casen. But in 6th grade, he committed suicide. I was hurt. The only friend I had and he left. Then I met Sarei in 8th grade. She's my only friend and it sucks. Not that I don't like her, but I just wish I had some other friends to talk to.

When it was 3 a.m., I got a call from someone that I never thought would ever call me unless they were risking social suicide : Ashley.


I've had to rewrite this because my thing was being very stupid as I was setting up my twitter profile and I so I decided to restart my laptop to fix it and now it turns out when I copied my thing for this chapter , it won't paste so now i guess you can say i got fucked badly ! xD But the next chapter is when she meets Gerard...and Mikey...and Frank...and Ray...and Bob she's gonna meet everyone ! I hope you enjoyed this chapter ! xx


@Dead Teddy
I LOVE them ! I have a poster that was on display for their concert here, and Kimberly signed it(ACTUALLY SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT ME TELLING HER), and she signed my CD's and bit my poster! I fangirled so hard!! She is a total sweetheart!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

Awesome story and you like One-Eyed Doll! They're so good!

Dead Teddy Dead Teddy

thank you !!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

yay finally

its really good

yay finally

its really good