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I've Had A Life Long-Wait For A Hospital Stay

Love Gimme Love Gimme Love , I Don't Need It But I'll Take What I Want From Your Heart And I'll Keep It

I was looking at Sarei in shock and I didn't know if I should answer it or not. She just gave me an answer it look so I did.

"H-Hello?" I said nervously putting the call on speaker.
"Hey is this Abernathy Ross?" She said like every other bitch sounds.
"Y-Yeah, why?"
"Well, we have a new pair of scissors for you to cut yourself with. Or should I say I'll do it myself because you're nothing but a worthless slut! You make people feel bad for you when really, you let people do it to you! You just want all the attention like every other whore!" She said as that hit me hard.
"That's unnecessary because I don't attend your school anymore. What did I ever fucking do to you? I never did anything to you! I did my own thing but no, you have to go out of your way and mess with me just for being myself and that makes me a faggot? Real cool Ashley, if you have anymore questions or insults towards me and my friends, give me a call at 1-800-GO FUCK YOURSELF!" I said as I hung up and blocked her number as Sarei was laughing at me and I couldn't help but laugh along with her. It was pretty hilarious.
"Dude! You just told the most popular girl in school off! Let's call her mom and tell her she got herpes from Jake!" She said as I laughed even harder I was on the edge of crying.
"She probably has chlamydia!" I said and we laughed even harder.


It was the night to go see My Chemical Romance . I'll admit I was pretty nervous . I didn't know what to expect . It was the first concert I was ever going too and to make things worse I was also very shy when it came to meeting new people.

After Sarei's mom went to sleep , we got ready. I slipped into my black skinny jeans, my black and white striped shirt, my black letterman jacket, and my worn out converse. I went and put in my extensions, straightened my hair, and did my basic makeup routine.

After we both finished getting ready, I grabbed my phone, wallet (with the ticket inside), and grabbed my backpack i had with equipment I used to make music. I always had it on me because I didn't trust anybody with it, not even Sarei. It was very valuable to me and I didn't want anybody messing it up. So I had no choice but to take it with me everywhere I go.

"You ready Abby?" Sarei asked me and I nodded my head.

When we got there I took a few deep breaths before even getting out. I was very nervous and I didn't even know what to expect. I took my letterman jacket off and slipped on my black hoodie after dying of heat in that thing. So many questions were running through my head though. I wasn't thinking straight! I was being so over-dramatic! I then finally had the guts to get out of the car. I was walking with Sarei to the back of the venue and we walked in and saw security and it pulled my wallet out showing him my ticket as Sarei did the same and we both got handed V.I.P passes and handed 2 sharpies to us to write our names .

I took the sharpie and wrote my name in cursive with stars around my whole pass and handed the security guard back the sharpie and Sarei did the same after finishing writing her name. I swear my stomach felt like flipping tables inside and I haven't felt like this since watching Poultrygeist : Night of the Chicken Dead, except that was worse than what I was feeling right now.

I held onto the sleeves of my hoodie trying to act as normal as I could(oh who am I fucking kidding? I was not normal!) while we were following the security guard backstage that was near the stage. I just stayed calm and I looked up to see the 5 men who had saved my life through their music and I swear my heart jumped straight up to my throat.

I was standing right in front of My Chemical Romance for the first time in my existance. Somehow , that flipping tables feeling in my stomach went away to be followed by butterflies filling my stomach. Until I heard Sarei chuckling.

"Excuse my best friend here she can be really shy sometimes when it comes to meeting new people," she said as Mikey, Ray, Gerard, and Frank chuckled. I couldn't help but blush. "But she wanted to tell you something, right Abernathy?" She said and I looked at her and hit her arm.
"Go on ahead, don't be shy cutie," Mikey said as he walked towards me. I just blushed even more as I covered my mouth with my hand that was covered by my hoodie. I just pulled out my phone and went on my notes until Abernathy took my phone away out of my hands and I screeched.
"Don't be shy Abernathy, you need to learn to talk without using your phone," she told me patting my head. I so wanted to slap her right now.
"U-Uhm...haha..uh...h-hi?" I said so awkwardly. Oh my god Abernathy why did you just do that?!
"Hey, I'm Mikey," he said as he smiled at me and put his hand out for me to shake. I removed my hand that was covering my mouth and uncovered my hand revealing the black nail polish I was wearing and shook his hand. Holy shit I was shaking Mikey Way's hand. This isn't happening.
"I-I'm Abernathy," I said before pulling my hand away.
"Nice to meet you Abernathy," he said and smiled. The other guys then walked up to me and Sarei.
"Don't worry, we don't bite..hard," Frank said as he winked at me and Gerard hit him on the back of the head.
"We're trying to make her comfortable not uncomfortable Frankie!" Gerard said as he shook his head and put his hand out for me to shake. "I'm Gerard," he said as I shook his hand and he smiled at me and I looked into his eyes as he did the same. What the..
"I'm Abernathy but you can call me Abby," I told him as I smiled back at him. I knew after I left this venue tonight, things will never be the same.
"I like your name , it's nice to meet you Abby," he said as he pulled his hand away from mine and I did the same. He had such a perfect smile. It just brightened me up a bit and made me feel comfortable. I felt more confident than I usually did.

I then heard something in my bag and I slipped my bag off quickly and opened it up and saw my laptop opened up slightly logged on and took it out quickly as I sat on the ground. This wasn't normal but random things happen in my backpack when my equipment is in there. Then Sarei sat next to me.

"What happened?" Sarei asked me.
"I don't know I think one of my launchpads started up my laptop. You know how it has it's ways unless a ghost lives inside," I said looking through my files.
"Launchpad?" Mikey looked at me with such a curious expression and it was adorable and I chuckled and pulled out 2 launchpads in my backpack.
"I think this is your answer," I said.
"Woah, you do all this?" Gerard asked me and I looked at him and nodded.
"Yup! I'm like Skrillex and Deadmau5," I said connecting my launchpads to my MacBook to where each button had a different color of it's beat.
"How does it work?" He asked me.
"Well, all you do is this," I said as I pulled up my software on my MacBook and played a piece I was working on and pressed the buttons on the launchpads to a remix of Stay The Night by Zedd (feat.) Haley William from Paramore that I had been working on for a couple weeks. (A.N. This is what it sounds like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDreWKvYxtE ) Gerard was nodding his head to the beat til' it hit a beat where it went out of control and he was amazed as the other guys were too.
"Let's just say she's been doing this since she was 13," Sarei said and Mikey's job dropped and I chuckled as I pressed more buttons. His expression was priceless.
"She's not lying Way," I said smirking.
"I never said she was," he said getting smart with me.
"Smartass!" I said laughing.


Okay I knowwww long time no update ! I got really busy and had writer's block :c but I finally finished ! Yayyyy !! Let me know if you liked it and comment if you want to , if not I totally understand *cries in a corner!* but really though please comment <3 and I'll update soon !!!


@Dead Teddy
I LOVE them ! I have a poster that was on display for their concert here, and Kimberly signed it(ACTUALLY SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT ME TELLING HER), and she signed my CD's and bit my poster! I fangirled so hard!! She is a total sweetheart!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

Awesome story and you like One-Eyed Doll! They're so good!

Dead Teddy Dead Teddy

thank you !!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

yay finally

its really good

yay finally

its really good