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I've Had A Life Long-Wait For A Hospital Stay

You're Just A Sad Song, With Nothing To Say

I woke up early in the morning to the annoying chime to my alarm noting me it was 6:30. I picked my phone up and I shut off my alarm and stretched out yawning. I set my iPhone 4S on the dock and played my Blink-182 playlist. I got up from my bed and I went to the bathroom and took a shower. The warm water that beat against my back woke me up as I wet my short hair. After I finished cleaning myself , I turned the water off and heard 'I Miss You' playing and sand along to it quietly as I wrapped my black towel around my small body. I walked out the bathroom and walked towards my dresser and I took a bra and a pair of underwear and dried my body off and slipped the two piece of clothing onto my body. I walked towards my closet and picked out my Adventure Time t-shirt , black skinny jeans , and my light blue converse. I slipped my jeans on as I buttoned the copper button and zipped it up. I slipped on my shirt and sat down on the bed and slipped my socks on along with my converse. I got up and went back into the bathroom and blow-dried my hair. I then put in my extensions and brushed my hair out and straightened my hair. I applied my regular daily makeup I do everyday : Powder , eyeliner on my waterline , liquid eyeliner on top with a slight wing and mascara.

I cleaned up the slight mess I made in the bathroom and I walked out and picked up my dirty pajamas and put them in the hamper and I made my bed. I walked downstairs into the kitchen making coffee and breakfast for my dad. It's a chore I am assigned to by my father. My father is very strict. He became that way after my mom died in a tragic car accident when I was only 8. I was crushed. I always thought that my mother's death was my fault. She died on my birthday. It really wasn't a good birthday. It will be 10 years since she died, which will also be the day I turn 18. My dad doesn't really let me do anything much because I always have to take the money he gives me to get him cigarettes or cocaine. I always cleaned too. So I guess you could say that I don't ever get any free time.

After I finished cooking breakfast, I grabbed two plates and put eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes on each plate and put syrup on the pancakes just the way my dad likes it and poured him a cup of black coffee and set it on the counter. I grabbed my plate and set it on the table and poured a glass of orange juice into the glass cup. I sat their eating my breakfast.

I saw my dad walk downstairs groaning meaning he had a hangover and I got up quickly getting the pills he took and a glass of water and walked up to him giving him the pills and glass. He took them from me and the glass taking them with an appreciated feeling. I nodded my head of assurance and walked downstairs.

"Did you do your morning chores Abernathy?" My father asked me.
"Yes sir, I did my chores except for the dishes because of breakfast," I replied.
"You made breakfast?"
"Yes sir, I made you a plate that's on the counter with a cup of black coffee."
"Thank you, how is your morning so far?"
"It's okay, I'm just kinda tired. I was up late last night studying for final exams this week."
"How did testing go from the week before last week?"
"I made all A's on them."
"Good job, I guess I can give you a reward," he said sitting down across from me eating his breakfast.
"A-A reward?"
"Yes, since you have been doing your chores without me telling you and you're doing well in school, if you want, you can go get something for yourself, your allowance is on the counter in the living room," he told me. An allowance?! HIS money?! This isn't normal! This can't be happening! I decided to stay calm and reply to him calmly.
"Thank you dad."
"You're welcome and listen, I know I do things that hurt you and I don't mean it. I'm just still hurt by the fact with your mother you know? I do love you and I care about you and I know I'm strict on you but I just want you to do good along the path you're going on. I mean, you've stayed on honor roll for the past 3 years and you're doing well in school, staying out of trouble, doing right from wrong, so you deserve it."
"Thank you dad. I love you too and I know you don't mean it, but would you think about it for me? About going to rehab to quit drinking and doing all these bad things to hurt me? I know you may not think about it but could you just this once? I lost mom now almost 10 years ago and I can't stand to lose you." I said deciding to tell him how I feel. He sighed sadly.
"I know, I know, I'll think about it for you. If it makes you happy I'll think about it. Just for you."
"Thank you dad." I said. He finished his plate and handed his plate to me. I took his plate and mine that we're completely empty from the food we ate and went to the kitchen and washed the pans I used and the plates. After I finished, I grabbed my backpack and the money that was left for me on the living room counter along with my cars keys and walked to my car and got into the driver seat. I pulled the money out and counted ten $20 bills to a total of $200. My eyes widened and I pulled my wallet out that had the $450 dollars I had saved and put it in my wallet which I put my wallet back into my backpack.

I started the car and pulled out of the driveway and drove to school. I played the My Chemical Romance CD I had in there as it played 'Teenagers' which proved I had 'The Black Parade' in. I sang along to it faintly as I paid attention to the road right in front of me.
When I got to the school, I parked in the student parking lot and I grabbed my bag and I went to the entrance and I went to my locker. I put in my code unlocking my locker and I grabbed my 5 subject notebook with my History and Math books. I then noticed my best friend Sarei walk towards me and I turned towards her and I smiled closing my locker.

"Hey there Ray," I say.
"Hey Abby, how is your morning?" She asked me.
"It's going good. My dad and I talked this morning," I mention walking down the hall with her to homeroom.
"Yeah, I made breakfast and coffee and then he gave me $200 dollars in allowance for all the chores I have done the past few weeks so he's letting me have some time by myself today so he gave me a day off."
"Wow! That's amazing, maybe we can go hang out at the mall after school."
"Oh yeah that'd be great!"
"Great! But did you hear the news?"
"What news?"
"My Chemical Romance is coming here!"
"Shut the fuck up and tell me I am not dreaming!"
"I am not kidding! They're coming next Saturday and!" She said pulling out 2 V.I.P tickets. "I got us V.I.P passes for just you and me!"
"Oh my god! Ray! You didn't have to do that for me!"
"Well, I wanted to, and the concert is on your birthday!"
"Wow! Thank you Ray, I'll talk to my dad about it and see if it's okay with him, if not, I'll just sneak out."
"That's a good girl!" She said hugging me from the side as we laughed.

hen we walked into homeroom, I sat at my desk in the back and pulled out my notebook starting to doodle on the red plastic cover in my black sharpie until one kid decided to come up to me and snatch my notebook from me.

"Hey!" I said looking at the tall summer tan 18 year old immature teenager and got up.
"Hey what faggot?" He said. Looking through my notebook which was one that was very personal.
"Give it back now."
"Why should I? This is good stuff!" He said reading and going through it.
"Jake please." I said starting on the edge of a panic attack. He smirked at me and walked to the front of the classroom and opened to a page that I never thought I would hear the words to again : I Was Raped By My Dad.
"April 17, 2009, I am so hurt today by the pain that my dad gave me. He started touching me to parts that I didn't know were okay to touch. He kept on grabbing me and hitting me and said if I wouldn't be quiet he was going to fuck me harder than what he was planning. I was crying my eyes out knowing that I was going to be in so much pain. He kept on touching me and grabbing me and he choked me at one point and yanked all my clothes off and there he raped me. I was raped by my dad. It hurt so much that I screamed and every time my screaming got louder, the pain worsened. It hurt so bad that I was bleeding all over and my eyes were stinging from when I was crying. It was the cruelest pain that I could ever imagine. I knew that my innocence was taken away from me forcefully." He said smirking at me with a devilish grin of laughter and I was crying my eyes out and I snatched the notebook from his hand and I ran out the classroom to the bathroom and sat in the corner crying my eyes out by the pain I felt as he read the words. I was crushed. I didn't know what to think. I didn't even know what to fucking say.

"Awe, what's the matter little slut? Can't keep that pussy in your pants? How many guys did you fuck this weekend? 10? 50?" Ashley, one of the most popular girls in school told me.
"You should have a drive through!" Her best friend Miracle said and I cried harder. It hurt so much. What did I ever do to deserve this? I sat there crying my eyes out as they laughed their asses off thinking it was so funny watching me cry. I was shaking. I was terrified! I didn't know what to do.

shley got closer to me and noticed a razor next to me and picked it up.
"I knew it. You do cut yourself don't you? Well guess what faggot? You wanna feel pain? Well this is pain!" She yelled screamed at me taking my arm and pushing the razor against my skin as I screamed in pain. It hurt so much that I think it hit more than one vein. I cried in pain screaming as she and her friends were laughing. I then slowly saw the lights get dim around me and my breathing slow down and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I passed out not breathing.


Hai there okay so this is my first time writing this. I hope it's enough to please yourself tonight! I hope you liked it and please comment and rate of what you think about it. I would appreciate it. ^-^ xx


@Dead Teddy
I LOVE them ! I have a poster that was on display for their concert here, and Kimberly signed it(ACTUALLY SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT ME TELLING HER), and she signed my CD's and bit my poster! I fangirled so hard!! She is a total sweetheart!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

Awesome story and you like One-Eyed Doll! They're so good!

Dead Teddy Dead Teddy

thank you !!

aylahwuvsyhu aylahwuvsyhu

yay finally

its really good

yay finally

its really good