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New kids


Gerard and mikey transfer to a new school where they meet Frank and Ray. In this story Ray is more of a backround character. Mikey Gee and Frank have a bit of a love triangle. This is a vampire story Mikey and Frank are fertiles and Gerard and Ray are doms. There is some mention of bob but he isnt really important.


  1. First Day

    Gerard and Mikey transfer to a new school where they meet Frank and Ray

  2. sleepover

    truth or dare isnt just a kids game

  3. Dreams

    this chapter is nc17. All the guys are dreaming after an.... interesting game of truth or dare

  4. Good morning

    the day after frank stays at Gee and Mikeys house.

  5. No not mine.. what?

    Gerard starts to have real feelings for Frank

  6. The elements dance delema part 1

    gerard has to chose who he is going to take to the dance

  7. The Elements Dance Dillema Part 2

  8. Butterflies

  9. Everything's Better With Three

  10. I wish the bed was a little bigger

  11. I just keep telling myself it will be okay

    *trigger warning* mikey has a secret.

  12. Tuxedo Shopping

  13. I will always love you

  14. The Elements Dance

  15. Honesty time

  16. Fabulous Fuckers

    Frank's POV

  17. I cant sleep

  18. Cuddles are fun for everyone

  19. Doctors apointment

    Look at the title fuckers (J.K. I love you all)

  20. Surprises and Overwhelming Thoughts

  21. Important authors note (Sing it for the world)

  22. Stirrings

  23. Mission Get Mikey Off


IT IS NOT SHITTY far from it actually I love it.

It doesn't suck we can blow up the world together on major city at a time

TwistedKnife TwistedKnife

Im so sorry everyone Ive been having a lot of issues lately but now I'm back again really sorry.

I'll think about continuing it on my own okay? I'm busy with another fix right now so maybe when that's done?

TwistedKnife TwistedKnife

Oh shit yeah I just saw, dm Hun just a great story<3 xo

Leathermouth Leathermouth