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My Own Private Earthquake

Demon In Disguise

Three days. It took three agonizingly long days for someone to stumble upon my dead body. Three bitter days filled with my invisible tears at the thought of spending eternity alone.

Out of everyone in town, Mrs. Dominguez was the one to stumble upon my lifeless body. She was old, probably the oldest person in town. Her life revolved around her cat, who had disappeared a day after my death. The small feline loved to pounce on the birds in my backyard; I had found him scaring them many times. I had been the one to return him home after his small escapades, and since I hadn't been able to do so this time, Mrs. Dominguez decided to go out and look for him herself.

I could hear the fallen leaves crunching under her feet as she made her way around the forest, calling out her cat's name. It was only a matter of time before she came upon my corpse. My head shot up as the sound of her voice coming closer and closer. A million thoughts raced thought my mind. What would happen when she found my cadaver? Would she be able to see me–the ghost me? Would she go tell Mr. Davis, the town sheriff, that I was dead? I chose to hide behind some trees and waited for her to make her way to me. She climbed over the branch I had tripped on that night, and did not see my corpse lying on the ground until she was inches away from it. She immediately stopped her tracks, and her small aged eyes go wide.

"Mrs. Dominguez?" I called out from my spot behind the trees. I stepped out so I could make myself visible, but she didn't see me. She couldn't see me.

"Mrs. Dominguez" I tried again, being extra loud. I was walking towards her now, but she still did not notice me.

"I'm right here!" I yelled, waving my see-through arms centimeters away from her face. She was flabbergasted at my dead body on the ground, almost paralyzed. I gave up, and walked away from her frustratedly. How could she not see me? I was right fucking there. I could see myself, I was pretty sure every other living thing could as well.

A few seconds later, she took a few steps back, almost tripping over the damned branch. She scrambled away, as if I was some sort of contagious virus that would attack her if she didn't leave fast enough. Before the sun set, Davis came over to inspect and pick up my body with help from some men in white suits who I did not recognize. They looked like...what was the word? Forensic scientists. I had seen some of them the day my parents died, and the day Bob drowned. They were from out of town, I wasn't sure where exactly, and I did not care either.

The two men kneeled down next to my body, examining it closely and precisely. Davis stood behind them, arms crossed over his chest, covering the small authority badge pinned there. I was sitting off to the side under a large oak tree, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"He was a faggot, I'm sure of it. Hell, the entire town was sure of it!" Davis exclaimed, as if my sexual orientation had been the most fascinating thing in town.

"Mhm" one of the scientists murmured, not really paying attention to what Davis was ranting about.

"He was a weird kid" he continued. "Ever since that accident on the freeway...he was never the same. It was a surprise that sweet little Jamia developed feelings for the boy."

I laughed out loud, knowing that they would not be able to hear me. I would love to see their faces when they found out that their little angel Jamia was actually a demon in disguise.

"Is Jamia the missing girl?" one of the guys said, standing up from his spot.

"Yes" Davis answered, looking slightly saddened.

"Who was she last seen with?"

"With this guy" Davis said, pointing down at me. Or well, the dead me. "She was in his house three days ago, the day it rained. Mrs. Dominguez found his dead body today, and the poor woman came to tell me. She was in tears. I came by, and Jamia was nowhere to be found."

"Sir, did you ever consider that maybe she had something to do with his death?"

"What?!" Davis yelled, taken aback, almost offended. "Jamia would never do such a thing! It's this kid, he probably tried to harm someone, or maybe tried to rape her! You know what them homosexuals are like, perverted human beings. Jamia was this town's sweet little dove, don't you dare accuse her of such a horrible crime!"

By the time he had ran out of things to say, his arms were limp by his side and his face turned a scarlet shade. I'd never seen him get so furious over something. He surprised me, and even scared me a little.

"We're not accusing her, sir, we're just saying that you should consider it. She was the last person this kid-Frank-was seen with. It seems a little suspicious, that's all" responded the other man.

That was not the right thing to say at all.

Davis started another rant, a longer one, about morals and Jamia's respectable family, and God hating homosexuals. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my house. For some odd reason, I felt like I did not need to protect my body anymore. I felt like someone else would watch it for me, but I wasn't sure who.

Bantam did not give me a funeral, like they had given every other deceased person. Instead, Davis dug up a hole in my backyard and threw my body in there. It's not like I expected to have a nicer ending. I thought he would've cremated my body to erase any evidence that a queer named Frank once lived in that town. And he sort of did.

My house, and my belongings inside were all in Davis's hands. Instead of doing the decent thing and leaving my stuff intact, he moved everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–down to the basement, with help from some guys who I recognized as his sons. I watched helplessly as they took everything that had been near and dear to me, and stuffed it through the basement door carelessly. I flinched and cursed them under my breath as I heard my guitar landing on the basement floor with a thud. By the time they had emptied all the rooms, my house did not look like it belonged to me anymore. The Iero Mansion was dead.

They quickly locked up the doors and windows, and left. I did not hear anything from them until two years later, when three men moved into town, into my house to be exact.


So, due to some issues, I wasn't able to update until today. I'm soosososososo sorry. But here you go, chapter three.
Gerard will be introduced in the next chapter. In fact, the next chapter will be in his POV (just letting you know, as a little preview).
I'm actually enjoying writing this fanfic.
So thanks for subscribing/voting/reading/commenting etc. <3
And for the record, I'm not homophobic or anything. Just saying. I just need the town to be as homophobic as possible, so that the story is a bit more interesting. And I'm sorry if the insults offended anyone.


Hey are you gonna update this story? Its really good!

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