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My Own Private Earthquake


The next day, the cheery sun shone down on the quiet little town, as if the events of the previous night had never happened. The small chirping birds dotted the sky, like they did every morning, showing off their various colorful feathers. They made their way to their favorite part of town: the forest behind the Iero's backyard. Each tiny winged creature flew around the top of the trees until they found the right spot to perch on. The forest seemed unusually quiet for such a huge amount of birds that day. They were all silent because they felt someone's presence in the forest. Someone that didn't belong there.

My eyes fluttered open, but I instantly closed them due to the brightness of the sun. I was confused for a minute as to why I awoke in the middle of the forest, but then what had happened last night flooded my mind. I remembered Jamia...sweet, psychotic Jamia...and how she had stabbed me to death at two in the morning.

Wait a minute. Was I dead?

I scrambled to my feet and looked down at my blood covered corpse on the ground. Yes, I was dead. But eh, it's not like I had that much to live for. Jamia had pierced me multiple times, mainly around my torso, but there were a few wounds on my left arm. I remembered how painful each blow had been, and shivered at the thought of going through that again. But I had nothing to worry about now, I was dead.

I spent the next few hours inspecting my body-I mean, my soul-and my surroundings. Being dead was so much different from being alive, but in a good way. I felt weightless now that I didn't have bones, muscle and fat dragging me down. I also noticed that I was completely transparent, and I could see right through myself. As a kid, I had always wanted to have superpowers, mostly an invisibility one. I chuckled at my weird childhood fantasies, and how ironic it was that I had acquired this superpower after death, while most super heroes were born with it.

A few hours later, after I had grown used to my "superpower", I crouched down next to my body and examined it closely, picking out all my physical flaws. I had a small pimple on my nose that I had completely overlooked before Jamia came over. My lip ring was missing; it probably fell out while I ran from my murderer. My hair was getting too long, if I hadn't died I would've needed a haircut as soon as possible. Hell, if I was still alive, I would've dyed both bleach-blonde patches of hair on the sides of my head a different color, most likely red. I would've done many things to change my appearance, so maybe someone would've noticed me and thought I was good looking. I had actually been planning to fall in love and find my soul mate before Jamia put a sudden end to my life.

I stood up and pushed all the incoming depressive thoughts away. Before all this, I had taken my life for granted because I had nothing (and no one) to live for. The three most important people in my life had passed away. Why was being alive so important to me all of sudden? Sure, I had always wanted to find a guy, get married...maybe even adopt some dogs...or kids...but this was such a close-minded town that reeked of homophobia; I would surely not find any of that here. I didn't have a lover, and my both of my parents and my best friend were dead. I should be happy I had joined them.

That's when my thoughts clicked together.

I was dead. Mom and Dad were dead. Bob was dead. But I was still here. Did that mean they were still here too?

I didn't have a chance to answer my own question. My feet took off running to the direction of my house. I ran right through the back door of the kitchen without having to open it. Being dead sure had it's advantages.

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled. I ran up and down the stairs and into each room, yelling at the top of my lungs so they would be able to hear me. The house was completely empty. I was slightly disappointed, but that didn't stop me from running to the town lake, where Bob had drowned.

"Bob!" I shouted, as loud as my lungs would let me. No answer. I tried another five times, screaming his name louder and louder, but there was still no answer.

The last place I checked was the cemetery. I figured that place was probably overcrowded with lost souls like me, and that my parents and Bob were with them. I closed my eyes, but didn't hesitate to step through the iron gates, even though that place sent shivers down my spine. My eyes remained shut, but my stomach was doing summersaults. I knew Mom, Dad and Bob were there. They had to be there. And soon, I'd be with them. A small smile had already formed in my face at the thought of reuniting with them. Once again, I let my legs take over and lead me to where my parents were buried. I had been there so many times that getting there with my eyes closed was a piece of cake. When I did open my eyes, I felt my heart break in half and a sob forming in my throat.

No one was there.

The graveyard was completely vacant. I didn't bother to check Bob's grave, I knew he wasn't there either. My hopes of seeing my loved ones again completely vanished. Small droplets had already formed around my eyes, and I wondered if it was possible for ghosts to cry.

I was completely and utterly alone. Just like I had been when I was alive.


I told you some chapters would be short.
So yeah. That's the second chapter. I'm actually trying to make this story good, so far it's the best fanfic I've written. I think I'll introduce Gerard in the fourth chapter, maybe third if I make it extra long. Just letting you know if you were wondering.
Thanks for reading/subscribing/voting/commenting !


Hey are you gonna update this story? Its really good!

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Luca Luca

Your story is really good!!

Luca Luca