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Remind Me How To Care


October is a sarcastic, tough, 21 year old girl who gave up on life a long, long time ago. She lives her days in Jersey filling them with cigarettes, alcohol, meaningless sex and work.
When she picks up a mysterious guy at some sleazy bar, will her life take a turn for the better or the worse?


Bob Bryar

Bob Bryar

30 year old, take no shit, teddy bear friend of the guys and will later turn into October's big brother figure.

Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

29 year old, goofy, seedy boss of October but is also her friend.

Frank Anthony Iero

Frank Anthony Iero

25 year old, punk loving, 5"4, best friend of Gerard.

Gerard Arthur Way

Gerard Arthur Way

29 year old, sassy, happy, guy who knows how she feels.

Lili Synnov Kolfina

Lili Synnov Kolfina

22 year old, cheery, best friend, who is a model and in October's opinion, has the perfect life.

Michael (Mikey) James Way

Michael (Mikey) James Way

26 years old, Gerards younger brother, friend of Lili, outgoing and charming but still a nerd.

October Lee Polizzi

October Lee Polizzi

21 year old, Feisty, sassy, girl who's given up.

Ray Toro

Ray Toro

29 year old, wise, sensible, game loving friend of Gerard and Frankie.


  1. Introducing Miss October Lee

  2. Flirting, Waxing, Shots!

    Introducing: Miss Lili Synnov Kolfina.

  3. Beautiful Creatures

    Who is this?

  4. Hide and Seek?

    Let the game begin.

  5. Step Right Up And Claim Your Prize

    Longest game of hide and seek ever!

  6. Tease You?

    Don't mind if I do...


Update? Pretty pleeeeeaaase?

mrs-toro mrs-toro

This is amazing! Update please!

mrs-toro mrs-toro

Love the story! Ahh they gonna do the frick frack xD

Hazel_Highlight Hazel_Highlight

omf I love this soooooo much <3

This is great!! More please :)))